The word infusion is used in many different ways. The most common use of the word is to describe the act of mixing two substances, like water and coffee grounds.

How to use infusion in a Sentence

The word infusion is used in many different ways. The most common use of the word is to describe the act of mixing two substances, like water and coffee grounds.


The word infusion comes from the Latin infusio, meaning “a pouring on” or “to sprinkle on”, and was first used to describe the process in 1552.

Meaning of Infusion:

The word infusion is used in many different ways. The most common use of the word is to describe the act of mixing two substances, like water and coffee grounds. It can also be used to describe the process of extracting a substance from a plant by soaking it in water (like when you make tea or coffee).

Use of Infusion in Sentences:

These are some examples of sentences where the word “infusion” has been used:

  1. She had an infusion of confidence from her success in the competition.
  2. The chef infused olive oil into his pasta sauce.
  3. I infuse my coffee with cinnamon.
  4. He’s such an infusion! He fell asleep during the movie.
  5. The doctor infused the patient with fluids.
  6. Doctors infused saline solution into his veins to keep him hydrated during surgery.
  7. I just got an infusion of new ideas.
  8. The infusions were administered intravenously.
  9. The patient received an infusion of saline solution.
  10. The nurse administered the infusion slowly over an hour.
  11. He received a glucose infusion to stabilize his blood sugar levels.
  12. The infusion of lemongrass and peppermint leaves makes this an invigorating beverage.
  13. She would put her tea leaves into the pot and then let them sit for several hours before pouring out an aromatic infusion.
  14. The doctor prescribed an infusion of chamomile tea for his patient after she came down with flu symptoms.
  15. I want you to infuse your garden with lavender so that when you come home from work each day, all you’ll want to do is relax outside.
  16. A tea bag is immersed in hot water, where it infuses the water with its flavor.
  17. The patient’s blood was infused with oxygen to compensate for inadequate breathing on his own.
  18. The doctor prescribed an infusion of herbs for her patients.
  19. I’m not sure if I like this infusion of coffee with orange juice.
  20. He infused his speech with passion as he spoke about the importance of education.
  21. The doctor infused him with antibiotics.
  22. I always like my coffee infused with cinnamon and nutmeg.
  23. The newscaster’s voice was infused with excitement as she described the discovery of an ancient Mayan city.
  24. The artist infused her painting with vibrant colors and textures.
  25. It’s the first time he’s tried infusion therapy for his back pain, but it seems to be working.
  26. The tea is infused with herbs from the Alps, which are known for their healing properties.
  27. The company’s new infusions are made with fresh ginger and other ingredients, which makes them much healthier than other brands on the market.
  28. The tea is infused with herbs from around the world and produced in small batches by local producers who put a lot of care into their craftsmanship.
  29. You can make your own infused oils by adding herbs and spices to your chosen carrier oil.
  30. Tea is a simple beverage that can be infused with herbs, spices, fruits or flowers.
  31. Herbal teas are made by steeping herbs in hot water, and they have been used for centuries as medicine and refreshment.
  32. I love making infused teas with herbs from my garden.
  33. I’ve been infusing my water with lemon slices.
  34. The chef infused his best soup recipe with rich spices from around the world.
  35. The monks used dark-colored wines as an infusion for their herbal remedies.
  36. The chef added an infusion of thyme and garlic powder to my steak marinade.
  37. The tea has an infusion of mint.
  38. I will infuse some herbs into the water before I boil it.

Infusion in a Medical Sentence:

In medicine, an infusion is a liquid that’s given into your vein through an IV drip. Infusion is a type of alternative medicine that has been used for thousands of years. It uses liquid extracts from plants, herbs, or other sources to cure diseases. This type of alternative medicine can be used externally or internally with patients. The most common types of infusion are decoctions and herbal teas.

Infusion therapy: a method of administering medication through a vein

Infusion (operating system): an operating system based on Plan 9 from Bell Labs.

  1. The patient must be well hydrated before starting an infusion.
  2. The medicine is infused directly into a vein using an IV line.
  3. Infusion pump, a medical device used to deliver fluids via infusion

Infusion in Cooking:

Infusion is used in cooking to make things like tea, coffee and hot chocolate. It can also be used as a medical treatment, such as when someone takes antibiotics intravenously (throughout the body).

A person might say that they’re going to drink some tea or take antibiotics by infusion if they’re going to drink tea or take antibiotics through an IV drip.

Similar Words of Infusion:

astringent; biting; caffeinated; ground-hugging; minty; tingly; permeating; pungent; refreshing; spicy; savory; tart; alcoholic; garlic; minty; spicy; sugary; tea-flavored; exuberant; effervescent; lively; mischievous; spicy; vivacious; animated; cheerful; gleeful; happy; joyous; lively; upbeat; land; blandish; gentle; soft; soother; suppler; gentlest; bittersweet; fierce; impassioned; intoxicating; knowledgeable; piquant; poignant; poignant; ribald; salty; spicy; breezy; briny; cynical; felicitous; flavorful; humorous; jocular; juicy; keen; lighthearted; playful; ribald; salty; scoffing; skewering

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