Ending sentence with is

The word “is” works when you’re stating something that’s true or not in dispute, like the color of the sky or what someone does for a living. It doesn’t work as well when you’re talking about opinions and feelings that people can have different opinions about, such as what they think about something or how they feel about something else.


  1. I don’t know how to get there. Is it far away?
  2. The year is over and I am glad it is.
  3. The dog is barking.
  4. The sun is shining.
  5. My brother is tall.
  6. The sun is shining.
  7. The apple is red.
  8. That is my book.
  9. The only thing to fear is fear itself.
  10. The weather was bad and now it’s worse.
  11. Is it hot in here, or is it just me?
  12. I’m not sure what to do, but I am sure that it’s not working.
  13. The party was so much fun! Is it over yet?
  14. The president is a good man.
  15. The party is over.
  16. The meeting is canceled.
  17. The party is tomorrow night.
  18. She is a nurse.
  19. He is crazy about her.
  20. It is raining today.
  21. We are a family of is.
  22. I’m trying to find the best route to work because traffic is terrible this morning.
  23. The ball is red.
  24. The sun is warm today.
  25. The sky is blue today.
  26. My name is Talia.
  27. The door is locked.
  28. The company is to be sold.
  29. The report is due tomorrow.
  30. The sky is blue.
  31. She is a lawyer.
  32. The dog is brown.
  33. She is my roommate.
  34. It was sunny this morning but it’s cloudy now.
  35. Is this a sentence? Yes, it is a sentence.
  36. The cat is on the mat.
  37. The cat is a domestic animal.
  38. The mouse is brown.
  39. My dog is black and white.
  40. The book is mine.
  41. The movie is not very good.
  42. This is your room.
  43. The dog is barking.
  44. What time is it?
  45. She’s not coming today because she’s sick.
  46. Do you know what it is? It’s an apple!
  47. The weather is cold today.
  48. The food is delicious.
  49. The movie is boring.
  50. It is a nice day.
  51. That is the correct answer.
  52. The dog is asleep.
  53. The sun is setting over the lake tonight.
  54. That is one of my favorite movies.
  55. He is a good guy.
  56. She is a great friend.
  57. She is a teacher at our school.
  58. The dog is hungry.
  59. The cat is tired.
  60. The car is red, and it’s on sale at the dealership now!
  61. John is very tall.
  62. This book is about Harry Potter.
  63. The book is interesting.
  64. The sun is bright today.
  65. The dog is brown.
  66. She is friendly.
  67. The student who is hardworking and diligent will succeed in life.
  68. The job market is tough right now, but it is not impossible to find a good job.
  69. He is a great man.
  70. The house is painted green.
  71. The house is on fire!
  72. My neighbor is named John Smith.
  73. The movie is very good.
  74. The sun is hot.
  75. The dog is fast.
  76. The man who is standing next to me is my husband.
  77. The current president is a former governor.
  78. My favorite color is blue.
  79. My sister is twenty-four years old.
  80. The book is interesting.
  81. The book is on the table.
  82. The dog is under the table.
  83. The sun is shining outside.
  84. The clock is ticking on the wall.
  85. The sun is shining.
  86. The population of the town is growing.
  87. The capital of the state is Augusta.
  88. The temperature today is expected to be in the mid-80s.
  89. I’m not sure who will win the election, but I hope it is not Donald Trump.
  90. The item you selected is out of stock.
  91. He is a great athlete.
  92. She is my best friend.
  93. I’m going to do it because it is the right thing to do.
  94. What is this nonsense? I don’t understand what he is talking about!
  95. The book is on the table.
  96. This is my pen.
  97. The restaurant is closed on Mondays.
  98. The man is happy today.
  99. Your work is excellent!
  100. My brother is tall and thin.
  101. The sky was dark and cloudy this morning, but it is bright and sunny now!
  102. The movie is not very good.
  103. The story is about a boy and his dog.
  104. My brother is going to visit me next week.
  105. She is the CEO of our company.
  106. The moon is made of cheese.
  107. My father works at a bank and my mother is a teacher at the local elementary school.
  108. I am not sure what the problem is.
  109. The company is expanding its customer base.
  110. The office is located on the fourth floor.
  111. She was a teacher and she is a teacher.
  112. The deadline is tomorrow.
  113. The date is March 27, 2019.
  114. My birthday is February 15th, 1990 (or 16th).
  115. My favorite movie is A Star Is Born (2019).
  116. The book is amazing!
  117. It is a beautiful day outside!
  118. The cat is sleeping in the sun.
  119. My brother is a doctor and my sister is a teacher.
  120. Your homework assignment is due tomorrow!
  121. The cake is delicious.
  122. The car is parked in the driveway.
  123. She is one of my best friends.
  124. The food is expensive.
  125. The teacher who teaches English grammar is in Room 203.
  126. The dog who barks all night is next door.
  127. The car is fun to drive.
  128. The movie is overrated.
  129. That man over there is my best friend!
  130. The sun is shining brightly.
  131. My sister is a good singer.

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