among these are in Sentence

The phrase ‘among these are’ means “among the following” or “in addition to what has already been mentioned”. It can be used with a list of things.

These are some examples of sentences where the phrase “among these are” has been used:

  1. Among these are the ability to capitalize on trends and a good understanding of the customer.
  2. The two most important things among these are respect for others and perseverance.
  3. Many factors can cause stress: family, work, health and personal issues.
  4. Among these are the best beach resorts in the world.
  5. Among these are her favourite books.
  6. Among these are my favourite poems by Emily Dickinson.
  7. We had a lot of fun at the party; among these were going to the movies, playing video games, and eating popcorn.
  8. One of my favourite things to do is to go on long walks and enjoy nature; among these are in sentences.
  9. Among these are in sentences; there is always something new to discover!
  10. Among these are in sentences; there’s no such thing as a dull day!.
  11. Among these are the following: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.
  12. Among these are Meals on Wheels, Foster Care, and other programs that help seniors and vulnerable people stay out of nursing homes and assisted living facilities where they would be much more expensive to the house than in their own homes.
  13. Among these are many great writers and artists who have enriched our culture.
  14. Among the most important ones are those that are first.
  15. Among these are the principal and interest, taxes, insurance and maintenance costs.
  16. The students are given the assignment to write an essay on any topic they want; among these are; birthdays, favourite foods or hobbies.
  17. Among these are that getting high-quality food at a reasonable price is still possible.
  18. Among these are the people of the city of Pandemonium, who have never been to Earth.
  19. Among these are the issues of land reform.
  20. Many books were written during this period; among them are, works on mathematics, astronomy, medicine and philosophy.
  21. Among these are dance drama and music drama.
  22. Among these, a few are very good.
  23. A lot of people were killed during this war. Among them were women and children.
  24. The first among the three examples is the most complex, with three parts: It is of that form; it has that property, and it was due to that cause.
  25. Among these are those I have just mentioned and many others, which I omit for brevity’s sake.
  26. Among these are some of our best citizens who have been converted from infidelity by reading your book.
  27. Among these is the work of the New Testament writers.
  28. Among these are the best ways to do it.
  29. Among these is that it is often difficult to discern who is responsible for what.

Similar Words of ‘among these are’:

among the most; among the top; better than the rest; the biggest; most outstanding; the majority of; more than others; mainly; numerous; probably; among the best; better than average; the cream of the crop; the elite; first-rate; first-string; outstanding; peerless; superior to all others; elect; excellent; foremost; foremost in quality; central in quantity; best; brightest; perfect in quality; extraordinary in quantity; conspicuous; distinguished; dominant; outstanding; salient; striking; excellent; fine; significant; superb; superior; outstanding; best; very good; better than average; well above average

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