Ending a sentence with right

The word right has been used at the end of sentences for several reasons. For example, to emphasize a truth or principle; in arguments or discussions; to give one’s opinion or point of view on an issue and to add credibility to a statement or assertion using a comparison or analogy with something else that is known to be true.  

The following are sentences ending with right.


  1. What are your rights to privacy?
  2. People have a right to privacy in their homes but don’t have a right to privacy when they’re on public property.
  3. It is the right place.
  4. It is the right thing to do.
  5. You did the right thing by coming here.
  6. I’m going to the right bank of the river; you go to the left bank.
  7. You are right about that!
  8. The man on the street is suitable to be angry about this issue.
  9. It would help if you learned how to use your computer correctly.
  10. The teacher showed us the right way to sit for our examination.
  11. I have the right to be happy.
  12. You have no right to do that!
  13. She has a right to know.
  14. They have a right to freedom of expression.
  15. He has a right to his opinion.
  16. We have the right to privacy in our homes.
  17. They have the right to assemble and petition the government to redress grievances.
  18. The manager said that I should work harder and be more productive. That was the right thing to say.
  19. You have made the right decision to buy this car for your family. It is a good car with many features you will like very much.
  20. The dog ate his dinner and then licked his paws right.
  21. She wore her hair just right for the party last night.
  22. It would help if you carried your books on your right side.
  23. Your answer is correct!
  24. I hope that you will go there right now!
  25. I am sure that you are right about it.
  26. You are not right about it!
  27. You are right about it!
  28. He was right about it!
  29. He was utterly wrong about it!
  30. I have to go right now.
  31. The man on the left has a right earring.
  32. It’s time for you to make a stand and do what is right.
  33. It is not fair! You shouldn’t treat people like this just because they are different than you! It’s not right!
  34. You are right.
  35. He’s right.
  36. The answer is right.
  37. She got the job right.
  38. The rocket landed right where it was supposed to.
  39. I think you’re right about that one.
  40. I’m right behind you.
  41. Yes, I have the right to remain silent. 
  42. You are in the right place at the right time. 
  43. I know I’m right about this one! 
  44. “I was right about the stock market,” he said.
  45. I was right to expect more from him.
  46. He is going to be right on time for his appointment with the doctor.
  47. The police were right to arrest the thief.
  48. It is his right to defend himself.
  49. You have a right to know the truth.
  50. I have a right to my opinion, don’t I?
  51. She has a right to express her opinion freely.
  52. He does not have any right to interfere in our private lives.
  53. I have the right to privacy.
  54. You have the same rights as I do.
  55. The jury has the right to pass the sentence.
  56. I’ve got a right to know.
  57. We have rights too.
  58. She was right to leave him.
  59. He had every right to be angry.
  60. I did not have the right to do that.
  61. You are not going anywhere until you pay me what you owe me.
  62. He was right to be upset.
  63. It turned out that he was right about getting the job done quickly.
  64. She was right to tell me about it.
  65. I was right behind you all the time.
  66. The car stopped at the red light right in front of us.
  67. I think it’s time we take action. Right?
  68. This answer is not right.
  69. I don’t think you said it right.
  70. I’m sure we can pass the sentence with the right.
  71. We should pass sentences with the right.
  72. Passing sentences right will help us get better grades in our classes.
  73. The punishment should be right.
  74. Your decision was right.
  75. The law gives every citizen the right to vote.
  76. The right to freedom of expression is a fundamental human right.
  77. You have done your duty, so you have the right to go home now.
  78. The teacher gave us the right answer.
  79. You should have done it right away!
  80. You have to do it right now!
  81. I was only doing my job, and I did it right.
  82. That’s precisely what I’ve been trying to do for years now! 
  83. The right to privacy is a fundamental human right.
  84. We must respect each other’s rights.
  85. I passed the sentence with the right.
  86. You passed the sentence with the right.
  87. He/She/It passed sentence with the right.
  88. We passed the sentence with the right.
  89. You all passed the sentence with the right.
  90. That sounds right to me, too!
  91. You’re not going anywhere until you’ve finished your homework. Right?
  92. I’ll be right back.
  93. You have a good eye for detail, and you do things right.
  94. I need your help right away!
  95. We have had many discussions about how to use the word right.
  96. It is only a matter of time before you get it right.
  97. You’re right about this!

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