Prestige is a French word meaning to be valued. It is used to describe a person, place or thing that has great respect and admiration.

How to use prestige in a sentence

Prestige is a French word meaning to be valued. It is used to describe a person, place or thing that has great respect and admiration.


The word “prestige” comes from the Latin word “praestigium,” meaning “illusion.” The term appears in English as early as 1583 to describe magic tricks or illusions. It wasn’t until 1712 that the word was used to describe something that creates an illusion, such as honour or fame.

What does prestige mean?

Prestige is a French word meaning to be valued. It is used to describe a person, place or thing that has great respect and admiration. It’s often used in business or politics but can also be used in everyday life. It is also applied to many aspects of life: personal, cultural or national.

The term has been used in linguistics to describe the prestige dialect—a dialect with high social prestige. This concept has also been applied to other areas, such as religion (to describe a religion with high social prestige), arts and literature (to describe a work considered superior by elite circles), and even to language change (to describe changes in pronunciation that occur among educated speakers).

Example of prestige in sentences

These are some examples of sentences where the word “prestige” has been used:

  1. The prestige of the profession is at stake.
  2. A man of great prestige in his own country, he was also admired by many people in other countries.
  3. For many years, Japan’s prestige had been damaged by its defeat in World War II; today, it is restored and stronger than ever.
  4. The prestige of a nation depends on its economic strength and military power.
  5. The prestige of our school depends on how well we do in sports like football, basketball and baseball!
  6. The university is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country.
  7. The president is trying to build prestige by giving himself more power over Congress.
  8. The company’s new product has just been named one of Consumer Reports magazine’s top 10 most prestigious products of the year.
  9. The movie is not just a story about prestige but also about the importance of family.
  10. The prestige associated with owning a BMW car has meant that most people who can afford one have bought it.
  11. The prestige associated with being a doctor is so high that most young people want to become doctors when they grow up.
  12. The prestige of being an engineer ensured that all those who passed out from IITs and IIMs could get good jobs straight after college.
  13. The prestige associated with owning an iPhone has led many people to buy iPhones even though they cannot afford them otherwise!
  14. The prestige of the company suffered when its products were found to be faulty.
  15. He has a lot of prestige in this town because he’s been mayor for so long.
  16. We got an invitation to the party because of my husband’s political prestige.
  17. The film had great cinematography and was shot in Rome, so it has a lot of international prestige.
  18. My father always says that having lots of money gives you more prestige than anything else in life.
  19. The family’s prestige was enhanced by their daughter’s engagement to a royal family member.
  20. The teacher’s prestige increased when she won an award for teaching excellence.
  21. I am very proud to have been a part of this prestigious event. 
  22. The prestige of the school is directly related to its academic standards.
  23. This study aimed to provide an overview of the current practices of research institutions within the Netherlands and to examine their capacity for scientific prestige.
  24. The prestige of being invited to the meeting was important.
  25. He had the prestige of a distinguished family name behind him.
  26. The school has been in existence for more than 100 years, which gives it much prestige among local employers.
  27. The new president must work hard to maintain the school’s high prestige.
  28. The high cost of education is one factor that contributes to the low prestige of teaching as a profession in this country.
  29. The prestige of the company is on the line.
  30. I’ll give you a lot of prestige if you come to my party this weekend.
  31. I need to get more prestige in my life before I think about marriage again.
  32. He’s one of the most prestigious journalists in America today and has been working for CNN for over 20 years.
  33. Do you think that prestige is important? Of course, it is! We all want to be well respected by our friends and neighbors – especially regarding our jobs!
  34. The company’s prestige has increased since its acquisition by the American conglomerate.
  35. His research achievements were regarded as highly prestigious in his field of study.
  36. I need to have prestige at work.
  37. Many people think that money can buy you prestige.
  38. The prestige of a brand is the perception of its reputation and quality.
  39. The prestige of British universities is a key issue as they compete for overseas students.
  40. The prestige of a university can be measured by the number of Nobel Prize winners it has produced.
  41. The company’s prestige was built up over many years through its well-known trademark and quality products.
  42. The company has lost some of its prestige since he left last year.
  43. His new book has earned him more prestige than any previous publication.
  44. We pride ourselves on our prestige, and we’re not about to let that go.
  45. The prestige of the school had always been high.
  46. The prestige of the university has suffered as a result of the scandal.
  47. He is a man of great prestige in his field.
  48. She is one of the most prestigious actresses in Hollywood.
  49. The prestige of my job improved when I was promoted.
  50. The prestige of the government is at stake.
  51. The prestige of the media goes up and down.
  52. The prestige of the movie industry is at an all-time low.
  53. The prestige of the Catholic Church has been steadily declining since the 1960s.
  54. The prestige of politicians has never been lower than it is now.
  55. The prestige of a school is often measured by the average test scores of its students.

Similar Words of prestige:

distinguished; eminent; famous; famous; established; famous; famous; famous; famous; famous; famous; aristocratic; august; choice; distinguished; elite; exclusive; revered; reverend; sanctified; sainted; respected; venerable; acclaimed; acclaimed; acclaimed; accomplished; acclaimed; resplendent; superb; dignified; prestigious; noble; aristocratic; eminent; exalted; hallowed; hoary; illustrious; imposing; stalwart; arrogant; boastful; haughty; important; lofty; puffed up with pride; imposing; pretentious; presumptuous; arrogant; bumptious; egotistical; ancient; celebrated; classic; distinguished; honored; notable; venerable; revered

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