Demure, which means modest and reserved, is a noun. It can also be used as an adjective. It is an adjective that describes someone shy or modest.

How to Use Demure in a Sentence

Demure, which means modest and reserved, is a noun. It can also be used as an adjective. It is an adjective that describes someone shy or modest.


The word ‘demure’ is derived from the French adjective demure, which means “to be proper or modest in behavior.” In early modern English, demure was described as a shy or modest woman who would not flaunt her beauty or attractiveness. Today it is more often used to describe someone quiet and reserved.

What is a Demure?

Demure, which means modest and reserved, is a noun. It can also be used as an adjective. It is an adjective that describes someone shy or modest. A person can be described as demure for many reasons, including Their upbringing. Some people have been taught to be respectful and polite by their parents, so they become demure as adults.

How Do You Say Demure?

demure: ɪdˈmjuːr, ˈdɪ-

Use of Demure in Sentences:

These are some examples of sentences where the word “demure” has been used:

  1. The bride wore a demure white dress.
  2. She was demure and well-mannered as a child.
  3. She was demure in her long skirt and high-necked blouse.
  4. The young woman was demure but friendly.
  5. She looked demure, as always, in her simple beige dress and white cardigan.
  6. He was a little surprised by her demure reply.
  7. She was dressed in a demure skirt and blouse, with no make-up or jewellery to draw attention.
  8. The other girls wore short skirts and revealing tops; she was dressed in a demure navy skirt and white shirt.
  9. She had been taught to be demure, respectful and obedient since she was a child.
  10. She looked demure in her dress, but she was anything but that.
  11. The girl was demure and calm when she spoke to him.
  12. He has a way with animals, they seem to trust him, and he is very kind and demure when he talks to them.
  13. I think it’s important to be demure on your first work day.
  14. She was very demure, but she had a secret life that she kept hidden from everyone.
  15. I’m not really good at speaking in front of groups — I’m more of a demure person.
  16. She smiled demurely at him.
  17. He demurred when asked about his new girlfriend.
  18. The little girl sat on the floor playing with her toys demurely while her mother washed the dishes.
  19. He asked me if I wanted to go out with him on Saturday, but I demurely refused.
  20. She looked up at him demurely from under her eyelashes.
  21. She was a demure, conservatively dressed woman with a sweet smile and an even sweeter temper.
  22. He was a demure, obedient child who never spoke out of turn or backtalked his parents.
  23. She was a demure young woman who blushed at the slightest compliment and always did what she was told without question.
  24. The movie star had a reputation for being demure and polite to her fans, so this display of rudeness shocked everyone in the restaurant.
  25. If you want to get good marks in English class, you’ll need to learn how to use words like “demure” in your essays correctly.
  26. She looked demure and innocent but had a wicked sense of humour.
  27. The woman wore a demure white dress with a small flower garden.
  28. He was always very demure with his boss and never argued with him, even when he was wrong about something important.
  29. The young woman was dressed in a demure blue dress accentuating her large breasts and slender waistline.
  30. She had always been quite demure around men, even though she knew that she was beautiful and could have any man she wanted if she asked for what she wanted directly instead of playing hard to get all the time like most women did these days.
  31. She was demure but with a hint of mischief behind her eyes.
  32. She had a quiet, demure nature and hated being the Centre of attention.
  33. The girl was dressed in a demure black dress that accentuated her curves.
  34. The ambassador’s wife was an elegant woman with a demure smile who wore a long black dress with a high collar and diamond earrings.
  35. Most of the children’s clothes were in the same colour family—lots of blues, pinks, and other pastels. They were all very demure and sweet-looking.
  36. I was so surprised when she began to dance! She had such a quiet demeanor that I would never have guessed she could get up there and bust a move on the dance floor like that! She was showing off for everyone!.
  37. She was a demure young woman.
  38. She’s very demure, but I think she may be hiding something.
  39. He was always very demure when people talked about their problems and offered little advice or comfort when needed.
  40. She demurely asked me if I would like to go for a walk with her, and I said yes, of course.
  41. As a young girl, she was very demure and quiet, but as she got older, she became more outspoken and confident.
  42. He was a quiet man who was always very demure and polite when he spoke to people he didn’t know very well.
  43. The new student teacher was very demure and shy when she first started working at our school, but by the end of the year, we were all surprised at how much she’d changed – especially after having been promoted from grade one class one where she taught her students!
  44. A demure smile played on her lips.
  45. The women wore long, flowing robes and had their hair tied up with ribbons.
  46. I know you’re not used to being treated so demurely.
  47. She was always so demure and reserved, but she knew how to have fun.
  48. He was always the quiet and demure type.
  49. She was so demure and shy; I had no idea she could be like this.
  50. I don’t think he’s as demure as he wants people to believe.
  51. She wore a demure dress and jacket to the interview.
  52. The bride’s demureness was in stark contrast to her bridesmaids’ loud laughter and giggling.
  53. She was a little girl, but she was not at all demure.
  54. She stood there, as demure as ever.
  55. The girl blushed and looked down at her hands, which demurely folded on the table.
  56. “You look demure in that dress,” said the boy’s father, but his voice sounded suspiciously approving.
  57. My grandmother was very demure and proper; she never told us about her past.
  58. My sister is always so demure when she’s with her friends — but when we’re alone, she lets loose!
  59. She was a sweet, demure girl who never caused any trouble.
  60. She was a demure little thing, not the person I would have expected to give me the time of day.
  61. She is quite the most demure and retiring woman I know. The groom looked so handsome in his tuxedo that all the other girls at the wedding were jealous of his new bride.
  62. She is a demure woman who rarely speaks up at meetings.
  63. “His daughter was taught by her mother to be demure in public.
  64. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘demur,‘ but I don’t think it’s something that applies to me.

Similar Words of Demure:

reserved; retiring; self-effacing; bashful; pensive; reticent; diffident; gentle; modest; soft-spoken; virginal; adorable; fetching; girlish; graceful; ladylike; quietly pretty; discreet; modest; reserved; unassuming; unpretentious; alarmed; bashful; hesitant; meek; peaceful; quiet; reserved; reticent; settled; unagitated; unruffled

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