People commonly ask question that how to use belittle in a sentence. The word belittle is used in a sentence to show that the person being spoken to or about is less important than they might think or that what they say is less vital than they believe it to be.

How to use belittle in a sentence

People commonly ask question that how to use belittle in a sentence. The word belittle is used in a sentence to show that the person being spoken to or about is less important than they might think or that what they say is less vital than they believe it to be.

What do you mean by belittle?

The word belittle is used in a sentence to show that the person being spoken to or about is less important than they might think or that what they say is less vital than they believe it to be.

How to use belittle in a sentence:

These are some examples of sentences where the word “belittle” has been used:

  1. I know you’re just trying to belittle me, but it’s not going to work.
  3. He was not in the mood for belittling comments about his decisions.
  4. She was so angry with him for belittling her abilities as a mother.
  5. We must stop belittling each other and start coming together as a team.
  6. It would help if you didn’t belittle your achievements.
  7. She belittled me in front of the other students.
  8. Her words were belittling and hurtful.
  9. The critics are belittling our efforts.
  10. I felt belittled by their remarks.
  11. I think she’s just trying to belittle my accomplishment.
  12. Don’t worry about that project; it’s not as important as it seems.” – “You’re trying to belittle my work, aren’t you?
  13. I think it’s a mistake to belittle the importance of testing.
  14. The company is belittling the importance of customer satisfaction in the workplace.
  15. He belittled his opponents by saying that they were mere mortals like himself.
  16. I couldn’t belittle my mother’s efforts and sacrifices for me.
  17. I’ve never heard him belittle anyone; he treats everyone with respect and dignity.
  18. The word ‘belittle’ is used in the following sentences.
  19. The book is an attempt to belittle the great work done by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).
  20. The minister has been accused of belittling education’s importance in India.
  21. It was a step toward belittling the contribution made by women in the country since independence.
  22. The government is trying to belittle the role played by the opposition parties during its tenure in power, but that may not work since they were part of all major decisions taken during that period.
  23. The ruling party tried to belittle its opponents by calling them anti-nationals and traitors, but that backfired badly as it only gave them more ammunition against it in return.
  24. He is a man who’s very hard to impress, but even he was belittled by this experience.
  25. If you want a job done well, do it yourself,” she said as she began to belittle her assistant’s abilities.
  26. Don’t belittle me for my age,” he told his younger co-workers after they made fun of him for taking so long to learn how to use the new software.
  27. The manager doesn’t like it when his employees belittle their accomplishments.
  28. He was so worried about what his boss would think of him that he felt he had to belittle his achievements.
  29. The CEO wanted to make sure that her employees didn’t feel like they were being belittled by her daily emails.
  30. They’ve belittled his efforts in the field of medical research, saying that he’s just a physician who dabbles at science, but we know better, don’t we?
  31. You are so mean! How can you belittle my dreams?
  32. I can’t believe you belittled my dream to be a writer.
  33. Stop making fun of me. Stop belittling my opinions and dreams.
  34. I disagree with how she belittled my contribution’s importance.
  35. He always tried to belittle me and make me feel bad about myself.
  36. The British have always been great at belittling things.
  37. He was a man who was not afraid to belittle his achievements.
  38. We should not be so quick to belittle those who are not as well off as we are.
  39. The advertisement belittles women and makes them out to be objects.
  40. The company is trying to belittle our efforts to save face for themselves.
  41. The CEO belittled his employees’ ideas and suggestions.
  42. The boss’s belittling tone made me feel very small.
  43. It is not a question of belittling or exaggerating the importance of any one part of our work; it is a question of fitting it into its proper place in the whole scheme.
  44. The film is just another example of how we can use technology to belittle and make fun of people who are different from us.
  45. In both cases, however, we find that these scholars have tended to belittle rather than to elevate the role of women in ancient society.
  46. He belittles his accomplishments, but they are impressive.
  47. I don’t want to be belittled by my child.
  48. Don’t belittle your efforts. You deserve a medal for what you’ve done!
  49. He’s very good at making people feel small by belittling their achievements and accomplishments.
  50. It would help if you did not belittle yourself by saying such things.
  51. The report belittled the importance of the accident.
  52. The teacher tried to belittle her students’ achievements to make himself look better.
  53. The oil and coal industries have belittled the adverse effects of air pollution on health.
  54. This wastefulness is belittled by those who believe they are entitled to a lifetime supply of everything they want.
  55. You’re not allowed to belittle someone unless they are in a position of power over you.
  56. The company’s new slogan belittles its customers.
  57. The manager’s attitude belittles all of his employees.
  58. I don’t think you should rely on him much; he’s not as smart as you think. He can’t even spell the word “belittle.”
  59. You can’t belittle it,” said the mayor, who asked to remain anonymous because of the issue’s sensitivity.
  60. The critics belittled the film and its makers as hopelessly old-fashioned and out of touch with modern audiences.
  61. He belittles his colleagues, but they respect him because of his ability to get the job done.
  62. His comments belittle the importance of the problem and make it seem like we are exaggerating our concerns.
  63. The novel’s use of satire and parody belittles the government and its policies subtly.
  64. I felt belittled when my boss asked me to do simple tasks that he could have quickly done himself instead of delegating them to me so that I could learn from my mistakes by doing them myself!
  65. Belittling someone else’s feelings or emotions is a way of controlling them.
  66. I’m not sure what you mean by that,” said Emma. “But I don’t think anyone could ever belittle your achievements.
  67. I don’t think you’re a complete idiot, but you belittle my intelligence.
  68. Jerry’s always trying to belittle me, but I don’t let him.

Similar Words of belittling:

degrading; insulting; condescending; disrespectful; slighting; abase; badger; berate; belittle; besmirch; castigate; chide; condemn; denigrate; humble; humiliate; insult; jeer at; knock down; denigrating; deprecating; diminishing; derogatory; disparaged; downgraded; undervalued; attack; defamatory; dispraise; discredit; denigrate; deprecate discouragement; disparage; disparaging disgraceful; derogatory; derogatory hurtful; humiliating

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