100 Examples of Simile – ultimate guide

Simile is a direct comparison made between items of different classes. The 100 examples of simile in sentences have been detailed discussed in this article.

How to explain Simile?

‘Simile’ is a direct comparison made between items of different classes. It is a figure of speech in which two dissimilar concepts are compared with each other by using ‘like’, ‘so’or‘ as’. It is used to explain some relation of one thing with something other essentially different.

understand the subject matter before them.

Simile Words:

Following are the simile words that we use in our daily life:

  • As fast as a rabbit
  • As long as a tower
  • Beautiful like a rose
  • As hot as a flame
  • White like an egg
  • Brave like a lion
  • As innocent as a dove
  • As big as an airplane
  • As sweet as the date
  • Climbs like a monkey
  • As thin as a pencil
  • Fast like a train
  • As wise as Newton
  • Cold like a refrigerator
  • Skillful like a juggler
  • As bright as the sun
  • As dark as night
  • Fresh like a morning air
  • Foolish like a joker
  • Famous like Trump
  • Rich like Bill Gates
  • Red floor like a blood
  • Wearing green clothes like a flag
  • As tough as nails
  • As hard as an iron rod.

100 Examples of Simile:

Let’s start with examples of simile.

  1. He runs as fast as a car.
  2. He fought like a tiger on the battle field.
  3. This news spread like a fire in the city.
  4. Her eyes are blue like a sea
  5. My new gloves fit like a shoe.
  6. John’s body is as solid as a hill.
  7. Her cheeks are red like a rose.
  8. He climbed on the wall like a monkey.
  9. His body is as thin as a pencil.
  10. John is wise like a Newton.
  11. His hands are cold like a refrigerator.
  12. She is looking fresh as the morning air.
  13. He is famous in his territory like a Trump in the U.S.
  14. He is rich like Bill Gates.
  15. The floor of his house is red like blood.
  16. Julia is as tough as nails.
  17. His hand is hard like coconut.
  18. He was shouting at the children like a dog.
  19. His voice is as sweet as the sugar.
  20. He eats like a hen.
  21. He sleeps like an owl.
  22. The principal acted like a bad man when he threatened the student
    to oust him from the school.
  23. He walks like a robot.
  24. He reaches everywhere like a postman.
  25. He is wearing a cap like a soldier.
  26. She protects her friend like a guard.
  27. He cares for everyone like a doctor.
  28. She cooks food deliciously like a professional Chef.
  29. He is big as a tree.
  30. He awakes the whole night like a watchman.
  31. She is as good as gold.
  32. My horse goes like lightning.
  33. Her smile is like the sun.
  34. She walks like a deer.
  35. John is as cunning as fox.
  36. She is as dangerous as Shark fish.
  37. She is as cunning as fox.
  38. His feet are as cold as ice.
  39. Life is like a bed of thorns
  40. Last night, I slept like a log
  41. They were fighting like cats and dogs
  42. His house is as far as London.
  43. In her new dress, she was looking like a princess.
  44. He respects the elders like his parents.
  45. He is as white as an egg.
  46. He is hot as an oven.
  47. He is solid as a wooden door.
  48. He fled away from the spot like a criminal.
  49. He was wearing a dress like a waiter in a marriage ceremony.
  50. She sang a song like a professional singer.
  51. He is as fast as a machine.
  52. Locus was standing near me like a statue.
  53. Her character is as clean as a mirror.
  54. His sister is innocent like a dove.
  55. He is as peaceful as a pigeon.
  56. His color is as dark as a crow.
  57. This little boy was driving the car like a professional driver.
  58. He is as faithful as a horse.
  59. His behavior is rude like a barren land.
  60. His pocket is as big as a five-star hotel.
  61. He was as tall as a giraffe.
  62. She was as happy as a clam.
  63. They were as thirsty as camels crossing the Sahara desert.
  64. 64.You’re as sweet as apple pie.
  65. He is as strong as an ox.
  66. She’s as tough as nails (or iron).
  67. Here are some examples of simile:
  68. The night was as dark as the inside of a cow.
  69. Your face is as red as a tomato.
  70. The air was as still as a stone.
  71. The traffic was so bad that cars were bumper to bumper like sardines in a can.
  72. He works like a dog all day long!
  73. Her eyes were as blue as the sky.
  74. The sun rose like a phoenix from its ashes.
  75. I feel like chicken tonight.
  76. He acted like a pig at dinner time.
  77. The sun is like a red ball in the sky.
  78. He has eyes like a hawk.
  79. She’s as mad as a hatter.
  80. It’s raining cats and dogs.
  81. He’s as tall as a mountain.
  82. She is as smart as a whip.
  83. He works as hard as a dog.
  84. The sun felt like a million degrees on my skin.
  85. The lightning flashed like fireworks on the fourth of July.
  86. Your hair is as silky as silk.
  87. She is as beautiful as the sun.
  88. He ran like a rabbit.
  89. She ran as fast as she could.
  90. He is as strong as an ox.
  91. Her eyes sparkled like diamonds.
  92. I felt so tired that I could sleep for days.
  93. The dog was so excited that he jumped up and down like crazy.
  94. It’s raining cats and dogs!
  95. She was as strong as an ox.
  96. He is as tall as a mountain.
  97. The office was just as busy as usual today.
  98. The team played like champions last night!
  99. The waves crashed onto the shore like thunder.
  100. The sun was as bright as the moon, which means it was very bright indeed.

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