Celerity used in a sentence                    

Celerity is a word that means speed. It is often used in the context of speed. It can also be used to describe someone’s ability to do something very quickly. In this article, the celerity used in a sentence has been vividly discussed.

Use celerity in a sentence :

Let’s start how to use celerity in a sentence.                           

These are some examples of sentences where the word “celerity” has been used:

  1. He moved with great celerity towards the door.
  2. They were able to complete their task with celerity.
  3. Celerity is a measure of the speed at which something happens,” it has been used as an adjective.
  4. The celerity of any city depends on its population and economic growth.
  5. The celerity with which he moved was impressive.
  6. Once he reached the top of the hill, his celerity deserted him.
  7. The other team was able to score because of their celerity.
  8. His celerity was an asset in the game.
  9. Our firm has a reputation for celerity when it comes to completing projects on time and within budget.
  10. She ran with all the celerity she could muster.
  11. His celerity of foot ensured that he would win most races.
  12. The government’s decision to lower taxes was made with such celerity that many people are still wondering what happened.
  13. A celerity which I shall never forget,” said Mr. Chuffey, taking up his hat and putting it on; “and which will last me as long as I live.
  14. Such are the happy consequences,” said Lady Dedlock, “of a celerity in business which is not the less praiseworthy from being unusual here.
  15. The runner was not able to win the race because he lacked the necessary celerity to compete with his competitors.
  16. The celerity with which she made her way through the crowd was surprising.
  17. She had the celerity to answer the question.
  18. We were surprised by the celerity with which the Trump administration has moved to dismantle Obama’s policies.
  19. They were astounded at the celerity with which she had changed her ways.” – Edgar Allan Poe.
  20. She took to the stage with a smile on her face and celerity in her step.
  21. The boy ran down the street with celerity, but he was not fast enough to catch the bus before it left him behind!
  22. The car’s high speed and celerity made it possible for him to win the race.
  23. The army was able to capture its enemy’s capital with great celerity because they had an advantage in terms of numbers and technology.
  24. Despite his failure to win any medals at the Olympics, he has continued to train for future competitions with great celerity and determination.
  25. The athletes ran with celerity down the track to win their races.
  26. He was able to run as fast as Usain Bolt with his great celerity.
  27. The sun was rising; the birds were singing; and all nature rejoiced with freshness and celerity.
  28. His intentions were good, but his celerity was not equal to them.
  29. The lawyer’s celerity saved him from ruin, and he was able to keep his clients.
  30. The opposite of celerity is tardiness or slowness.
  31. The kid’s got celerity.
  32. She’s got celerity.
  33. We also use celerity to talk about the quality of acting quickly and efficiently.
  34. He moved with celerity towards the exit door.
  35. The police officer acted with celerity when he arrested the suspect.
  36. I think that this issue was dealt with much more celerity than it deserved.
  37. The police came with celerity and rescued the trapped miners.
  38. I am not a man of celerity.
  39. She was a woman of celerity.
  40. He had a mind of celerity.
  41. They were men of celerity.
  42. The child was born with celerity.
  43. This will be a great opportunity for you to show your celerity and intelligence.
  44. The child ran with celerity to catch his mother’s attention.
  45. It was a celerity decision on his part to take the offer while he was still in good health and spirit.
  46. The office employees were paid their salaries with celerity.
  47. The celerity of the victory was astonishing.
  48. Celerity has long been associated with events that happen very quickly.
  49. He was known for his celerity in completing any task.
  50. The two runners ran with celerity.
  51. The thief ran down the alley with celerity and disappeared into the night.
  52. He moved with celerity from one task to another.
  53. The celerity with which he wrote his novels was astonishing.
  54. His celerity in learning new languages was matched only by his facility in forgetting them.
  55. We need to find someone who can work with great celerity and efficiency.
  56. I was impressed by the celerity with which he responded to my request for help.
  57. I was surprised at the celerity with which they moved through their project.
  58. The young man’s celerity in finding the information was admirable.
  59. The celerity with which she completed the task was remarkable.
  60. She was known for her incredible celerity in responding to e-mails and questions from her clients.
  61. I was impressed by his celerity in performing his duties, even though he didn’t seem to be working very hard.
  62. The celerity of her response surprised me.
  63. The sparrows flew with great celerity from branch to branch.
  64. I knew he was going to win the race because he has great celerity.
  65. That goalkeeper has great celerity, I wouldn’t like to have him as my opponent.
  66. He had the celerity to get there first.
  67. The people in the city are moving with celerity.
  68. The celerity of the response was impressive.
  69. The celerity with which he moved was amazing.
  70. The task was done with utmost celerity, and at nightfall the boat was ready to sail.
  71. I have celerity that would put the Flash to shame.
  72. My cat has celerity on his side.
  73. The wolf raced through the forest with celerity.
  74. My father’s car moves with celerity down the highway at 120 miles per hour.

Similar Words of celerity:

continuous; constant; incessant; regular; periodic; perpetual; recursive; repeated; apparent; epidemic; endemic; enduring; thriving; rampant; ubiquitous; virulent; far-reaching; frail; frail (when in health); infirm; lame; languishing; lingering; lingering (as illness); obstinate; tenacious; unending; bedeviling; chronic; constant; continuous; incorrigible; inexorable; interminable; irresistible; relentless; unremitting; ceaseless; continual; enduring; eternal; bad; bane; baneful; detrimental; destructive; deleterious; harmful; injurious; mischievous; noxious; pernicious; poisonous; pestilential; hurtful.

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