by proxy sentence example

By Proxy sentence example

What is by proxy mean?

The word by proxy is often used in legal, business, and economic contexts. It is also used to describe a situation where one person acts on behalf of another who is not present or unable to work in person. 

In general usage, the term refers to someone acting through another person or entity to accomplish something they would not otherwise be able to do (e.g., someone who cannot travel could ask their friend to go on vacation in their place).


These are some examples of sentences where the word “by proxy” has been used:

  1. A school board member may attend a meeting by proxy if they cannot attend in person. It means that someone follows the arrangement on their behalf.
  2. I need to get the agreement signed by proxy.
  3. Can you please sign this by proxy?
  4. Please sign the agreement into my account by proxy.
  5. Joe was appointed as the proxy for his sick father, who could not attend the meeting.
  6. By proxy, a company can authorize someone else to vote its shares on its behalf at an annual shareholders’ meeting. It is a common practice when there are many shareholders in a company, and it would be impractical for each to attend in person.
  7. The chairman asked all shareholders who had already voted by proxy to raise their hands.
  8. A lawyer can act “by proxy” by filing a lawsuit on behalf of a client or managing property for him.
  9. I want to thank my girlfriend for giving me this opportunity to speak by proxy.
  10. The CEO cannot attend the meeting because he is on leave, so his deputy will represent him by proxy.
  11. The teacher said she would give us a surprise test tomorrow; we must study hard tonight to pass the test by proxy.
  12. My mother asked me to buy some groceries at the supermarket, and she will pay me back when I get home from school; this means that I will not have any money with me until then, so I will shop by proxy.
  13. He was elected by proxy.
  14. The company is being represented by proxy at the meeting.
  15. She voted by proxy.
  16. The team is willing to play by proxy.
  17. I’m not going to let them play by proxy.
  18. He always sends his daughter to collect money for him by proxy.
  19. My mother does all my household work by proxy so that I can concentrate on my studies.
  20. The poor want the rich to pay their taxes by proxy, but the rich refuse to do so.
  21. “The by proxy will be filed on his behalf,” he said.
  22. I will be voting by proxy.
  23. She wants to be a doctor but is too lazy to study. So she’s going to do it by proxy.
  24. By proxy, I appoint my mother to act on my behalf in the sale of my house.
  25. I will give you a power of attorney to sign the contract on my behalf by proxy.
  26. You have to vote by proxy if you’re going away for a long time or if you cannot attend the meeting because of some emergency.
  27. The document signed by proxy has no legal validity or binding effect on the signatory unless it is ratified in person by that person at a later date.
  28. I have been appointed by proxy to attend the meeting on behalf of my boss.
  29. I will be attending the meeting by proxy.
  30. I cannot attend the meeting in person due to sudden illness, so I have arranged for my colleague to follow me in my place by proxy.
  31. The contract was signed by proxy and then returned to me.
  32. Your proxy is authorized to vote on your behalf during this annual meeting.
  33. A corporation’s board of directors members are chosen either directly or by proxy.
  34. The chairman of a meeting can designate someone else to vote on his behalf if he cannot be present. It is called voting by proxy.
  35. In business, an agent or representative can act on behalf of another person or corporation to conduct certain transactions. It is working in another’s place, which is done by proxy.
  36. He bought the house by proxy, and we didn’t realize it until after we moved in.
  37. They were married by proxy, and she went to America for the wedding.
  38. They divorced by proxy, and she went to America for a divorce.
  39. They divorced by proxy, but they never got remarried.
  40. It’s unnecessary to be present at the hearing; you can appear by proxy if you want to.
  41. He was elected by proxy in 1894 and served until 1911 when he died in office at age 50 while attending a convention in New Orleans.
  42. I will vote by proxy because I won’t be home on election day.
  43. By proxy, my mother gave me a lot of advice about how to raise children.
  44. My lawyer will file the divorce papers by proxy so that we don’t have to see each other until the case is settled.
  45. He bought the painting by proxy from his cousin who lives in Japan.
  46. I can’t attend the wedding because my boss won’t let me leave work early by proxy.
  47. The board of directors appointed John Smith as its chairman by proxy.
  48. The company’s stockholders voted to elect new directors by proxy.
  49. The board chairman has decided that all future meetings will be held by proxy.
  50. He claimed he would not sell his shares by proxy to anyone else but later sold them to his brother at a much lower price.
  51. The company has decided to appoint someone as its representative by proxy at the shareholders’ meeting on Wednesday next week.
  52. By proxy, she was given a raise and a promotion on the day her boss received one too!
  53. The Board of Directors voted to approve the proposal by proxy.
  54. The board approved the proposal by proxy.
  55. The board voted to approve the proposal by proxy.
  56. The board voted to approve the proposal by proxy in June, but it did not implement it until October because one of the directors was on vacation for three months.
  57. Don’t worry about it! I’ll go with you by proxy.

Similar Words of by proxy:

In disguise; by proxy; vicariously; secondhand; symbiotically; vicariously; as a substitute; as a surrogate; channeled; delegated to; delegated; entrusted to; entrusting; farmed out; interposed; intermediated by; mediated by; vicarious; convoluted; circuitous; indirect; roundabout; tortuous; anonymous; nameless; see also privacy; secret; anonymous; incognito; under cover of secrecy

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