How to use taken in a sentence

How to use taken in a sentence

These are some examples of sentences where the word “taken” has been used:

  1. The government has taken measures to ensure that no one is left behind.
  2. A rival firm took over the company.
  3. The new law was taken into consideration.
  4. The police have taken action against the criminals.
  5. The book is taken from the library.
  6. The enemy took the mission. 
  7. The prisoner was taken by surprise.
  8. He was taken by pirates and held for ransom.
  9. I have taken a train to the airport.
  10. The plane has taken off.
  11. She was taken to hospital with a broken leg.
  12. I have taken your advice and will not be attending that party tonight.
  13. The students have taken their seats in the classroom and are waiting for the teacher to arrive.
  14. I have taken out all my savings and handed over them to the bank officials to help them get all their money back from the hackers who stole it yesterday night.
  15. I’ve taken the liberty of ordering your favorite breakfast of eggs and bacon.
  16. I think the best way to spend the rest of my life is to be taken by you.
  17. I was taken into custody and put under house arrest for two days.
  18. The game was taken off the shelf and played by us.
  19. The security personnel took my shoes off.
  20. She had taken off her shoes and socks in the house but forgot to put her slippers on before leaving the bedroom door.
  21. I’ve taken on a new client.
  22. They have taken us for idiots for far too long!
  23. The government has taken away their only source of income, he said. 
  24. Ms. Phillips has been taken away from us but will always be part of our lives.
  25. She was taken away from the orphanage.
  26. She was taken ill.
  27. He was taken by surprise when he saw her there.
  28. He was taken for a ride by the salesman who sold him his new car.
  29. The police have taken my statement, but I don’t think they believe me.
  30. The stolen car was taken from the parking lot.
  31. The prisoner was taken away by prison guards after he was sentenced to life in prison.
  32. The stolen car was taken away by police officers after they apprehended the thief who stole it.
  33. The man was taken into custody by the police for being drunk in public.
  34. The ball was taken in the air.
  35. The goalkeeper took the ball.
  36. The ball was taken from me by my opponent.
  37. A new contract has been taken out on his life.
  38. A key has been taken from the safe and given to Mary.
  39. The many people who have taken my seminar are all pleased with the results they’ve achieved.
  40. You shouldn’t have taken that job.
  41. We’ve taken all our money out of your bank account and put it into an investment fund so you can make more money.
  42. The couple was taken into custody by police after their daughter had been located in another state.
  43. The two of us were taken to the police station.
  44. A thief had taken my wallet from my bag while I was shopping at the mall yesterday evening.
  45. She has taken up a new hobby, which is painting.
  46. The food was taken away from him while he was still eating.
  47. My husband has taken my son to school.
  48. We have taken a vote and decided that you two should go on a date together!
  49. Jim’s taken the day off to attend his grandmother’s funeral.
  50. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital after she fell on the road.
  51. The police have taken steps to ensure that such incidents do not occur.
  52. He was taken away by the police when they found him loitering around near the airport gates with a suspicious look on his face and carrying a backpack full of explosives and detonators.
  53. I’ve taken a job in the city.
  54. I’ve taken up running.
  55. She’s taken up a new hobby.
  56. I’ve taken on too much work.
  57. The company has been taken over by its parent company, which is based in Japan.
  58. I had taken my time getting here today because I wanted to ensure everything was just right before I started my presentation to you today.
  59. The government has taken no action on the issue, and it seems it will not do anything about it.
  60. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance.
  61. The government has taken over the business.
  62. He was taken away for questioning.
  63. He was taken away, bound and gagged.
  64. She had been taken away from me.
  65. The boy was taken away from his parents because they were abusive to him.
  66. I’ve been taken aback by the news.
  67. I have taken over the business.
  68. I have been taken to the hospital for observation.
  69. The man had been taken into custody on suspicion of murder.
  70. She has taken over as director of the company.
  71. He has taken over as head of the department.
  72. The new boss has taken over from his predecessor at the company.
  73. I’ve taken the liberty of putting in an order for you.
  74. The police took a statement from the witness.
  75. The government has taken steps to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS among young people.
  76. The car was taken away from me because I didn’t have enough money to pay for repairs.
  77. Terrorists took the plane, but we managed to escape it safely.

Similar Words of ‘taken’:

adopted; appropriated; acquired; assumed; kidnapped; seized; stolen; acquired; appropriated; appropriated; accepted; borrowed; commandeered; confiscated; cornered; darkling; death-stolen; earmarked, excelled; flaunted; forbidden, gained; allocated; appropriated; assigned; seized; preempted; usurped

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