English Words List

Here the important English Words List & their meanings are given below. These words not only used in our routine life but we also hear them in newspapers and books. One should have knowledge about these terms.

English Words List

A La ModeAccording to prevailing style or fashion.
A prioriA priori knowledge is known independently of experience. A posteriori, through experience.
AffranchiseTo free from servitude, liberate from obligation or liabilities.
AmalgamationBlend or merge.
AnarchismBelief which holds that is is possible and desirable to abolish all organized government, and that mankind can live socially government and law and order agencies.
ArbitrationReferring a dispute or matter to an impartial person.
Armistice dayRefers to November, 11, 1918 when fighting ended in the First World Ward
AsylumA place of refuge
AuthoritarianismA central and single authority rules over the entire state without caring the will of the people. It is antonyms of the democratic political system.
AutonomyThe power of the right of self-government, especially partial self-government
Back roomProduction department of a small newspaper
Back shopProduction department of a larger newspaper.
Bad debtA debt that is written off and deemed uncollectible.
Banana RepublicA country that is political unstable.
BilateralInviting two parties to come to negotiation
BrekkiThe term used in Australia which means first meal of the day.
Black moneyIncome not reported for tax purpose
Blanket headA headline topping all columns occupied by a certain story or department.
BonanzaA source of wealth
Book valueCash value of the assets of the company calculated at the value at which they were acquired minus the liabilities payable to those having a prior claim.
Brain drainContinuing loss of citizens of country of ‘high intelligence’.
BrotegeA person who is guided and supported by an older and more experienced person.
By-electionElection to a seat rendered vacant during the running terms of an elected person.
Call Attention MotionA member of the assembly calls the attention of the minister to any matter of urgent public importance.
Call optionAn option giving the taker the right but not the obligation.
CoalitionCombination of different political groups for a specific purpose on temporary basis.
Cold WarThe term refers to the countries who are not openly fighting but do everything to weaken its opponent.
CheekyThe word used in Australia for dangerous behavior of any person.
Colonial ruleWhen an independent country rules over a territory or an area of land that is not an integral part of it, and the people of that territory are subject to the rule of that independent country. It is referred to as colonial independent country.
CommunismCollective ownership of property. A private property should be abolished and all things should be held in common.
Creamy LayerThe category of the people within a reserved caste and class who are above the property line or considered rich. They are not eligible for the reservation.
Dark ContinentThe terms is used for Africa.
DemocracyA form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people collectively and is administered by them or by an officer appointed by them.
DemonetizationTo divest the value of money.
DepreciationFall in the value of asset.
DepressionThe term is used to describe a period of persistent high unemployment stable or falling prices, very low investment and stagnation of business activity.
DividendShare or profit payable to the shareholders in a  joint stock.
FascismIn the decade of 1930s and 1940s most of the European countries were not possessed a political doctrine, on the contrary they believe in the populist ideology. They exploited the local tears and hatred. Their doctrine of governance is known as Fascism. They believe in the spirit of nationalism and strong leadership.
FeminismThe belief that society is disadvantageous to women.
Floor crossingThis terms is used when a member of the legislature leaves his party on whose ticket he was elected to join the ruling party or the opposition.
Gallup PollIt is a type of conducting public poll in which the questionnaire asked of a representative cross-section of population.
Guerilla warA Spanish word meaning ‘small war’. When independent small forces strike against superior forces from the rear or from the flanks and quickly disappear, it is referred to as guerilla warfare.
Holo CaustThe term is used to describe genocide of approximately six million European Jews during World War II.
Hot moneyThe money that flows into a country to take advantage of high rates of interest.
HyperinflationA very rapid rate of inflation.
IndictmentThe written accusation, prepared by the crown or court, charging the defendant.
JuntaA Spanish word meaning a group of individuals forming a government, especially after a revolution.
KowtowAn act of deep respect shown by kneeling and bowing so low as to have one’s head touching the ground.
LobbyingInfluencing decisions made by legislators and officials in the government by individuals.
Langna FrancaA language used for communication between speakers of different lingual communities.
Lay offA temporary suspension of employment activity.
MadMutual assured destruction
Magna CartaSome right and regulation conceded to modern democracy.
ManifestoA written public declaration of the intentions, notions and motives of a sovereign or of a leader or a political party.
MantraA sound, syllable, word or group of words that are considered of capable of creating transformation.
MatadorA bull fighter whose task is to kill the bull.
MonarchyRule of a sole hereditary head in a state.
NazismThe political party headed by Hitler in the thirties. It refers to the national socialism.
NihilismDuring the decade of 1860s, a large group of Russian intellectuals opposed the existing value system and principle and advocated individual freedom in all respects.
Persona non grataLiterally means an unwelcome person.
PortmanteauThis is blend of two or more words and their meaning into one new word.
PremiumThe amount by which a security is quoted or issued above its value. The opposite to discount.
Proxy warA form of limited war in which great powers avoid a direct military confrontation by furthering their national security interests and objectives.
RecessionShowing down of economic activity over a limited period.
RenaissancePeriod from 14th to 16th century. This was cultural movement.
RepatriationTo restore or retun people to their native land.
ScensnoIt is synthetic description of an event of series of actions and events.
Shadow governmentA government in waiting ready to take power in any time.
SlapstickIt is a type of comedy involving exaggerated physical violence and activities  which exceed the boundaries of common sense.
SoireeAn evening party or social gathering held for particular purpose.
SpoonerismThis is an error in speech or deliberate play on in corresponding consonant, vowels. These are slip of tongue.
SubsidyA payment made by the government to an economic sector to enable it to hold or reduce the price of its product to households.
VoidableCapable of being set-aside.
White PaperAn authoritative report or guide that addresses issues and how to solve it.
Wee hourEarly hours of a day. The time starts soon after midnight.
Zero HourFrom 12-1 PM daily.

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