Ending a sentence with respectively

The word respectively indicates that two or more items are being spoken about. The items in question can be of any kind, from persons to things, from events to ideas. It is also used to indicate that each item referred to is similar to the others but different from all others referred to.


  1. The President and Vice President were endorsed respectively by their parties.
  2. The two candidates, John and Mary, were both running for office. They were elected respectively by their parties.
  3. The vice president and the secretary are elected separately; therefore, they do not have to run as a team. They were endorsed respectively by their parties.
  4. The Secretary of State is appointed by the President and confirmed by Congress. He was endorsed respectively by his party members.
  5. The two candidates competed against each other for the same position; however, they ran separately from one another during the election season. They were elected respectively by their parties to run for office during an election year or primary season.
  6. The committee members were, respectively, John, Jane, and Sarah.
  7. The two countries have signed a trade agreement respectively.
  8. The three curves are shown in Figure 1, Figure 2, and Figure 3, respectively.
  9. The last two terms of the sequence are 7 and 13, respectively.
  10. The students will be asked to answer the questions in two groups, respectively.
  11. Each of the students answered questions respectively.
  12. The list items will be marked respectively with A, B, and C.
  13. The players’ names should be written in the column ‘Name’, while their respective addresses should be written in the column ‘Address.’ 
  14. I will write my name on this page, while my brother will write his name on that page respectively.
  15. We are happy to announce that we will be holding an election for our board of directors.
  16. Please note that the sale will be held on Wednesdays, respectively.
  17. My brother and I were born in different countries, respectively.
  18. The first two years of my life were spent in California, and the last five years were spent in Michigan — so I lived there from ages one to five and from ages six to eleven, respectively.
  19. The two defendants were convicted on two counts and sentenced to five years in prison, respectively.
  20. The President, Vice President, and Prime Minister will meet, respectively.
  21. The children have also been asked to submit their reports respectively.
  22. I love you, mom and dad, respectively.
  23. The students were asked to read the book respectively.
  24. The two groups of students had to do their tasks separately and independently.
  25. The professor asked each student to present their ideas in turn, respectively.
  26. They have their opinions in life, but they are both on the same page regarding their children’s future education.
  27. The President of the company, the vice president, and the secretary respectively attend meetings.
  28. The secretary, the vice president, and the President respectively attend meetings.
  29. The President, the vice president, and the secretary respectively attend meetings.
  30. Both parties signed the agreement reached between the two sides on May 18th, 2019, respectively.
  31. The summer months differ from the winter ones respectively.
  32. The three best players received medals, respectively.
  33. He was named captain, his brother vice-captain, and Tom third base umpire, respectively.
  34. We could not find out how much each of them weighed respectively because we did not have scales with us then.
  35. Brad, Mary, and Anna went to the concert respectively.
  36. The first prize went to Sophie, the second to Paul and the third to James respectively.
  37. The first team to reach the finish line will be awarded a prize.
  38. The President, vice-president, and secretary respectively will give their speeches.
  39. These three countries are the top three exporters of coffee, respectively.
  40. This year has been a good year for all three companies, with sales increasing by 20%, 30%, and 40%, respectively.
  41. The two families have been living together for many years, respectively.
  42. The teams selected for the tournament are as follows: Italy, France, Germany, and Spain, respectively.
  43. The first four places were taken by Italy, Spain, Germany, and England respectively.
  44. We will send a team of three players to represent us in the tournament; their names are Tom, Dick, and Harry, respectively.
  45. The speaker wishes to express that these two students will be given prizes, respectively.
  46. I visited India twice during my holidays. I loved both my visits to India respectively.
  47. The two girls were good friends, but they had different hobbies and interests respectively.
  48. Mr. James was an excellent teacher who taught us English grammar rules respectively.
  49. The car and the truck moved, respectively.
  50. The patient was given two drugs, one for pain and another for fever. Respectively, she took them for two days.
  51. There were four rooms in our house; my parents occupied two, and the other two by my brother and me respectively.
  52. The boys and girls have passed the exam respectively.
  53. The classes will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday respectively
  54. The following are the names of the employees in our company respectively-John, Tom, and Harry.
  55. The two buildings are located on opposite sides of the street, respectively.
  56. My wife and I each have a car, which we park in our garage and drive out of town at different times each day, respectively.
  57. The students were asked to do their homework respectively.
  58. I want to thank my mother, father, and sister, respectively, for their support during my years at college.
  59. The three candidates have been awarded their diplomas by the Dean, respectively.
  60. The prime minister, President, and vice President respectively delivered their speeches at the conference.
  61. The committee will consider the proposal and report back to the board, respectively.
  62. The two sisters are both married to men with whom they have children, respectively.
  63. The company has four divisions: accounting, sales, marketing, and manufacturing; each division has its manager who reports to the President respectively.
  64. The first and second applicants have been chosen, respectively.
  65. We will announce our decision on Monday, July 1st, and Tuesday, July 2nd, respectively.
  66. The three countries involved in this case are Britain, France, and Germany, respectively.
  67. The members of the council are elected respectively for five years.
  68. The population of the city was 20,000,000 respectively.
  69. The names of the teams were written on the board respectively.
  70. The two girls went to the movies and ordered ice cream respectively.
  71. The two boys ate lunch and then went to their rooms respectively.
  72. I’m going to work now, and you can talk with your friends later.
  73. The sun, moon, and stars are all heavenly bodies of the solar system, respectively.
  74. My brothers and sisters are living in five different states, respectively.
  75. I have one car and two bikes, respectively.
  76. The first and second goals were scored by brother and sister respectively.
  77. I didn’t know what was going on, but I followed the instructions given by my boss respectively.
  78. He is a good singer, and his brother is also a good singer, but they sing differently from each other respectively.
  79. The two brothers have different personalities, and they don’t like to talk about it with each other respectively.
  80. He was a successful businessman, but he had to work hard for it while his brother inherited all his property when their father died, so he didn’t have to work hard for success like his brother.

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