Gruesome is a word that means "extremely unpleasant or shocking." These are some examples of sentences where the word "gruesome" has been used.

Gruesome used in a sentence

Gruesome is a word that means “extremely unpleasant or shocking.” These are some examples of sentences where the word “gruesome” has been used.

Gruesome used in sentences

These are some examples of sentences where the word “gruesome” has been used:

  1. The story was gruesome.
  2. He described his injuries as gruesome.
  3. The incident was so gruesome that I couldn’t even watch it on T.V.
  4. We were discussing how gruesome the murder was when the police arrived.
  5. The crime scene was so gruesome that not even the most brutal cops could bear to look at it.
  6. He suffered from a gruesome disease that caused his skin to fall off in patches.
  7. The man’s face was disfigured by a gruesome scar that ran from one ear to the other.
  8. The movie had some very gruesome scenes in it.
  9. The gruesome murder of the two young children in the house shocked everyone.
  10. The gruesome details of the accident were reported in the news.
  11. The teenager’s face was acne, making him look like a monster from a horror movie. His parents were so embarrassed that they didn’t want anyone to see him because he looked gruesome.
  12. They found some gruesome torture photos on his computer when they searched his room after he was arrested for murdering his girlfriend’s mother and father in cold blood.
  13. The gruesome discovery shocked the family and friends of the young woman, who had been missing for more than a week.
  14. The gruesome murder in the town has left residents stunned and shaken.
  15. The police have investigated the gruesome murder of a young woman by her husband.
  16. Police have investigated the ‘gruesome’ murder of a young woman by her husband.
  17. The dead body was found gruesome after being electrocuted by high-tension wires.
  18. A gruesome murder shocked residents of the town in which it occurred.
  19. The police said that they had never seen a more gruesome crime scene.
  20. The murderer was caught on camera, and the footage was so gruesome that some viewers complained to the police about having to watch it.
  21. The news of the tragedy sent shockwaves through the community, and many found it difficult to believe that such a gruesome crime could happen here in our little corner of paradise.
  22. Police revealed the gruesome details of the attack.
  23. He was found dead in gruesome circumstances.
  24. A gruesome murder has shocked the residents of a small town.
  25. The crime scene was described as ‘gruesome.’
  26. The film was based on a true story, but it was so gruesome that I was shocked.
  27. I can’t believe you ate that! That’s so gruesome!
  28. The crime scene was gruesome.
  29. The movie was gruesome.
  30. The story was gruesome.
  31. The book was gruesome.
  32. The photos were gruesome.
  33. The news was gruesome.
  34. The details were gruesome.
  35. The pictures were gruesome and showed the victims’ bodies being loaded onto stretchers.
  36. The film has some pretty gruesome scenes – like when the baby falls down the stairs, and you can see its head split open.
  37. He described how gruesome he found that such an evil man had killed his wife.
  38. The haunted house was full of gruesome decorations.
  39. The crime scene was gruesome beyond belief.
  40. The horror movie was too gruesome for me to watch.
  41. There was a gruesome murder in the neighborhood.
  42. The movie was too gruesome for me to watch.
  43. The police found a gruesome scene in the woods.
  44. The news of her death was a gruesome shock.
  45. The film’s director was accused of making a gruesome movie.
  46. The scene had an eerie, gruesome feel about it.
  47. A gruesome murder was committed in a small town.
  48. The movie is gruesome, but I enjoyed it.
  49. It’s difficult to describe the gruesome scene we saw on television last night.
  50. The victim’s mother discovered the gruesome scene.
  51. The police have arrived at the gruesome crime scene.
  52. There was no evidence of foul play, but it was a gruesome murder.
  53. That was a gruesome scene in the movie, and I can’t get it out of my mind!
  54. It was a gruesome crime.
  55. The movie was too gruesome for me to watch.
  56. The restaurant is famous for its gruesome hamburgers.
  57. The book was so gruesome that I had to put it down after only a few pages.
  58. I’ve heard some gruesome stories about the food in prison.
  59. It is one of the most gruesome films I’ve ever seen.
  60. He sliced the man’s head off and captured the gruesome scene on video.
  61. The gruesome scene at the crime scene had me thinking about my mortality.
  62. The book is filled with gruesome details about how people were tortured during that period.
  63. The movie was so gruesome that it made me cry.
  64. The gruesome images of Connecticut’s school shooting victims are still seared into our minds.
  65. The gruesome murder of a young woman in Central Park has shocked New Yorkers.
  66. He had a gruesome face with a big scar on his cheek.
  67. The gruesome murder of the victim in the book was a shock to the protagonist.
  68. The gruesome details of the murder were described in gory detail by the police.
  69. The smell of blood and decaying corpses was so gruesome that we could hardly breathe.
  70. It was a gruesome sight.
  71. The accused showed no remorse for his actions, describing them as gruesome but necessary.
  72. When I saw my friend’s dead body, I felt like throwing up. The sight was so gruesome that I could not bear to look at it any longer.
  73. My mother had died a gruesome death after a car crash, and I was left alone in this world.
  74. The man was horrifically mutilated in a gruesome murder case, but he managed to survive the ordeal and live another day.
  75. The place we went for vacation was beautiful and scenic, but there were moments when it would get pretty gruesome because of the extreme weather conditions during certain seasons.
  76. The gruesome discovery of the body of a murdered homeless man has shocked the community.
  77. A gruesome attack on a family in their home has left one person dead and another fighting for her life.
  78. Forensic experts described the murder scene as “gruesome” and “shocking.”
  79. The court heard how she had been subjected to a “gruesome” attack by her estranged husband, who later killed himself after being found guilty of murder.
  80. The gruesome accident happened on the busy motorway on Friday.
  81. Police said they treated the incident as a “gruesome” murder but kept an open mind about how it happened.
  82. A witness described how a car was pushed over the edge by another vehicle, killing two people, before firefighters arrived to discover a “gruesome” scene involving two people trapped inside one of the vehicles.

Similar Words of gruesome:

grizzly; grisly; heinous; macabre; nasty; repulsive; repugnant; monstrous; horrifying; horrifying; grisly; hideous; grisly; gory; gruesome; horrific; macabre; monstrous; nightmarish; appalling; grotesque; ugly; horrendous; intimidating; terrifying; gory; horrible; gruesome; grue; horror-filled; horrifying; horrifyingly cruel/horrific; gruesome; ghastly; horrible; grotesque; sickening; macabre; hideous; terrible; abhorrent; revolting; repulsive; heinous; loathsome

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