Chaffers are small machines making up part of the packing line process. It is very rarely used in the UK, but it can be heard in some parts of the north of England. Here the use of chaffer in a sentence has been vividly discussed.

Chaffer in a sentence

Chaffers are small machines making up part of the packing line process. It is very rarely used in the UK, but it can be heard in some parts of the north of England. Here the use of chaffer in a sentence has been vividly discussed.

What does Chaffer Mean?

“Chaffer” is a verb meaning “to haggle,” and it is often used in the phrase “to chaffer and peddle.” Chaffers are small machines making up part of the packing line process. It is very rarely used in the UK, but it can be heard in some parts of the north of England.

It is often used in the context of someone trying to get a good deal on something. For example, if you’re buying a car, you might say that you want to chaffer with the salesperson about the price. The term can also be used negatively for people who are only concerned with getting the best deal at all costs.

Chaffer in a sentence 

These are some examples of sentences where the word “chaffer” has been used:

  1. I’ll tell you what I’ll do,” said the father. “We’ll chaffer.
  2. If you want my advice,” said Mr. Osborne, “you’ll chaffer this matter over with your mother, a woman of sense.
  3. We must not permit ourselves to be driven into any hasty bargain; we must be prepared to chaffer for our rights.
  4. That’s what you get for trying to chaffer with me.” – The New Yorker, June 1, 1944.
  5. I’d like to know what you said to me just now when I was chaffering with those two gentlemen.” – The Saturday Evening Post, December 19, 1929.
  6. I’ve had my eye on that dress for weeks, but I’ll have to chaffer with her till she gives me a discount!
  7. Don’t be shy; if you’re buying something from the market stall, don’t be afraid to chaffer with them.
  8. “I don’t know how often I’ve had to chaffer with him before he finally agreed on something!
  9. She was not good at chaffer. She always ended up paying more than she should have done.
  10. The car dealer had terrible breath and was trying to chaffer us into a deal we didn’t want. It was so gross — we left!
  11. That’s awesome! I’d chaffer for them if I could afford it.
  12. Wow, that’s expensive. Do you think it would be worth chaffering?
  13. A merchant chaffered with his customer over the price of a piece of cloth.
  14. I’m not going to be chaffed by this.” – “The Yellow Wallpaper,” Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
  15. The only time I get chaffed is when people ask me about it. I think it’s because I have a thick skin and don’t care what people think about my work, so it doesn’t bother me if someone doesn’t like it.” – “The Last House on Cemetery Lane,” James Moore.
  16. I’m not the kind of girl who gets chaffed easily,” she said softly, almost to herself.” – “Confessions of A Sociopathic Social Climber,” Heather C. Leigh.
  17. You’re right.’ She turned back to him, eyes suddenly wide and hurt. ‘I can be very selfish, and I am sorry,’ she said in a small voice that sounded as if she were on the verge of tears.” – “The Secret Life of Bees,” Sue Monk Kidd.
  18. Indeed,” replied the keeper, “but I must first caution you, gentlemen, against any attempt to chaffer with him — for he’s a precious artful dog is Jingle.
  19. I wouldn’t say I like to chaffer with my customers. It’s easier to tell them what I want for my products and let them decide if they will buy them.
  20. A man who chaffered with me over four pence was arrested as a cheat and imprisoned. 
  21. I was glad to get away from the chaffer of the dealers into the green fields and woods again. 
  22. I will not chaffer with you, my good woman, but I must have my money back again. 
  23. I am sorry that there is no market for them at this time of year; only an occasional chaffer comes along. 
  24. A day spent at the market was always interesting and often exciting; it was filled with bustle, noise, and chaffer.
  25. The car dealer was trying to chaffer me down, and I wasn’t going for it.
  26. I want to go chaffing with you, but I can’t afford to pay for the petrol.
  27. The nation’s biggest retailers have been accused of chaffing shoppers by rising food prices as soon as they enter their doors.
  28. He’s been chaffering‘ with them all day long.
  29. The older man was chaffering with an older woman who had come to sell him some eggs.
  30. There was much chaffering about who should pay for the meal. 
  31. He was not a man to chaffer and haggled with an enemy.
  32. We chaffered a bit, but they finally agreed to take half the money we were offering.
  33. The two friends chaffered about this and that as they walked down the street.
  34. He was always chaffering about his success with women.
  35. We may chaffer about the treaty’s terms, but we will not renounce our claim to sovereignty.
  36. I have to go now. I have a meeting with my adviser to discuss what chaffer should be done next.
  37. The whole point of this exercise is to try to get them to chaffer more so they don’t feel like they are being taken advantage of.
  38. I’m not sure how long we can continue chaffer like this.
  39. I’m not a man to chaffer about a lady’s honor.
  40. The salesman was a real chaffer.
  41. He muttered some excuse about having to go to a meeting, and we chaffered briefly about what he was prepared to pay.
  42. How much did they chaffer you down?

Similar Words of chaffer:

astute; bargaining; chaffering; haggling; haggling; negotiating; persuasive begging; quarreling over price; agnate; annoyingly persistent; eager; insistent; nagging; pesky; persistent; pushy; argumentative; contentious; disputatious; headstrong; obstinate; refractory; rebellious; undutiful; unruly; negotiate; haggle; philander; wheel and deal; luscious; tender; alluring; delectable; delicious; desirable; delightful; enticing; exciting; fanciful; flavorful; good-looking; lascivious

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