Common Noun Examples [2021] comprehensive study

Common noun represents all the common persons, things, places around us. Here the users will find definition and common noun examples.

Common Noun:

English is a widely used language in the world. The most important part of this language is speaking. The use of proper language makes it easier to understand the other persons. Sometimes, abrupt words cause inconvenience for the readers to read and understand them. That is why the native speakers while speaking use the words correctly so that the other persons will be able to get their meanings.

In English grammar, there are different parts of speech. Out of them, the noun is one part of speech that is used to indicate the names of persons, things, places, ideas, emotions or feelings, etc. A common noun is a sub-branch of a noun. In this article, common noun as well as common noun examples will be discussed in detail.

What is Common Noun?

Common Noun is a very important type of noun. It represents all the common persons, things, places around us. We abundantly use common nouns in our daily life. Some categories of the common noun are as under:

Common Noun examples of Persons:

  • Prophet             Poet
  • Leader              Man
  • Girl                    Queen

Common Noun examples of Places:

  • Mosque            Garden
  • City                   Country
  • Village              River

Common Noun examples of Things:

  • Star                   Planet
  • Flag                  Book
  • Egg                   Knife
  • Tree                  Water
  • Milk                   Sugar

Let’s start with common noun examples.

Common Noun Examples:

Common noun is used for common persons, things and places. Here the common noun examples have been discussed in detail.

  • I saw a girl in the storeroom.
  • Do you have a bicycle?
  • The teacher works day and night to earn a livelihood.
  • The stars are in the sky.
  • The book is on the table.
  • There is some water in the glass.
  • The child is drinking milk.
  • There is a knife in his pocket.
  • I have an egg on my plate.
  • A man is sleeping there.
  • The girl is playing on the ground.
  • The queen is famous for his beauty.
  • I am going to the mosque for prayer.
  • We use to play in the garden.
  • The river is fifteen kilometers away from our house.
  • I love my country.
  • My village is fifty kilometers away from the main road.
  • The planets are present in space.
  • I use to watch a movie.
  • I bought a pair of trousers.
  • I saw a woman in the garden.
  • Do you have a bicycle?
  • I have a house.
  • Do you have a house?
  • There are trees in the garden.
  • Do you have sugar?
  • Boys are living in the hostel.
  • Girls are going by bus.
  • The teacher is studying in the class.
  • The Principal is addressing the students.
  • The school gate is closed.
  • We eat a meal from the restaurant.
  • I go to school by car.
  • Where is my book?
  • Mother is cleaning the house.
  • Father is reading the newspaper.
  • The servant is cleaning the garden.
  • There are flowers in our garden.
  • I saw animals in the zoo.

After discussing common noun examples, now we will discuss about classification of common nouns. Common nouns are grouped into two broad classes.

  1. Countable Nouns
  2. Uncountable Nouns

Countable Noun:

A countable noun is the name of something that can be counted. A countable noun has a singular as well as plural form. We can use a,an,one with singular countable nouns. Some examples of countable nouns are as under:

  1. A boy is sitting on the bench.
  2. A book is laying on the table.
  3. Three boys are playing cricket.
  4. There are three books in my bag.
  5. A chair is laying in the classroom.
  6. I have two bread pieces in my lunch box.
  7. They have one car in the garage.
  8. I have two brothers and one sister.
  9. Mother has brought two dozen eggs.
  10. My brother has one hundred books in the library.
  11. The U.S.A won three medals in the Olympics.

Uncountable Noun:

An uncountable noun means something that cannot be counted. It has no plural form. We cannot use a, an, one before an uncountable noun. But we can use some, much, little, a large amount of, a lot of, lots of,  plenty of, a good or great deal of, no, the this, that, my our before the uncountable nouns. Some examples of the uncountable noun are as under:

  1. She needs some information.
  2. Would you like some more tea?
  3. There were not many cups in the kitchen.
  4. I do not drink much water.
  5. There was only a little bread left.
  6. New equipment is urgently needed.
  7. Can I give you a piece of advice?
  8. We got some information from the police department.
  9. Some juice would be good for your health.
  10. I need more sugar to make the cake.

Some nouns can be countable or uncountable according to meaning.

Uncountable Noun As Countable Noun
 AbuseInsulting languageBad or ill practice
He cannot stand the
abuse which his boos hurled him.
This is clearly an abuse of power
AdviceOpinionIn business, advice means document or letter
I gave him a good piece of advice.The company received many advises from the head office.
 BusinessOccupationA shop or factory that deals with things
He is in London on business.My father is running a textile business.
   ClothMaterial made from cotton or wool etcA piece of cloth
I like cotton clothShe wipes the plates with a wet cloth.
 CoffeeThe drinkA cup of coffee
I do not drink coffeeWould you like to drink a coffee?
GlassThe hard substanceLooking glass or mirror
This cup is made of glass.Please pour this water into a glass.
IronHard metalUse to smooth clothes
Iron is a hard metal.This is an electric iron.
PaperMaterial for writingNewspaper
I bought a sheet of paper from the market.This is a daily paper.
The children were at play in the plot.I am watching a play on T.V.
SugarThe substance to sweeten food.An amount of sugar.
Do you need sugar to sweeten your tea?How many sugars do you want?

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