Ending a sentence with not

The sentences ending with not are common. Many sentences end with ‘not.’ Following are some examples of these sentences.


  1. I’m not sure if I agree with you or not.
  2. The weather was terrible yesterday, but today it’s beautiful! Not!
  3. I am not sure if he will come or not.
  4. Do you know how to use a computer? Of course, I do not!
  5. I am not a good student.
  6. I am not going to school today.
  7. He is not a liar.
  8. Tell me, either you will go or not.
  9. The movie was not that good.
  10. I am not a doctor.
  11. He was not present at the meeting last night because he was sick and could not come to the office.
  12. Your answer was not correct.
  13. I am not a criminal.
  14. He is not lying.
  15. She is not a criminal.
  16. I am not a liar.
  17. They are not criminals.
  18. You are not lying.
  19. He is not a liar.
  20. The lawyers were not in agreement.
  21. The movie was not good.
  22. The weather is not cold today.
  23. I don’t like him, but he doesn’t care.
  24. She is not a doctor.
  25. The dog is not black.
  26. The judge ruled that the defendant was not guilty.
  27. I’m not sure if I can come to the party or not.
  28. Please tell me whether you will go there or not.
  29. I have decided not to join him.
  30. Not only did he not win, but he also did not lose.
  31. Please decide whether to stay here or not.
  32. Will you join them or not?
  33. The book is not attractive; I wouldn’t say I like it.
  34. I want to go to the party, but not tonight.
  35. I love you, not him!
  36. No one ever saw him because he was reticent,” said the fox. “But that is not my fault!
  37. The book was not boring.
  38. He was not surprised.
  39. You can’t say that he’s innocent. He didn’t do it!
  40. I didn’t just say that she’s blond; I said she’s not blond!
  41. I am not going out with him because he is too old for me and not my type at all!
  42. I can’t believe that he didn’t say thank you!
  43. I went to the store, but I didn’t buy anything.
  44. If you want something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.
  45. Don’t panic!’ or ‘Don’t smoke in bed.
  46. Do you want to buy it or not?
  47. I don’t think she’s ready for this. Not yet.
  48. Are you interested in this offer or not?
  49. My brother and I are not interested in going there.
  50. In this country, you are not allowed to smoke in public buildings, so you can’t smoke in your office either.
  51. The law states that you must be at least 18 years old before driving a car, so if you are under 18, you cannot drive a car either.
  52. Would you marry her or not?
  53. “Do you know what happened?” “No, I do not.”
  54. Not only is it the case that you are not a good person, but also it is the case that you are not a wrong person either.
  55. We all know about him. He is not a good man.
  56. The teacher asked us if we could read and write English, but she didn’t ask if we could speak it fluently. 
  57. I’m tired after working all day yesterday, but I’m not tired today because I slept well last night.
  58. I don’t know whether she is ready to go with me.
  59. It is a good idea not to go there.
  60. Not only did he not study for the test, he also didn’t even read the book.
  61. We are not sure if he is coming tomorrow or not.
  62. I am not sure whether he is married or not.
  63. I don’t know whether he will stay here or not.
  64. They allowed him not to go there.
  65. I have never been to Europe before, and I don’t intend to go there soon either!
  66. I told you not to smoke in front of the children, but you didn’t listen to me.
  67. I don’t know who he is; he’s not my friend.
  68. I like chocolate but not vanilla.
  69. The food was not good.
  70. The accused has been found not guilty.
  71. I can’t entirely agree with your plan because it will not work.
  72. The court has convicted him of murder and not of manslaughter.
  73. The contract was not valid.
  74. I will not make any promises I cannot keep.

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