How to use atop in a sentence

Atop is a not-so-common word that means “on” or “above.” It’s often used when talking about something on top of something else. In this article, readers will be able to read how to use atop in a sentence.

What does atop mean? 

Atop is a not-so-common word that means “on” or “above.” It’s often used when talking about something on top of something else.

It describes something located above or on top of another thing. For example, you can say “the sun was shining brightly atop the mountain” or “the tree stood atop the hill.”

How to use atop in a sentence:   

These are some examples of sentences where the word “atop” has been used:

  1. We climbed to the top of the hill.
  2. I sat on top of the table and sang.
  3. The dog lay atop of me and licked my face.
  4. I was sitting atop a rock, looking down at all my enemies.
  5. The book was sitting atop the desk.
  6. The child climbed onto the table and sat on top of it.
  7. -The cat was atop the chair.
  8. The sun was high in the sky, sitting atop clouds.
  9. He climbed up to the top of the tree and looked down at his friends below him.
  10. She planted her feet firmly atop the ground before pulling herself onto the roof with a rope ladder.
  11. She was atop of her work.
  12. The book is on top of the desk.
  13. She sat atop a huge boulder, watching the sunrise.
  14. The boy stood atop the horse and waved to his friends below.
  15. He climbed onto the table, standing on top of it as he addressed his audience.
  16. The bird flew up into the tree and perched atop a branch.
  17. I was driving along when a deer jumped onto the road from atop of hill!
  18. She stood atop the mountain.
  19. He climbed atop the roof. 
  20. The dog sat atop its master’s shoulder.
  21. The letter was atop his desk.
  22. The man stood atop the hill, watching the sunset over the ocean.
  23. I sat atop my horse, looking at a bird flying above me through binoculars.
  24. I am atop a mountain, looking out over the world.
  25. The baby’s head was atop a pillow, and he was sleeping peacefully.
  26. The book is atop my desk with a post-it note, so I don’t forget to read it.
  27. We saw him walk past us, his head atop his shoulders, whistling to himself as he went.
  28. A cloud of dust rose above them, and they ducked down behind a large rock to avoid being seen from atop the ridge above them.
  29. He was standing atop a tall building, looking down at the street below.
  30. The sun was starting to set in the sky, but it was still atop the trees where I stood.
  31. If you want to write about being above something, use atop instead of on top.
  32. He parked his motorcycle atop a pile of boxes next to the door to unload them first thing in the morning.
  33. He was perched atop a ladder.
  34. She stood atop a hill.
  35. I could see a bird perched atop one of the trees.
  36. The village is perched atop a cliff.
  37. The cat was perched atop the fence.
  38. I’m going to climb atop this tree and look for my friends.
  39. We climbed atop the mountain and took in the view.
  40. We stood at the top of the stairs, looking into the lobby.
  41. The bird perched atop the limb of an oak tree.
  42. A photo of a woman atop a mountain in Arizona is going viral.
  43. I sat atop a large rock and watched them play in the water.
  44. The house was built atop a hill.
  45. He built a cabin atop the mountain.
  46. He climbed to the top of the tree, where he could see all around him.
  47. She stood atop the rock and looked down at him.
  48. He planted his flag atop the castle tower.
  49. The sun was setting, and the sky was streaked with reds and pinks. The building atop the hill was bathed in orange light.
  50. She put her hand atop his to stop him from hitting her again.
  51. The army has vowed to hunt down the terrorists and eliminate them from atop their hideouts in the mountains.
  52. The scientists climbed atop the mountain peak to conduct their research.
  53. Saw him atop the building.
  54. The squirrel was atop a tree.
  55. He is standing atop the hill.
  56. The clouds were atop the mountain.
  57. The sun was direct atop the horizon so that I couldn’t see it through the thick fog.
  58. The bird perched atop a branch and began to sing.
  59. We climbed atop our horses and rode away from the village.
  60. There’s nothing wrong with putting a new roof on your house; make sure you don’t put it on atop your existing roof!
  61. The statue stands atop the mountain top.
  62. He was atop his desk.
  63. I see you are sitting atop your bed.
  64. The bird perched atop a branch.
  65. The clouds were atop the mountain.
  66. The building is atop a hill.
  67. Amy strolled atop the grassy knoll.
  68. She stood atop the mountain, looking down at her friends.
  69. The plane landed atop a mountain and was never found.
  70. The bird had built its nest atop one of the trees in our front yard.

Similar Words of atop:

above, high, beyond, upward, overhanging, aloft, upper, skyward, on high, roof, in the sky, aerial, roof, on-top-of, up-on, beside, onto, on a rock, beneath, upon, astride, on-the-top and tower above.

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