Ending sentence with of

The word of is a preposition that is used to link words or phrases. The preposition of is used to show the relationship between two things or people.


  1. It was a gift from her brother of mine.
  2. It was a gift from her brother of mine.
  3. The house of my grandfather” is an example of a sentence that ends with the preposition of.
  4. His car is parked in front of my house.
  5. The committee is reviewing candidates for the position of director.
  6. He is a friend of mine.
  7. She is the daughter of an actor.
  8. The company went bankrupt because of a poor credit rating.
  9. The house was made of bricks.
  10. The dog ate some of my homework.
  11. The student was very interested in the subject of physics.
  12. The book is about the author’s life of poverty.
  13. The rules of grammar are the rules of language usage.
  14. I want to talk about the effect of the preposition of on my life.
  15. I’m an avid reader of fiction.
  16. The world is full of stories.
  17. I’m a big fan of sports.
  18. The moonlight of the night.
  19. The house of John was on the other side of the street.
  20. The party’s new leader has already announced plans to abandon some of its key policies.
  21. She was the girl of his dreams.
  22. He was the man of her dreams.
  23. The company offered its employees the option of taking a non-paid day off.
  24. The movie is one of the best I’ve ever seen.
  25. The dress is one of my favorites.
  26. I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Smith, one of my coworkers.
  27. I don’t like any of these books.
  28. I bought this book of my friend.
  29. This is a problem of our country.
  30. I saw the movie of my life.
  31. The man’s coat was made of wool.
  32. What they say of him is true.
  33. The trees were so tall that they blocked out most of the light from the sun.
  34. He is a great man of letters.
  35. They are great people of letters.
  36. He is a great person of letters.
  37. I’ve been working on a new project at work. It’s been an exciting project of which I’m proud.
  38. He was the author of several books.
  39. She was the mother of three children.
  40. I am not going to tell you my secret because it is of no use to others.
  41. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
  42. I was very pleased with the result of my exams this year.
  43. She was a woman of her word.
  44. Dinosaurs are in danger of extinction.
  45. I am a student of the university.
  46. She is a woman of courage and determination.
  47. He is a man of integrity and honesty.
  48. I was born of a mother and father.
  49. I was born of the most beautiful parents.
  50. We were formed of dust and molded by God.
  51. I am the child of my parents’ dreams.
  52. He is the son of his mother’s dreams.
  53. I was born in a small town in Maine, and I grew up with a lot of good friends.
  54. It’s hard to say why the people of this town are so friendly. It could be the good schools or the low cost of living.
  55. If you’re looking for somewhere to live, this is one of the safest places in the country.
  56. It’s important to value your friendships and relationships with family members and friends because they can last forever if you take care of them properly.
  57. If you’re writing a sentence, you probably want it to end in a noun, verb or preposition. You don’t want it to end with ‘of’.
  58. Here are some examples of sentences that end on ‘of‘:
  59. The house was built in the 1920s and has a large garden of trees and shrubs.
  60. The house has a large garden of trees and shrubs as well as several trees that have been planted along the boundary.
  61. I was tired of being alone.
  62. The conference was on the topic of the environment.
  63. The book is about the of-shrub.
  64. The flowers are white, with a of-yellow spot at the base of each petal.
  65. The bird has a of-yellow beak and a of-orange tail.
  66. I never knew that there were so many different kinds of birds in the world!
  67. The tree was covered with green leaves, which have a of-green color.
  68. The book is about the impact of the industrial revolution.
  69. The man was arrested for the murder of his wife.
  70. I am a writer of science fiction.
  71. I’m of the opinion that we should get rid of the cat.
  72. The company is looking for a new manager of operations.
  73. The house is made of stone.
  74. That car is the latest model of Ford.
  75. The clock is made of wood.

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