Example of a anecdote   

An anecdote is a short story that illustrates an experience. When you share an account, it’s usually to make a point about something. For instance, if your boss yelled at you for being late one morning and then praised someone else in front of the whole office for arriving on time every day.

In many cases, anecdotes are valid and can be presented so that the point being made resonates with listeners. Anecdotes also add color to writing and make it attractive, making readers visualize what is being described.

Example for Anecdote:

  1. In recent years I found myself meeting new friends through music. The first time I met Brandom was at one of his concerts. His voice was so rich and captivating; he charmed me into believing everything he said on stage that night.
  2. We’ve all heard stories about kids who were bullied into becoming drug users, and I love that one-liners like ‘I was ridiculed and laughed at for being smart’ help bring this point home without sounding preachy.
  3. I remember hearing about how Little Orphan Annie’s parents abandoned her when she was just five years old, as if to say that accident victims don’t deserve help until they’re at least puberty.
  4. She was a fantastic person,” she said with a chuckle. “She used to love watching movies on Saturday nights, but the kids knew how much I loved that time together, so they’d organize a little lie and call her to say, ‘We’re going over to Jimmy’s house.’ By the time they got home, that big tub of popcorn was long gone.
  5. His math teacher, who was always making the students recheck their solutions, had just finished setting up his laptop when a student asked why he didn’t use a graphing calculator. “Because it’s easier to see errors in your work,” replied the teacher. “I don’t have time to waste looking for corrections.
  6. We shared a laugh, and then he said, “Let’s go for a drink.” I think it was because he wanted to get away from his wife.
  7. The story I heard about this restaurant is that people from some regions of Asia flock to it because the food reminds them of home.
  8. After a 10-year stint at a bank, Jane wanted to move on. Three months later, she landed an offer for a position in the London office of her bank’s parent company, Bank of America.
  9. One of my best friends says she played a game when she was younger with three other girls. Everyone had to share something about themselves, and the one who shared something silly would be “out” of the game. When it was her turn, and all eyes were on her, she shared that every night before bedtime, she sang a song to her stuffed animal so it could go to sleep. Her friends clapped in admiration because they liked her and thought it was cute that she sang to her stuffed toy.
  10. When I was in grade school, the class bully seemed to have it in for me. He swiped my lunch money more than once and jumped me after school one day. But then, one day, he put his hands on my little sister, who was only three at the time. I got him good then.
  11. I had a near-death experience, and I’d like to quote a story to help explain what happened. I was flying over the southwest of the United States when we suddenly ran out of fuel. We made various adjustments, but it became apparent that there wasn’t much time left. A little while later, we crashed – luckily not far from LAX Airport; our pilot was able to land us safely. It was an awful experience, but luckily I survived thanks to modern technology.
  12. The power went out as we were getting ready for a big snowstorm. I found my flashlight, but it was so cold that I couldn’t hold it long enough to get any light from it. Luckily, my dad had an extra hand warmer in his truck and gave me some to take home. Later that night, when I was searching around the house trying to figure out how we’d get through the rest of the evening, I found one of our cats asleep on the couch using a string of Christmas lights as a blanket! Too cute!
  13. I once worked with a sales executive who felt he was not well respected by his colleagues. One day the sales manager asked him a question along the lines of “It happens all the time, right?”. The word “it” is vague yet powerful, making him think of plenty of things that could happen here. But the sales executive automatically responds: “No it doesn’t.” His boss is surprised by this answer until he realizes that everyone else in the room also thinks it happens all the time . . . but none of them wanted to say so for fear of being singled out as a troublemaker or misfit.
  14. When I lived in Michigan, I knew a woman who was constantly late for her job as a bank teller. The reason? She always had to stop at McDonald’s and buy her kids breakfast before she took them to school. When she saw the questionnaire, she laughed and told me this was true. She even said there were days when she’d get to work later than anyone else because there were mornings when she had had more trouble getting her children out the door than anything else on her mind.

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