500 Supportive Words And Their Combinations in English

Here the list of 500 supportive words and their combinations in English. These words will be helpful in daily conversation.

500 Supportive Words And Their Combinations in English

Sr. No.Words, Phrases & Sentences
1.A balanced diet
2.A great blessing
3.A great majority of people
4.A great number of these people
5.A healthy body
6.A great part of the vocabulary
7.A healthy mind
8.A historian
9.A person out of the country
10.A railway journey
11.A respected status
13.A talkative woman
14.Accomplish in overcoming the challenges faced by the country
15.Act upon his orders
16.Act upon the friend’s advice
17.Adopt suitable ways
18.Advise him to take rest
19.Advise to be invited
20.Advise to study daily
21.After a few years
22.After getting freedom
23.After proper planning
24.After the advertisemet of a cigarette
25.After the hard-work of several
26.Agree with each other
27.All the colours and enjoyments of life
28.Agree with each other
29.All the hopes to liberate India
30.All these department should arrange military training in their regions
31.All these rivers
32.Allah is the Great Forgiver
33.Allow to play
34.America and the Western countries launch a campaign
35.An agricultural country
36.An English speaking person
37.An international language
38.An international language
39.And because of health
40.And feed their animal with chaff
42.Are confused
43.Are enlisted
44.They are given physical punishment
45.Are humans not machines
46.Are illiterate and ignorant
47.Are inhabited by the people who have migrated here from village.
48.Are limited in a village
49.Are martyred
50.Are not hesitant to
51.Are on the increase
52.Are originated
53.Are spoiled
54.Are trying to harm us
55.Are useless
56.Are witness
57.Are written in the same script
58.As far as it is possible
59.Bring ill name to our country
60.As far as it is possible
61.Ask for money from the rich
62.Ask his wise friend
63.At Government college
64.At suitable price
65.At the age of 40
66.Avoid such talks
67.Awareness about (significance and utility)
68.Banking and communication
69.Basic facilities
71.Be habitual to discipline
72.Be kind to the inhabitants of the earth
73.Beautiful valley of Kashmir
74.Beautify our feelings
75.Beautify the surrounding
76.Beauty and mildness
77.Become children once again
78.Become prosperous
79.Become the cause
80.Become the cause
81.Before starting some work
82.Beliefs and moral values
83.Belong to many races
84.Believe in the country’s ideology
85.Belongt to many races
86.Belong to this class
87.Belong to this class
88.Better steps should be taken
89.Better than animals
90.Betterment and prosperity
91.Big cities have the facilities of education, medicine and recreation
94.Body was warm
95.Books on all important brances of knowledge
96.Breathe freely
97.Bribery and corruption
98.Bring about
99.Bring about good name to their parents
100.Bring him new dresses
101.Bring up
102.Broaden our minds
103.Busy in doing politics on
104.But it never means
105.But it never means
106.But of no avail
107.But unfortunately
108.By leaps and bounds
109.Come into existence
110.Can be assessed
111.Can be built on four pillars
112.Can be the guarantee of its popularity
113.Can control the evil instincts
114.Can grow in healthy body
115.Cannot imagine
116.Catches a disease
117.Cause of trouble
118.Changes beautify life
119.Come close to one another
120.Come into being
121.Common persons should be educated
122.Complete the preparation for the next wheat
125.Consider a scholar
126.Console him
127.Construct many dams
128.Contented with their lot
129.Corn, cloth, medical facilities, education etc
130.Costly audio and visual aids
131.Courage and hard work
132.Create problems for him
133.Crop may ripen
134.Crops of every kind
135.Culture and civilization
136.Darken our life
137.Day after day
138.Dearer than our own life
139.Dearth of education
141.Dedicate to prosperity
142.Demand a separate homeland
143.The utilities of electricity
144.Depend on
145.Describe feelings
146.Despite the fact
147.Destroy evil designs
148.Destroy economy
149.Destroy the mosquitoes and other harmful insects
150.Violence and terrorist
151.Difference is great
152.Dirty and useless things
153.Discern immediately
154.Do duties
155.Did his M.A. in philosophy
156.Do not constitute 5 percent
157.Dream of becoming rich overnight
158.Drinking water become dry
159.Drowsiness overcomes you
160.Due to continues hard work
162.Our misfortune
163.Polluted water
164.Smoke emitted by factories and traffic
166.The lack of such thinking
167.The negligence of political leaders
168.These qualities in America
169.Early Education
170.Earned his living with hard-work
171.Eating, drinking
172.Economic progress
173.Education activities
174.Educational objectives
175.Elaborate syllabuses
176.Empty dams
177.Encourage us
178.Enhance the moral values
180.Enjoy good thoughts
181.Enjoyable and comfortable
182.Enjoy all the seasons
183.Enthusiasm and devotion
185.Environmental pollution
186.Equip with education
187.Even after death
188.Exercise outages
189.Exists the middle class
190.Extra-curricular activities
192.Eye-sight weakness
193.Face great danger to their survival
194.Face some danger
195.Face some failure
196.Face the difficulties
197.Faith in His prophets
198.Fal a prey to
199.Fall down from the hand
200.Fall ill
201.Fashions change
202.Fashions in literature
203.Fashions of dresses
204.Fatal diseases
205.Fatal diseases are breaking out
206.Fearlessness was apparent
207.Feed the camels properly
208.Feel comfortable
209.Feel pride in
210.Fee pride in obeying him
211.Fertile fields
212.Fields mountains rivers and oceans
213.Find new ness in everything
214.Flowers of various colours
215.Following their foot-steps
216.Fond of reading books
217.For a better future
218.For bad purposes
219.For better than common relatives
220.For bettern than material wealth
221.For freedom movement
222.For many years
223.For personal use
224.For the acquisition of knowledge
225.For the honour of our homeland
226.For the sake of personal interest
227.For the success of democracy
229.Forget our differences
230.Friendship is an infalliable passion
231.Friendship is priceless
232.Fruit and vegetables
233.Fulfill their responsibilities
234.Games are very important in human life
236.Gather in the wheat fields
237.Generation of hydroelectricity
238.Get angry with them
239.Get angry with them
240.Get great wealth of experience
241.Get is benefits
242.Get is benefits
243.Get on in years
244.Get rid of
245.Gets affected
246.Give damage to
247.Give growth to
248.Give him the first priority
249.Give light to
250.Give respect to them
251.Give trouble to the passerby
252.Give you company in happiness
253.How given many sacrifices
254.Go abroad
255.Go astray
256.Go for walk
257.Go to colleges regularly
258.Go decides everything
259.Golden rule
260.Good or bad destiny
261.Get the fruit of his hard work
262.Geographical significance of mountain and chaotic
263.Great blessing and wealth
264.Green Punjab
265.Grieve at poverty
266.Grow here
267.Grow plants and seeds
268.Grow corn
269.Habitual of walking
270.Had fallen a victim
271.Had full confidence on
272.Strong will-power
273.Half month on the moon remains dark
274.Happen to come there
275.Harm the public and private buildings
276.Harvest the wheat of crop
277.Has affected eyesight
278.Has brought humans to the apex of Scientific and technical progress
279.Has increased
280.Has made them one race
281.Has reached the brink of destruction
281.Has revolutionized our life
282.Have become orphans
283.Have become widows
284.Make the bird restless
285.Have neither understood democracy nor take an step in this regard
286.Hated pompous life
287.Have no prejudice against anybody
288.Have to live on the leaves of tree
289.He built no palace even after becoming the ruler of a great kingdom
290.He gave debt to the poor
291.He never told a lie
292.He remained first in the deeds of bravery
293.Health is a great blessing
294.Healthy curricular activities
295.Help the countrymen
296.Helpful to man in all important matters
297.Hight states
298.His joy increases
299.His own self
300.His simplicity never changed
301.Honesty and truthfulness
302.How can it be successful?
303.How much the attempt be successful?
304.Human evolution and progress
305.I have decided to read the books of stories
307.If it does no rain
308.If our ancestors had not worked hard we would have deprived of the blessing of freedom
309.If our politicians and rulers had work for the spread of education, the future of democracy would have been bright
310.If we get knowledge, we shall progress
312.Importance of forests
313.Big cities
314.Improve our thinking about
315.In a few days
316.In a foreign country
317.In a proper way
318.In adequate quantity
319.In all the systems of the world
320.In confusion
321.In democracy and parliamentary system
322.In disappointment
323.In educational institutes
324.In following the rich
325.Infuse new spirit in them
326.In his poetry
327.In industry and agriculture
328.In moral conditions
329.In old age
330.Inolder to overcome all these difficulties
331.In order to get some specific aim
332.In order to uprrot something
333.In reaction
334.In reality
335.In short
336.In social and personal
337.In spare time
338.In spring season
339.In the difficult times
340.In the dire need of water
341.In the fields of research and science
342.In the heap of the dead soldiers
343.In the line of great nations
344.Inspired them to get freedom
345.Instead of being solved
346.Instead of the education based on narrowness
347.Intellectual and cultural progress
348.Intelligent wise and brave man
349.Internal and external challenges
350.Invent computer
351.Invent useful things
352.Inventions and discovers
353.Is on the way to progress
354.Is being used in many other fields
355.Is entangles into worries
356.Is not absent
357.Is of central significance
358.Is rare
359.In successful in doing this
360.Is very cunning and clever
361.Is very high
362.It does not belong to a specific part
363.It is easy to do this dry rivers
364.It is essential to learn English
365.It is essential to make them (soldiers as well as students)
366.It is hard to find a fair-weather friend
367.It is human nature
368.It is impossible
369.It is necessary to have mobile phone
370.It is nice to sixty by the fire
371.It is such wealth as increases with its use
372.It is the age of poetry
373.Jewelry of the earth
374.Journey by train
375.Keep them on the same place
376.Keep us alive
377.Know it’s worth
378.Lack of
379.Lay down life
380.Lead a respected life
381.Lead life according to their religion
382.Learn to respect
383.Leave us in lurch
384.Led a simple life
385.Let us promise to start a new life
386.Lies in its individuals (prove himself the citizen)
387.Life is very busy in big cities
388.Like one another whole-heartedly
389.Like some old Sea-captain
390.Limited to humans
391.Loot at things from various angles
392.Look more beautiful than barren mountains
393.Look the lazy cattle mobbing in a meadow
394.Lose their precious lives
395.Love for truthfulness
396.Loyalty to humans
397.Made the target of their criticism
398.Make arrangements to give
399.Make environment pleasant
400.Make many destructive weapons
401.Make the moon the subject matter of their stories
402.Make them habitual of
403.Many gardeners
404.Many incidents and accidents
405.Mathematics, space research, engineering, industry and trade
406.Loyalty to humans
407.Make apparent
408.Make arrangements to give
409.Make many destructive weapons
410.Make the moon the subject matter of their stories
411.Make them habitual of
412.Meaning less
413.Meaningful and useful
414.Measure time by the signals of past
415.Meddle with their rest
416.Millions of common people
417.Minor disease
418.Medicine and printing
419.More valuable than
420.Most of his interest
421.Most of our educations and so-called leaders
423.Most of the villagers
424.Most of them
425.Most of things are common
426.Mother gives him shelter
427.Mountains are a great gift of nature
428.Natural contact
429.New leaves have appeared on trees
430.New statistical record
431.Nights are violated
432.No nation can make progress
433.Neither rich nor poor
434.Need comforts
435.New leaves have appeared on trees
436.Nights are violated
437.No nation can make progress
438.Nobody will visit you
439.Not to speak of in breathing difficulty
441.Old and modern
442.Of the total population
443.Official language
444.On defensive grand’s
445.On the increase
446.On the other hand
447.On the peaks of mountains
448.One day on the moon is equal to our fifteen days
450.One of the greatest leaders of the modern age
451.Our educational system will be
452.Our greatest problems
453.Our habits
454.Our linked closely to each other
455.Our owner and creator
456.Over all major rivers
457.Painting, music, orchestra, poetry
459.Pay heed to
460.Pay pivotal role in
461.Lean and weal physically
462.Pious life
463.Plant seeds in the land
464.Plough the field
465.Possessed dignified personality
467.Present the picture of a mechanic life
468.Prevent from over-eating
469.Priceless gift
470.Produce oxygen abundantly
471.Progress and solidarity
472.Prose was popular past
473.Redue the birth-rate
474.Rare books
475.Reduce the prices of things
476.Remain lost in the memories of the past
477.Restlessness, lawlessness and violence
478.Rights and obligations
479.Electric Runs fridge and fans
480.Save environment from pollution
482.Send abundant water
483.Should take steps in equip them with education
484.So that the facility of transportation may be improved
485.Solve the greatest problem
486.Some are small while others are sky-touching
487.Someone has rightly said
488.Spiritural satisfaction
489.Start hating the schoold and the teachers
490.Take care to understand the real destination or major objectives
491.Teach the lesson of overcoming difficulties
492.The centres of trade, business and other such activities
493.The clouds of grief’s and sorrows
494.The embodiment of knowledge, piety oratory and bravery
495.The greatest weapon of our strength
496.The murderers, the terrorists and the destructionists
497.The most fertilized areas of the world
498.The old poetry of the past is replaced with the new poetry
499.They should not be the cause of the dishonor to their parents
500.Use science for good purpose

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