Ending sentence with verb

A sentence that ends on a verb is a single-clause sentence, and it can be a complete sentence if the clause has a subject and predicate. The following sentences are examples of sentences that end on some verb.


  1. He was fired.
  2. She was fired.
  3. They were fired.
  4. We were fired.
  5. I was fired.
  6. You were fired.
  7. We were all fired.
  8. My sister is washing dishes right now.
  9. The man is reading a book on the couch.
  10. The students were sitting at their desks, waiting for their teacher to arrive and start their lesson.
  11. The sun is shining.
  12. The birds are singing.
  13. It’s going to rain tomorrow.
  14. What time will you be home?
  15. I’m going to go home now and have dinner with my family.
  16. The government announced plans to increase taxes on businesses.
  17. I will get you a drink as soon as I finish this report.
  18. I work in a factory.
  19. You should eat more vegetables.
  20. We went to the movies yesterday.
  21. Exercise is good for your health.
  22. No but I’ll find one quickly.
  23. We can’t go, because we have to go to the dentist’s.
  24. The president should be impeached.
  25. The ball hit the window, and broke it.
  26. The economy has recovered, but not enough for us to buy a new car.
  27. They work hard, they play hard and they live to make it happen.
  28. They are the men and women who know how to have fun while working.
  29. The team is always ready to tackle any challenge, no matter how big or how small.
  30. They are always up for a new adventure and never shy away from the spotlight!
  31. I have seen the movie before.
  32. The dog jumped into the car and started driving it across town.
  33. I am glad that you are here to help me with my homework.
  34. He was so upset that he couldn’t even speak anymore.
  35. I am going to read this book because I’m interested in it, not because anyone told me to do so or because they made me read it in school.
  36. It’s time to go home.
  37. I’m hungry.
  38. It was an amazing experience!
  39. We’ve been waiting for you for half an hour!
  40. The party is over, and the guests have left.
  41. The teacher asked us a question, but no one answered it correctly.
  42. We need to find out how this happened, and take steps to prevent it from happening again.
  43. I am writing to you.
  44. The train left at eight.
  45. I have eaten all my lunch.
  46. I have spent all my money.
  47. You have broken your promise.
  48. I will do my best to help you.
  49. I want to come back home with you.
  50. Let’s go over there and play.
  51. He is going to make me a cake.
  52. The sun rose in the east today.
  53. The children ran to the bus stop.
  54. The dog is barking at me.
  55. I heard the cat hissing at the door.
  56. He was thinking about going to college next year.
  57. She offered to help me with my homework this afternoon.
  58. Tomorrow I am going to take a nap while my mom cooks dinner for us all.
  59. He was standing by the window, looking out into the street.
  60. She was sitting in the chair, watching television.
  61. They were lying on the floor, listening to music.
  62. The children were playing in the yard, while their mother watched them from the window.
  63. I was reading a book when she called me on the phone.
  64. The dog ran away from home.
  65. She went to school.
  66. It’s raining outside.
  67. He played tennis yesterday afternoon.
  68. The car broke down last week, so we had to get it fixed at the mechanic’s shop.
  69. The car exploded.
  70. The ball rolled into the street.
  71. The computer crashed.
  72. The windows were closed.
  73. The lights were off.
  74. The door was locked.
  75. The fire disappeared.
  76. I opened my eyes and looked at her sleeping next to me in bed.
  77. The problem is, it takes a long time for a new word to become part of the collective consciousness.
  78. She wrote a book about her travels, which was published in 1884.
  79. I’ve been trying to get in touch with you, but you haven’t answered my calls or returned my messages.
  80. He’s going to be a great player, unless something happens to him between now and then.
  81. I’m sure he’s busy.
  82. I’m sorry to hear that.
  83. You’re right about that.
  84. It’s time for me to go home now.
  85. I don’t really care about that.
  86. He doesn’t have a lot of money, but he lives a happy and healthy life.
  87. You should never lie to your boss.
  88. She wants to sell her house, but she can’t find a buyer.
  89. They will have to leave the country if they don’t get an extension on their visa.
  90. The company will close its doors in two weeks, unless someone invests in it right away.
  91. The dog jumped over the fence.
  92. The dog was tired from chasing rabbits all day.
  93. The dog ran up to me and licked my hand.
  94. The dog chased the cat under the bed.
  95. The dog got sick from eating too many bones.
  96. My mother made me feed him broccoli and liver for breakfast every day after school until he was finally trained not to beg at the table anymore.
  97. The Earth revolves around the sun once a year, but it also spins on its axis once every 24 hours.
  98. The doctor examined her closely.
  99. The meeting lasted for two hours.
  100. The waiter served us dinner.
  101. The old man died in the snow.
  102. The man died in the snow.
  103. She looked down at her feet.
  104. She looked down at her shoes.
  105. He smelled the flower.
  106. He smelled the rose.
  107. She smiled at me as she left.
  108. She smiled at me as she walked out of the room.
  109. The cat slept soundly on the rug.
  110. The cow jumped over the moon.
  111. The dog barked loudly at the mailman.
  112. The horse ran around in circles.
  113. The hen laid an egg in my hat.
  114. The pig rolled over in its sleep.
  115. Have you been here before?
  116. The dog was barking at the man.
  117. I have never seen such a beautiful place in my life!
  118. She was cleaning the room when I came in.
  119. I don’t like to eat raw fish or meat, but I love sushi and steak tartare!
  120. I hope that you will enjoy your trip to France as much as I did!
  121. She left the room quickly and quietly.
  122. The guests are leaving now.
  123. I left my wallet at home.
  124. She’s leaving tomorrow morning, so I’ll see her then.
  125. The movie ended with a happy marriage between the prince and princess.
  126. We’ll finish this project by the end of this week.
  127. “Stop,” I cried, “or I’ll shoot!”
  128. “Run!” she shouted. “Run now!”
  129. “Come back here!” he yelled. “You can’t escape me!”

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