Examples of Extended Metaphor                

The phrase extended Metaphor is often used in writing or speech to describe a symbolic comparison drawn over several lines or sentences. Extended metaphors can be easily identified when one sees a statement containing a single word with another meaning aside from its literal definition.

Extended metaphors can be used in poetry and prose to describe abstract, theoretical, or conceptual things.

Metaphors are extended in many different ways. For example, a poet might use an extended metaphor to suggest that someone she loves has been transformed from a creature of the land into an enchanting woman. Likewise, a novelist might extend the Metaphor of a person being like a tree to make it appear desolate and barren.

Examples of Extended Metaphor in Poetry:

In the poem Metaphor, by Ted Kooser, the extended Metaphor is how he relates the flowers that adorn his wife’s hat and her beautiful, smiling face. The extended Metaphor starts with a description of a flower on his wife’s hat, which becomes similar to a small, delicate woman that is graceful and elegant. From there, it is stated that she is an angel who will be with Mommy until they meet again.

“The sky is the limit” refers to someone’s potential, ambition, and determination. This phrase is an extended metaphor as it links “sky” to “limit.”

Use of Extended Metaphor in Sentences:

  1. Robbers, greedy for cash and valuables, plotted to steal all the money from the bank. The robbers threw their plans into chaos as they ran around with their guns pointed in different directions, shouting at each other.
  2. The jungle was a metaphor for his loneliness, the monkeys just a thorn in his side, and the river was a metaphor for everything that made him want to die.
  3. The U.S. economy is the largest, most dynamic, and innovative in the world, with a diverse mix of businesses, a stable financial system and supporting infrastructure, abundant natural resources, and a productive labor force.
  4. The continuous fall of leaves is like the flow of time. The early morning gloom is like a heavy fog of doom. The sunrise glow is like a golden thread that connects us to the future. The swish of treetops as they sway in the breeze is like the sound of angels’ wings rustling as they fly over my head.
  5. The end of winter is like the arrival of Spring; it spreads its warmth and light; it renews and offers hope.
  6. Chet Wells is no stranger to the rigors of college athletics, having earned his stripes at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, before embarking on a successful career as an international business consultant.
  7. There’s never a good time to drop the ball. The team looks up to you and expects your leadership.
  8. In his speech “The road to freedom,” Martin Luther King Jr. describes a dream where he walks down the steps of a large stage, and his audience fades away until he is left alone with just one person looking for all the world like Jesus Christ. He says that as he and this man walk away from the stage, he looks in the mirror at himself – no longer fit for leading others because he had given himself wholly to this cause.
  9. It’s a big day for you today; it’s better to have the tools and have them work with your carefully constructed plan so that you can achieve your goals. 
  10. It makes it possible for you to win your case in court or get the one thing that would satisfy all of your needs.
  11. The politician’s voice boomed, “I will lead us out of this economic depression,” like a battering ram.
  12. She is a snake in the grass, and I will not trust her until she has proved trustworthy.
  13. The book, whose pages were rotten and flyblown, was lying there like a dead thing, abandoned and forgotten in the corner of a decaying room: it was covered with dust and ashes.
  14. Johnny, a millionaire with a promising career, saw his future as a sunny road stretching endlessly in front of him.
  15. The rainy day was the metaphorical storm that washed her world away when all she needed was a little foreknowledge to secure a safe place to hide.
  16. The moon’s appearance seemed to cause the whole sky to tremble and fall as the little stars would skate on the surface of a pond around a sleeping night.
  17. The butter is as smooth and creamy as a summer sunset and gives off a nice, almost orange smell.
  18. One corner of the room was heaped with white garments, vests, shirts, and trousers, all stiffly caked with dust. The light had gone out in their eyes, and they took their needles off the thread.

Extended Metaphor in Movies:

  1. Sea of Love is a film that uses extended Metaphor in the following sentence: “Her hair was falling down her shoulders like fine, thin, gold threads.” Here, the gold threads are beautiful to look at and strong enough to hold up all of her hair.
  1. Adaptation of The Catcher in the Rye. Hal is the catcher in a rye field, representing what Holden Caulfield loves about life. There is also an extended metaphor used in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. When Luke Skywalker has to face Darth Vader for the last time, it can be seen as him having to face his demons.
  1. The movie “Inception” (2010) is an extended metaphor. It depicts a dream that is a dream within another dream within yet another dream, which illustrates the idea of infinite layers of reality. The movie also uses different time zones as a metaphor for different levels of life’s complexity.

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