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The word ambush is often used as a verb, which means to attack suddenly and from hiding. It can also be used as an adjective. Readers will be able to a sentence for ambush in this article.


The word ambush comes from French and means “to lie in wait.” The word comes from the Old French word ambasser meaning “to walk around,” which comes itself from the Latin word ambulare (“to walk”).


The word ambush is often used as a verb, which means to attack suddenly and from hiding. It can also be used as an adjective. A military force may conduct an ambush, paramilitary group, or individuals. Ambushes are generally considered to be part of unconventional warfare. In guerrilla warfare and other forms of asymmetric warfare, ambush attacks are often used in conjunction with guerrilla operations.

A sentence for ambush:

These are some examples of sentences where the word “ambush” has been used:

  1. On Tuesday afternoon, a police officer was shot dead at an ambush in Delmas, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
  2. The ambush occurred when two suspects wearing masks on the face and holding guns approached a police vehicle parked on the street, the police said.
  3. The hunter ambushed the deer.
  4. The ambush was set up in the woods.
  5. This was an ambush.
  6. The army had prepared an ambush for the invaders.
  7. The hidden soldiers ambushed the enemy.
  8. The attackers ambushed the enemy.
  9. The police were ambushed by gunfire.
  10. The enemy laid an ambush for us.
  11. The soldiers ambushed the enemy’s armored vehicles.
  12. A bomb exploded near a convoy of military vehicles, killing one soldier and wounding several others in an ambush that was blamed on ethnic Albanian guerrillas seeking independence from Serbia.
  13. The police were ambushed by armed robbers who took them by surprise.
  14. The ambush was a success.
  15. The rebels ambushed the enemy.
  16. They were ambushed on their way to completing the mission.
  17. On his way home from work one evening, he was ambushed by armed men and robbed of his wallet and other belongings.
  18. At dawn, they set up an ambush for the enemy’s patrol that had been harassing their area for weeks with no success!.
  19. The ambush was a total failure.
  20. The ambush was a total surprise to the enemy.
  21. The ambush was a total surprise to the enemy soldiers.
  22. The ambush was a total surprise to the enemy troops.
  23. The ambush was a total surprise to the enemy troops marching through the forest.
  24. The ambush was a total surprise to the enemy troops marching through the woods.
  25. A pack of journalists ambushed her.
  26. Soldiers ambushed the terrorists.
  27. A gang of robbers has ambushed the police.
  28. A pack of journalists ambushed her.
  29. In the ambush, two people were killed, and several others were injured.
  30. The ambush took place while they were going to their farm.
  31. His ambush was successful, and the police caught the murderers.
  32. They ambushed him as he left.
  33. His old enemy ambushed him at a conference in Canada.
  34. The ambush took place on a lonely mountain road in winter.
  35. The ambush was carried out by a group of armed men who had been watching the convoy for hours.
  36. The ambush was successful, and the enemy unit was destroyed.
  37. Government troops ambushed the guerrillas on their way home.
  38. The ambush was carried out with great skill and precision.
  39. The terrorists mounted an ambush on the army patrol that passed through the village that night.
  40. The soldiers were ambushed while they were on patrol in the jungle.
  41. Enemy forces had ambushed the soldiers, and several were wounded in the attack.
  42. The ambush was set up at the crossroads of the two paths, one leading to the main gate and the other to an abandoned house about two hundred yards away.
  43. He was riding alone on a narrow road when he was ambushed by robbers who shot him in the head with a shotgun.
  44. The man who is supposed to be responsible for your safety was ambushed by enemies on his way home from work yesterday.
  45. The opposition ambushed the government.
  46. He was ambushed while he was walking down the street.
  47. I’m sure they’ll be looking for us after so many ambushes.
  48. The ambush victims were found in a field near the village.
  49. Her husband was ambushed and killed during the war.
  50. The police were ambushed at the crime scene, causing four officers to be injured.
  51. Twenty-five men carried out the ambush.
  52. The men ambushed the enemy, killing them all.
  53. The convoy’s ambush was successful, and they managed to rob it of all its goods.
  54. They ambushed us by attacking us from behind.
  55. The police set up an ambush at the entrance to the supermarket where the criminal had threatened to rob it again.
  56. The spy was caught in an ambush set up by his allies when they discovered he was working for another country’s security forces.
  57. The terrorists used an ambush to attack innocent civilians doing their daily business at a shopping mall in London last week.
  58. The ambush occurred when I sat at the back of my house.
  59. I’m afraid there will be an ambush if we don’t stay alert.
  60. We’ll know more when we get back from our ambush tomorrow night.
  61. As they returned from their mission, the soldiers were caught in an ambush, and many were killed or wounded.
  62. The ambush began with a spray of bullets from an AK-47.
  63. The ambush started when the guerrillas burst through the door and attacked us with knives.
  64. The enemy forces ambushed us in the middle of the night.
  65. Our enemies planned the ambush to kill us before reaching our destination.
  66. I was ambushed at gunpoint by three masked men who robbed me of my money and jewelry while I was walking home from work last night, but luckily they didn’t hurt me.
  67. Reporters ambushed the ministers as they left the meeting.
  68. The ambush occurred at dawn after the men had slept for a couple of hours.
  69. The police pre-empted the ambush.
  70. The police launched an ambush on the criminals.
  71. A powerful enemy surprised us and ambushed us from both sides of the mountain pass.
  72. The police have been using this tactic for years – they set up an ambush and wait for a criminal to come by before arresting them.
  73. It was a carefully planned ambush, not just a case of someone bumping into you by accident!
  74. He had no idea that men were waiting in the woods to ambush him as he went for his morning walk – it was meant to be a secret!
  75. The opposition party is ambushing the government’s plan to tackle unemployment by introducing a motion of no confidence.
  76. The army patrol near the border killed the enemy commander in an ambush.
  77. The bus ambush by terrorists took place in broad daylight and was caught on CCTV cameras.
  78. They ambushed us on our way home from school.
  79. A group of men ambushed us with guns and knives.
  80. She had the most fantastic ambush at her birthday party.
  81. There was an ambush on my way home from school.
  82. The enemy set an ambush for us, but we were able to escape.

Similar Words of ambush:

attack; assault; assail; beset; blindside; bushwhack; circumvent; confront; entrap; fall upon; fluster; frustrate; hassle; hurtle into; invading; menacing; pouncing; springing; leaping; lunging; assassinate; bushwhack; civilian casualties, collateral damage; guerrilla tactics; hit-and-run attack; insult the intelligence of the enemy by pretending to withdraw, then; caught unawares; caught unaware; surprised; unsuspecting; ensnare; entrap; ensnarl; hog-tie; hornswoggle; snare; bamboozle; con; outwit; swoop; swoop down on

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