Common Errors in Nouns (50 sentences):

Correct grammar is the wit of writing. Especially when you are writing an official document, you have to consider all pros and cons of official documentation. Here in this article, we will discuss some common errors in the use of nouns and it correct use.

Language is a useful technique through which the writer can easily convey his/her ideas, emotions about the topic which he/she wants to share with the audience. Usually, the desire result can only be achieved when the writer has power to properly convey his/her feelings about the subject matter.

To better understand the readers about the relevant topic, writing of that topic must be productive and influential which has power to persuade the readers. Sometimes, the writers commit mistakes in writing which creates negative impact upon the readers.

In English language, there are numerous tools which employ while writing it. It is essential for the writers to properly use the parts of speech and presents it in a comprehensive way so that the readers may able to easily understand the language.

Mostly, writers produce sentences in a casual way and they ignore the correct use of parts of speech in their writing. Here we will discuss the common errors while using “noun” in a sentences and also its correct use in a sentence.



1.The poors lead a miserable life.The poor lead a miserable life.
2.The wages of sin are hell.The wages of sin is hell.
3.The news are not true.The news is not true.
4.Her hairs are white.Her hair is white.
5.Susane wants to continue her study.Susane wantst to continue her studies.
6.Politics are his chief interest.Politics is his chief interest.
7.Mathematics are taught in the first year.Mathematics is taught in the first year.
8.His mathematics is weak.His mathematics are weak.
9.Many cattles were grazing in the field.Many cattle were grazing in the field.
10.Many sheeps were drowned in the flood.Many sheep wee drowned in the flood.
11.The sceneries of Switzerland are wonderful.The scenery of Switnzerland is wonderful.
12.He scored 95 runs in the second inning.He scored 95 runs in the second innings.
13.Her weight is five stones.Her weight is five stone.
14.We do not eat fruits.We do not eat fruit.
15.I sold two dozens eggs.I sold two dozen eggs.
16.I am weak in Mathematic.I am weak in Mathematics.
17.He bought some stationeries.He bought some stationery.
18.I take pain over my work.I take pains over my work.
19.I bought a new trouser.I bought a new pair of trousers.
20.I bought two pair of shoes.I bought two pairs of shoes.
21.He gave order to release him.He gave orders to release him.
22.He is man of words.He is man of word.
23.You scissors is dull.Your scissors are dull.
24.Please give me a scissor.Please give me a pair of scissors.
25.I have many works to do.I have much work to do.
26.She gave me many abuses.She gave me much abuse.
27.Her spectacle is gold.Her spectacles are gold.
28.Measles have broken out in the city.Measles has broken out in the city.
29.Ten miles are a long distance.Ten miles is a long distance.
30.There are no females in this office.There are no women in this office.
31.I have two son-in-laws.I have two sons-in-law.
32.Give me a blotting.Give me a blotting paper.
33.This room has no furniture’s.This room has no furniture.
34.There ae a lot of fishes in this river.There are a lot of fish in this river.
35.She gave me many advices.She gave me many pieces of advice.
36.You have many works to do.You have many pieces of work to do.
37.I have an urgent business at home.I have an urgent piece of business at home.
38.We shall go to Switzerland during the summer vacations.We shall go to Switzerland during the summer vacation.
39.Many machineries were imported.Many machines were imported. OR Much machinery was imported.
40.The child did many mischiefs.The child did many acts of mischief. OR The child did much mischief.
41.Vegetable is my favourite dish.Vegetables is my favourits dish.
42.The sceneries of Kashmir are worth-seeing.The scenes of Kashmir are worth-seeing. OR The scenery of Kashmir is worth-seeing.
43.They bought many furniture’s.They bought many articles of furniture.
44.The table’s leg is broken.The leg of table is broken.
45.She has no issues.She has no issue.
46.The United States have a large navy.The United States has a large navy.
47.The United Nations have to do something for the people of Kashmir.The United Nations has to do something for the people of Kashmir.
48.The committee is divided on this matter.The committee are divided on this matter.
49.There is no place in the bus.There is no room in the bus.
50.This book’s price is five dollars.The price of this book is five dollars.
51.He was taken to the gallow.He was taken to the gallows.

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