ending a sentence with however

Ending a sentence with however

If you are looking, ending a sentence with however, then this article will be beneficial for you. Here the complete detail has been provided wherein the word ‘however’ has been used in the ends of a sentence.

‘However’ is a conjunction that means in whatever way or to whatever extent. It can also mean nevertheless. However is also used as an adverb to modify an adjective, verb, or another adverb. The emphasis of the word is not on the first word but on the word that follows it.


  1. He said he would help me, but he didn’t come because he was busy. However, he did send me some money when I needed it most.
  2. I like ice cream; however, I wouldn’t say I like chocolate.
  3. You have to get up early tomorrow; however, you don’t have to go to school.
  4. We are camping this weekend; however, we won’t be able to go swimming because it’s too cold outside.
  5. I hate my job. However, I need the money.
  6. I love my new job; however, I am not very good at it yet.
  7. He was tired; however, he did not want to go home.
  8. He was tired; however, he did not want to go home.
  9. “I’m sorry,” he said, however, “I can’t let you pass.”
  10. I would love to go on vacation, however my boss thinks I should stay and work longer hours.
  11. I have to leave early today; however, I will see you tomorrow.
  12. The weather is beautiful today; however, it will rain tomorrow afternoon.
  13. He didn’t tell me he was planning to get married until after the wedding ceremony. However, I wish him all happiness in his marriage.
  14. I was planning to leave early today; however, I decided to stay late at work to finish a project.
  15. I was going to buy a new house; however, the mortgage rates went up again.
  16. The pizza was delicious; however, it was too hot for me to eat.
  17. You are a good friend; however, you are not very reliable.
  18. The party was fun; however, we had to leave early because it was getting late, and we had school the next day.
  19. I am sorry, however, your account has been closed.
  20. We want to thank you for your help in making this event a success. However, we do not believe this is the right opportunity for us.
  21. We cannot agree on anything, however much we try.
  22. I love my daughter, but however, she is not allowed to play with the dog.
  23. I know I am too old; however, I still have some things to do.
  24. He was sick; however, he went to work anyway.
  25. I was impressed with your presentation; however, I don’t think you are ready for this position.
  26. I enjoyed spending time with my family but however, I would not want to do it every day.
  27. However, it’s not so simple at all!
  28. The book was interesting; however, it was very wordy.
  29. I am always late for work, but today I arrived on time; however, my boss was not pleased.
  30. My sister and I are very different; however, we still get along well.
  31. I have no idea how much time you have; however, I can assure you that it will be more than enough.
  32. You may have a lot of questions. However, I can only answer some of them today.
  33. I had a good day. However, I do not think I can continue this work.
  34. I am sorry I cannot come over tonight. However, we can meet tomorrow at 7 pm.
  35. I hope this has been helpful and that you can now use however effectively in your writing.
  36. I am sorry for what I did; however, I will never apologize for my actions.
  37. Despite my best efforts, however, I could not find any trace of her whereabouts.
  38. I’m not going to buy that car, however much I want.
  39. She won’t be able to come with us on vacation, however hard we try to convince her.
  40. My brother is very smart; however, he is shy around strangers.
  41. The food was delicious; however, we had to wait hours before getting our meal.
  42. Would you be interested in taking over my client account? However, if this isn’t possible at this time, please let me know.
  43. The product has been selling well; however, the company needs to lower its price.
  44. The product has been selling well; however, we need to lower our prices.
  45. We have several customers interested in the product; however, they do not want to pay the high prices we are charging for it right now.
  46. He is a very nice person; however, he has no friends.
  47. I do not like your suggestion, so I cannot accept it; however, it is a good one, and we should consider it!
  48. It is a good idea to begin your search with a strategic plan; however, the best plans can be derailed by unexpected events.
  49. He was an honest man, however, and his honesty was well-known.
  50. I like oranges; however, I am not very fond of bananas.
  51. I will be at your house as soon as possible, however I will be there for how long that takes.
  52. You may have heard that many people believe they can become successful by doing nothing at all; however, this is not true!
  53. I think she is beautiful; however, she never feels good about herself.
  54. Although her hair was short, she did not feel like a boy; however, her parents still called her one.
  55. I have a friend who is looking for a job. However, he has no experience in the industry.
  56. I’ll be honest: I wouldn’t say I like your company. However, I’d like to work here if you’ll have me.
  57. The movie was great, but the ending was terrible. However, it was still worth watching because of all the things that came before it.
  58. I have no money. However, I can lend you some.
  59. The main reason why I am not going to vote for him is that he is a liar. However, I still respect his work.
  60. I don’t think I will be able to do this job well. However, it doesn’t mean I am already giving up on it. 
  61. I love you. However, I am not sure if you love me.
  62. I am excited about the party tomorrow night; however, I am also worried because there is always the chance that something might go wrong and ruin everything at the last minute!
  63. He was tall and handsome. However, she was short and plain.
  64. The service was excellent. However, the food was not up to the mark.

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