Ending a sentence with a conjunction

If you are looking at the sentences that end of conjunction, this article will benefit you. The maximum English sentences have been added, which end on conjunction.

What is Conjunction?

The conjunction is a word that joins together words, phrases and clauses.


Here the seventy seven (77) sentences have been listed, ending on quotation marks.

  1. He plays football and basketball.
  2. I will go to school and study hard.
  3. I want to go home.
  4. I need to go grocery shopping.
  5. I am tired, but I love you.
  6. He said he would help me, but I don’t know if he can or not.
  7. I went to the store and bought some milk.
  8. I went to the store and bought some milk, but I didn’t find it on sale.
  9. I had a good time and I’m sure we’ll do it again some day.
  10. I felt that I was at fault and wanted to apologize.
  11. You have to be careful with these things, but I think they will work out just fine.
  12. You can eat your dessert now, but you must finish your meal first.
  13. I want to go to the beach, but I don’t have time today.
  14. I will not go to bed until I finish my homework because if I don’t, I’ll suffer later.
  15. I had no idea where he was at the time, but I knew that he would be back soon.
  16. The train departed on time and arrived at its destination on time as well.
  17. At first, I didn’t think that this was going to work out, but then everything turned out fine in the end.
  18. The police officer and the witness were both uninjured.
  19. The police officer, the witness and the suspect were all injured during the incident.
  20. The police officer, the witness and the suspect have all been treated for their injuries at a local hospital.
  21. We were having a great time together and I didn’t want it to end.
  22. I got here early, but they still ended up being late.
  23. I like horror movies, but they don’t scare me.
  24. I’m really hungry right now, so please order quickly!
  25. She is a pretty girl, and she sings well.
  26. The dog jumped over the fence, but it got stuck in a tree.
  27. We went to the mall to shop for clothes, but we didn’t have enough money for everything we wanted.
  28. The cat ran after the ball and it ran into a tree.
  29. He was not very happy when he saw that his wife had burnt his lunch.
  30. You are doing it wrong, but I will show you how it should be done.
  31. I cannot believe that you have done this.
  32. We have got to get out of here soon.
  33. I need you to come with me right now!
  34. You can’t afford not to come with me.
  35. The king, who was ill, died after several weeks of suffering.
  36. My father works hard and earns a lot of money.
  37. She lives alone and is happy.
  38. We have been waiting here for a long time.
  39. The dog jumped over the fence, and the cat chased after it.
  40. We went to school early today, but we were late anyways.
  41. It was cold outside and raining too, so I stayed inside all day long.
  42. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
  43. I don’t like cake, but I love ice cream.
  44. We’ve been friends for years, but we haven’t seen each other in a while.
  45. She wants to go on vacation, but she doesn’t want to spend any money doing so.
  46. We are going to the park, and we’re taking the kids.
  47. We will be eating lunch at noon, but we will also be having dinner afterward.
  48. The party was for me, so I brought some wine for everyone to enjoy.
  49. I love chocolate, but she hates it.
  50. I can speak English very well, but my writing skills need improvement.
  51. I went to the park and played basketball.
  52. I hope that you will be able to pass the exam, or at least get a good grade.
  53. We are going to win the game, but If everyone does their best, we will win.
  54. He is going to graduate high school next year, but if he doesn’t study hard enough, he might not make it.
  55. The dog barked and the cat meowed.
  56. I know that you are angry but I am sorry for what happened yesterday.
  57. I went to the store, and I bought some bread.
  58. My wife told me she wanted a divorce last night, and today she filed papers with our lawyer.
  59. I was tired but happy.
  60. You will not believe how much I have learned in this class.
  61. I am sure that everyone will agree with me that we should help all those who need our help.
  62. I am glad that you have agreed to come with us for the weekend.
  63. I will not go out because I am tired.
  64. I would not have come if I had known that you would be here!
  65. You will never understand why I did this until you get old yourself.
  66. The girl looked sad, but she seemed to be enjoying herself.
  67. She went to bed early and got up early (and went for a run).
  68. Jack was frustrated because he couldn’t find his keys, so he started looking in his desk drawer.
  69. The dog followed me home because I had some hamburgers in my bag that I was going to give him as a treat.
  70. I am going to the movies, but I will be back later.
  71. I have a lot of work to do, but I will help you when I can.
  72. We were hungry and tired, but we had a good time anyway.
  73. The dog was cute and playful, but he was also very well behaved.
  74. It was too hot to swim, so we decided to stay inside instead.
  75. I am going to take an exam tomorrow, so I want to study hard tonight.”
  76. I have a lot of work to do, but I still want to go out with my friends tonight.
  77. She was very upset because her boyfriend broke up with her.

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