Homophones with Examples

Homophones are words which have the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings. The list of homophones, its meanings and examples in sentences have been comprehensively discussed.


In the English language, the three kinds of groups of words sometimes create confusion for the readers.These are Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms. Firstly, we will discuss homophones.

What are Homophones?

The words which have the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings are called homophones.

Examples of Homophones:

To : Two
Their : There
Eight : Ate

Bridal : Bridle
Knight: Night

Right : Write
Cast : Cost

Sea : See

The above words clearly show the different spellings and meanings, however, their pronunciation is the same.

What are Homographs?

The English words which are written in the same form but have different meanings and spellings are called homographs.

Examples of Homographs:

Live : Live
Left : Left

Well : Well
Date : Date

Park : Park
Palm : Palm

Bank : Bank
Letter : Letter

Here the above words are sound and spell as same but they have different meanings.

What are Homonyms?

Homonym words have similar sounds and spellings but their meanings are different.

Examples of Homonyms:

Beat : Beet
Bee : Be
Birth : Berth
Cite : Sight

Complement : Compliment
Principal : Principle


AcceptAgree He accepted my proposal.
ExceptNot includeAll except Joe were present in the meeting
AccessHave something under approachI have no access to the control room of this office
ExcessAbundantExcess of everything is bad
AntName of small insectAnt is a small insect
AuntPerson to whom there is some relation My aunt is admitted to the hospital
BaleSomething in bulkHe carried a bale of silk
BailTo give surety to someoneHe was released on bail
BirthPlace of bornShe does not know her date of birth
BerthSeatThe lower berth in train is reserved for me
BridleBuckled strap to control the horseI bought a bridal for my horse
BridalNew married ladyShe is putting on her bridal dress
BreakTorn in pieces I cannot break this stick
BrakeA device for slowing or stopping the vehicleApply the brake and stop the car
CanonPrincipleWe should follow the canons of morality
CannonWeapon of making fireA cannon was fired
Canvas Go-to person for political supportI canvass for votes
Canvas Made up My shoes are made of canvas
CastThrowCast the net to catch fish
CostActual price consumed in making somethingIts cost is four rupees
CattleCows and oxen etcThe cattle are grazing in the field
KettlePot use for making foodPlace the kettle on the fire
SellGive something and receive money off itI cannot sell my watch
Cellroom for criminalsHe was locked up in a cell
CheckA close look at the recordPlease check all the accounts register
ChequeSpecially printed form use to draw amount from the bankHe issued a cheque for Rs. 5000$
CiteReferenceCan you cite an example to prove your case?
SighteyesHis eyesight is weak
CourseWayYou have adopted a wrong course
Coarse Rough textureHe is dressed in coarse clothes
CouncilAdministrative bodyHe was elected a member of the council
CounselAdviceThe teacher gave me good counsel
DescentGoing downThe descent of a hill is easy
DissentdisagreeHe put down his note of dissent
DraftA legal documentHe paid me by means of a draft
DraughtDropShe drank a draught of milk
Dual Double We sit on dual desks
DuelFight between two personJoe and Locus fought a duel
DoeName of animalDoe is the female of Deer
DoughMixture of flourKnead the flour into the dough
FairEvent A fair is held near our village
FareRentHe paid the railway fare
FeetPart of bodyI have two feet
Feat SkillEveryone liked the juggler’s feats
FloorEarthDo not sit on the floor
FlourFood substanceBread is made of flour
GateThe front door of the houseWe entered through the gate
GaitManner of walkingShe has a graceful gait
HaleHealthy He is quite hale and hearty
HallThe space in a house just after enteringWe entered into the hall where the guests were present
HareAnimalThe hare runs very fast
HairThread strands growing from the skin of humanHe has grey hair
HoleA hallowed placeThe snake came out of a hole
WholeCompleteTell me the whole story
HumanRelating to characteristics of humankindWe are Human beings
HumaneShowing compassionHelping the poor is a humane act
Idle Lazy Do not sit idly
IdolObject of worshipHindus worship idols
LionAnimalThe lion is the king of beasts
LoinLumbusGird up your loin
MeetJoin Where did you meet him
MeatPoultryMeat is served in every hotel in the U.S. 
MedalDistinctionHe won a gold medal
MeddleInterfereDo not meddle with other people’s affairs
Metal Hard substanceGold is a precious metal
Mettle CourageHe showed his mettle in the fight
Minor Under tender ageShe is a minor girl
Miner A person who works in mineA miner works in a mine
NaughtyChildish or disobedientNaughty boys are generally punished
KnottyComplicatedThis is a knotty problem to solve
Pain Unpleasant physical sensationI feel pain in my body
PaneWindow glassHe broke a window-pane
PieceA small portion of the objectGive me a piece of chalk
PlainSurface of earthHill as cooler than plains
PlaneFlat surfaceIt is a plane surface.  
PlaneTool of doing workThe carpenter is working with his plane
PourStrem, flowPour some water into the jug
Pore Microscopic particlesOur body has millions of pores
PrincipalHead of a departmentThe principal of the college is on leave
Principle Settle rules He is a man of principle
ProfitFinancial gainProfit and loss are equal in this case
ProphetMessengerHe received the blessing of the Prophet
PraySeeking somethingWe pray to God for help
PreyHunt He fell prey to malaria
RingCircular bandThe peon rings the bell
WringTwistWring this wet cloth
RootPart of plant in the groundAll trees have roots
RoutWayThe land route is safer than the sea route
SaleExchange of commodity for moneyThe books are for sale
SailA piece of material used to catch the windSails are made of canvas
SoleUndersurface of shoeMend the sole of my shoe
SoulSpiritual partThe soul is immortal
Steel Hard materialMy knife is made of steel
StealTheftBad boys steal books
StationaryMaterial of writingI bought stationery for the office
Stationery Stop on one pointThe earth is not stationary
StoryA taleIt is a long story
StoreyThe one part of the houseHe lives on the upper storey
TailThe long part of the body of the animalThe rat has a long tail
TaleStoryMy mother told a story of King and Queen
TemperState of mind of a personHe uses to lose his temper on petty matters
TemperInterfere to cause damage to somethingIt is a crime to tamper with the official record
WasteWithout any purposeDo not waste your time
WaistPart of the human body below the ribsThe band is around his waist
WeekPeriod of seven daysA week has seven days
WeakLacking the power to perform some physical workHe has a weak health
YokeWooden bar to join two animalsHe has a yoke of oxen
YolkThe internal part of an eggThe yolk of an egg is very nourishing food
AdoptChoose, takenHe has adopted a son
AdaptTurn according to the present situationAdapt yourself to the new circumstances
AdeptSkillful He is an adept tailor
AngleSpace which measures in degreeDraw an angle of 40 degree
AngelA spiritual beingAngels are heavenly beings
CorpseDead bodyA corpse was seen floating in the river
DairyRoom for processing of milkI buy milk from the dairy farm everyday
DiarySmall pocket note-bookI record all important events in my diary
DeferPostponeYou must defer the meeting to Monday next
DifferObjectionI differ with you in this matter
ElicitTake outThe police failed to elicit any information from him
IllicitNotorious actHe was arrested for the illicit sale of wine
EligibleCapable He is not eligible for this post
IllegibleNot clearHe has an illegible band
LoseFail to get somethingIf you work too hard, you will lose your health
LooseNot tightLoose the knot, please
MarryMarriageShe married a young man
Merry Happy Eat, drink and be merry
OfficialRelating to officeI am sick of the official routine
OfficiousAssertive authority in trivial mattersHe is an officious fellow
WanderWalk leisurely Do not wander about in the streets
WonderSuspiciousI wonder how he passed the university exams

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