Ending sentence with that

The word ‘that’ can be used in two different ways. It can be used to refer to something that has been mentioned before. This is the last time I’ll write about this.


  1. I want to see him, but I don’t want to talk to him. That‘s the problem!
  2. It was good that she got the job.
  3. I’m glad that she got the job.
  4. A man called me on the phone and said that he knew where my lost dog was hiding!
  5. That is why we have to work hard for our dreams, so that we won’t be disappointed when they don’t come true immediately!
  6. He had a good time eating the cake that his mother gave him.
  7. I have completely forgotten the name of the place where I was born. That is, if it was ever mentioned at any time during my life.
  8. He is the man that I met at the party yesterday.
  9. She is a girl that I have known for years.
  10. I want to know that you are happy with me.
  11. The flight waived and it will not last long, that is why I am going to buy a new one next year.
  12. I think that you are right.
  13. I am sure that he will do it.
  14. He told me that he had bought a new car.
  15. She said that she would be back soon.
  16. She is the girl that lives next door to me.
  17. He was the boy that I talked about yesterday.
  18. I am not sure if this is the book that you were looking for but it seems very interesting.
  19. She has written a book about her childhood days. The book that she has written is very interesting.
  20. I have no money left in my wallet. The small amount of money that I had saved for my vacation has been spent on books and stationery items.
  21. I like spicy food, but my husband hates it. That is why we never eat at Thai restaurants together.
  22. I can’t believe that you did that!
  23. I have been to this place before, and that is why I am here again.
  24. It is a beautiful day today, and that is why we can go outside and play.
  25. It was a good movie with a happy ending, and that is why everyone enjoyed it so much.
  26. This is the best pizza I’ve ever tasted, and that is why I always come back for more!
  27. This place has great food and service; it’s affordable too! That’s why we come here all the time!
  28. The weather was bad today, but it didn’t stop me from going out for my morning jog; that’s what I do every day anyway!
  29. The teacher asked me where I was yesterday, and I told him that I was at home all day watching television.
  30. I don’t know why we bought the book from Amazon, but I do know that it was expensive.
  31. It is also used to introduce a clause that can be an adjunct, or a subject complement.
  32. That is used to denote the thing, person, or situation that has been mentioned previously in the sentence.
  33. I’m not sure that’s a good idea.
  34. I’m going to the store that is right across the street.
  35. John and Mary are having a baby that they have been trying to conceive for two years.
  36. I didn’t know that you were coming, but I’m glad you did.
  37. You didn’t tell me that you had a brother!
  38. The fact that your opinion differs from mine doesn’t mean that either one of us is wrong, does it?
  39. I don’t know what kind of car that was.
  40. We need to do something about that.
  41. I don’t know how it works but it does that for me all the time!
  42. I am not going to be able to make it on time, but that is no reason for you to show up late.
  43. This is much better than that one!
  44. I don’t want to go out that day, it’s raining heavily.
  45. He looked at her and smiled, then he said “that’s all”.
  46. The committee agreed to the proposal that the project be funded.
  47. I would like to suggest that we meet at 5:00 PM tomorrow.
  48. I have a book that you should read.
  49. I want to go to the park, but that is not possible because it is raining outside.
  50. I have a new car that I bought last week.
  51. The movie was so boring that I fell asleep halfway through it.
  52. I knew that he was lying.
  53. All my friends are coming over for dinner tonight. That’s why I’m cooking a special dish for them.
  54. I didn’t know you were so good at singing karaoke. That’s great!
  55. The students were very happy that they had won the game.
  56. I was surprised that he was so young.
  57. She is an excellent cook. That’s why her restaurant is so popular.
  58. The best way to get there is by bus. That way you can see more of the city.
  59. I think that is it.
  60. I have seen that movie.
  61. Your letter says that you will not come.
  62. This book says that God does not exist.
  63. She said that she would go for a walk after lunch.
  64. You should know that there are many reasons for this problem.
  65. When referring to people, it is better to use who rather than that because it sounds more natural.
  66. She lives in the house that I bought for her.
  67. I need to do my homework before dinner. That is why I’m late for dinner.
  68. That’s the same dog that bit me last week!
  69. I am going to buy a car that is cheap and reliable.
  70. I am not sure that he will come.
  71. I am certain that he will be here soon.
  72. That was the only time that I ever saw him cry.
  73. The man was drunk and he had a bottle of beer in his hand. He fell on the floor and hurt himself badly. That was a bad accident and we rushed him to the hospital immediately.
  74. He was upset that I left early.
  75. She was angry that she missed her flight.
  76. The food we ate last night was not good and that is why I am not feeling well today.
  77. The weather was very hot yesterday, but today it is cold and that is why we cannot go out in the sun anymore!
  78. I have read the book. That is my favourite book.
  79. It was a beautiful day, that is why we went to the beach.
  80. He’s a great guy, that’s why I love him so much.

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