Capital Letters in English

Use of capital letters (A,B,C) in the beginning or where it is necessary in a sentence is compulsory.

What is Punctuation?

Punctuation is the art of rightly putting pauses, points and stops in writing in order to make the sense clear and comprehensible.

The basic idea behind using capital letters (A,B,C) in writing is to enumerate the specific word. Capital Letters (A,B,C) come in a sentence at some specific place where necessary they to use.

Use of Capital letters (A,B,C)

1) The first word of every sentence must begin with a capital letter.

i. He decided not to go there. Later he changed his mind.
ii. Do not make a noise.
iii. Rising prices have placed a burden upon the poor.

2) The first word of a sentence written within inverted commas.

i. The teacher said, “Work har lest you fail”.
ii. He said, “All that glitters is not gold”.

3) The first word of each line of poetry.

i. She lived unknown, and few could know
When Lucy ceased to be,
But she is in her grave, and oh,
The difference to me!

4) The Proper nouns or Proper adjectives must be capitalized.

Joe, London, Persian, Australian, Indian, Canadian, United States, etc.

5) Words or pronouns used for God.

i. God, the Almighty.
ii. O God! Thou at Merciful.
iii. Pray to God for His mercy.
iv. God is very gracious to His creatures.

6) Personified objects:

i. Friendly Death come and relieve him of all sufferings.

7) The pronoun “I” and interjection “O”

  1. He is more intelligent than I.
  2. O King, forgive me.
  3. I can speak English.
  4. Help me, O God.

8) Every word in a Heading or Title, except prepositions and articles, must begin with a capital letter.

i. The Learner’s English Grammar and Composition.
ii. The Rising of the Moon.

9) Names of days, months, festivals, etc. must begain with a capital letter.
Friday, March, Christmas, Eid

10) For salutation and forms of address and for the greeting and complimentary close on letters.

Dr., Prof., Miss., Mr., Mrs., Dear Sir, Dear Madam, Yours faithfully, Sincerely yours.

11) The names of the directions are not capitalized when they show directions but they are begun with capital letter when they mean any country or part of the world.

  1. She looked towards the north.
  2. The army was marching towards the east.
  3. She lives in the West since her childhood.

12) Names of oceans must be capitalized.

The Arabian Sea, The Pacific ocean, The Red sea, The Atlantic ocean, The Indian ocean.

13) The names of books, magazines and newspapers must be capitalized.

The Mag, The Herald, The Economist, The Hilal, The News, Dawn, The Nawa-i-Waqat, The Nation, The Learner’s English Grammar & Composition, The Bible

Exercise of Capital Letters:

joe is my sincere friend. (incorrect)
Joe is my sincere friend. (correct)
I shall go to dr. Kim on friday. (incorrect)
I shall go to Dr. Kim on Friday. (correct)
“i can’t find my english book,” said fina, “has anyone seen it?” (incorrect)
“I can’t find my English book,” said Fina, “has anyone seen it?” (correct)
we can seek guidance from the holy quran. (incorrect)
We can seek guidance from the holy Quran. (correct)
beijing is the capital of china. (incorrect)
Beijing is th capital of China. (correct)
my son, kim, was born in december. (incorrect)
My son, Kim, was born in December. (correct)
he has got an american visa. (incorrect)
He has got an American Visa. (correct)
my house is situated at london road. (incorrect)
My house is situated at London road. (correct)
god is the sustainer. (incorrect)
God is the sustainer. (correct)
lake George is one of the most popular vacation spots in the northeast. it has been praised in many poems, like the one that begins, ‘i love thy scented shores.” (incorrect)
Lake George is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Northeast. It has been praised in many poems, like the one that begins, ‘I love thy scented shores.” (correct)
she said, “has joe completed his work?” (incorrect)
She said, “has Joe completed his work?” (correct)

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