Gradually is a word that has two meanings. The first meaning is to change or develop slowly over time. In the second meaning,

How to use gradually in a sentence

Gradually is a word that has two meanings. The first meaning is to change or develop slowly over time.

What does gradually mean?

Gradually is a word that has two meanings. The first meaning is to change or develop slowly over time. In the second meaning, it describes an action that happens over some time. It is also used as an adverb “to happen or develop slowly over time”.

Use of gradually in Sentences

These are some examples of sentences where the word “gradually” has been used:

  1. The baby was learning to walk gradually and carefully.
  2. I’m gradually getting used to the heat.
  3. I’m gradually losing my vision.
  4. People are gradually starting to accept that smoking is bad for your health.
  5. The world has gradually become a more dangerous place since the end of World War II.
  6. He was gradually introduced to computers in his first job.
  7. The new way of thinking gradually took hold.
  8. You’ll have to introduce a new dog to your other one gradually.
  9. Gradually, she became more confident and assertive.
  10. Gradually, he began to feel better about himself.
  11. The temperature will gradually increase today.
  12. The average temperature in my town gradually increased over the past year.
  13. Gradually, the sun sank below the horizon.
  14. Gradually, the temperature began to drop.
  15. Gradually, people started to leave the room.
  16. Gradually, my anger subsided.
  17. Gradually, I began to get used to the cold weather.
  18. The driver was gradually increasing his speed as he drove onto the highway.
  19. The patient’s condition is gradually improving.
  20. Don’t worry about your math test; it’s not due until next week, so you have plenty of time to study for it gradually over the next few days.
  21. The doctor told me that if I didn’t quit smoking and drinking alcohol, my condition would gradually worsen until it became life-threatening.
  22. My father has been gradually losing his eyesight over the past five years.
  23. It gradually became clear that the man had been killed by the fall.
  24. Gradually, the rain stopped, and the clouds started to clear.
  25. Gradually, he became less afraid of his grandfather.
  26. The great artist gradually progressed in his work of art.
  27. The earth is gradually warming up due to global warming.
  28. Gradually, I am learning to let go of the past and trust that God is in control of my life.
  29. Gradually, she began to open up to me about her feelings and experiences.
  30. Gradually, the older man felt his strength coming back.
  31. Gradually, he was able to accept that he had lost his job but would find another one soon enough.
  32. The sun gradually rose above the horizon.
  33. The moon gradually disappeared behind the clouds.
  34. I gradually opened my eyes and looked around me.
  35. Gradually, he began to understand what she was saying.
  36. Gradually, the light faded from his eyes as his life ebbed away under my hands.
  37. Gradually, he opened the door and took a step into the room.
  38. Gradually, as she grew older, she spent less time with her mother and more time with her friends.
  39. Gradually, they moved closer to each other until they were touching noses.
  40. Gradually, my father became less angry and more patient when we argued about politics or religion in our household.
  41. Gradually, the children stopped screaming and playing.
  42. Gradually, the sun rose higher in the sky.
  43. Gradually, they came to believe that nothing would happen.
  44. Gradually, the fire was put out.
  45. Gradually, we have been getting closer to each other.
  46. Gradually, my life has become more and more difficult.
  47. The boys gradually became more accustomed to the cold water.
  48. I gradually realized that I was in love with him as time passed.
  49. Gradually, he became less and less interested in his work until he finally quit.
  50. Gradually, the disease took its toll on her body and mind.
  51. Gradually, I realized that she wasn’t my friend after all.
  52. If you want to lose weight gradually, you should eat less than what you normally do for one or two weeks before starting a diet plan slowly.
  53. The light gradually dimmed.
  54. The sun gradually set.
  55. The wind gradually died down.
  56. The swelling gradually went away.
  57. He gradually began to feel better.
  58. He gradually realized that he had been tricked into buying the car by a dishonest salesperson.
  59. Gradually, the number of people interested in your product will grow, and your business will be more successful.
  60. Gradually, this new culture spread across the world.
  61. Gradually, it became clear that I would have to find another way to make money.
  62. Gradually, my confidence grew until I felt comfortable taking on leadership roles in my job and community.
  63. Gradually, she began to trust me with her deepest secrets and fears.
  64. The weather gradually got colder.
  65. She gradually became an excellent tennis player.
  66. My hair has been growing gradually longer over the last year or so. 
  67. Gradually, he got more and more involved in the project.
  68. Gradually, the market share of these companies will increase.
  69. He was gradually losing his eyesight.
  70. Gradually, the dog stopped barking at people who passed by its house.
  71. I gradually gained weight over time until it was noticeable on my frame.
  72. The situation is gradually improving pollution levels in many cities worldwide.
  73. I’m gradually getting used to this new environment.
  74. The boy gradually became aware of his surroundings.
  75. The sun gradually rose in the east and then set in the west.
  76. The patient showed gradual improvement over time.
  77. The sound gradually decreased until it was completely gone.
  78. Gradually, I became more and more confused about what to do next.
  79. The sun will gradually set.
  80. She gradually became more popular with the other students.
  81. A baby gradually learns how to walk and talk, and at some point, they become kids who know how to do both of those things pretty well.
  82. The temperature will gradually fall, so we should have a cold winter by this time next year.
  83. We met for the first time at university, but we didn’t get to know each other until after graduation, when we started working together at the same company. Our relationship has developed gradually over time, but now we’re engaged!
  84. The water was dripping gradually from the roof of the house.
  85. The boy’s teeth are growing gradually but steadily.
  86. The disease gradually took hold of him.
  87. The patient gradually improved after surgery.
  88. She gradually recovered from her injuries after a few months of rest and treatment at home.
  89. Gradually, he realized that he would have to find another job if he wanted to keep his family together and pay for the mortgage on their house.
  90. The leaves of the tree gradually turned from green to brown.
  91. The older adult gradually lost his sight.
  92. The children gradually got used to the new teacher.
  93. Gradually, the population of our town increased.
  94. Gradually, the rain turned to sleet and then to snow.
  95. Gradually, the pain in my leg subsided.
  96. The police gradually increased their pressure on the rioters.
  97. The water gradually rose to a level above our heads.
  98. The game was very close, but gradually the home team began to pull ahead.
  99. The new store is doing well, but there is still room for improvement. We’ll work on that gradually over time.

Why is a synonym for gradually

insidiously; marginally; mildly; subtly; imperceptibly; slowly; imperceptible; insensible; minute; creeping; dragging; glacial; incremental; imperceptible; insensible; interminable; leaden; leisurely; meticulously slow; motionless; accumulating; gathering; growing; increasing; materializing; mounting; rising; swelling; ameliorating; curbing; deflating; diminishing; mincing along slowly; moderating; bit by bit; component by component; degree by degree; gradually; integrally; in stages; incrementally; little by little; piece by piece

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