Writing a newspaper article is an art. In this article, we will discuss the tips how write a newspaper article.

How to write a good article for Newspaper

Writing a newspaper article is an art. In this article, we will discuss the tips how write a newspaper article.

What is Article Writing?

Article writing is a technique. It is an art through which a writer can convey his opinion about some particular matter. Articles are also written to give information about a specific field or area of interest to the people.

Writers use to write articles in newspapers, magazines, or other publications. It is a platform through which the analyst can share his opinion and personal experience and give possible suggestions about the matter.

Sometimes the things are conveyed in hidden meanings. However, most probably the writer uses to write in a straightaway and direct manner. A good columnist engages a lot of people and he relies upon his opinion. Therefore, it is an easy method to attract people towards some specific point or issue.

How Write a Newspaper Article

Let’s discuss the tips how write a newspaper article.

Tone of the Article:

Selecting the voice of an article is the most important task in writing articles. The best of learning about the use of tone of voice is to read a prominent newspaper. This will able you to find out the actual tone of the articles.

The tone of the article may be dark, humorous, serious and positive. Firstly, establish your ideas, choose the tone and then consult with your newspaper editor. It will help you to improve your words and style of expression also.

Formulate Opinion:

The next step is formulating the opinion. The writer should think about the result of his writing. Writing is a strong connection between the people and the writer.

The writer should have to analyze the article after writing without caring that how his opinion will be and what people think about him. If he thinks that after reading it the people would give a strong reaction, then be sure that your article will surely form the opinion also.

Selection of Topic:

It is although not an easy task, however one can find out the topic by sharing his personal experience. For example, if you purchase the grocery items at high prices then the last week, it is a strong topic to write about the inflation crisis in country.

Voice of Column:

It is appropriate to incorporate your voice in the first person. This will feel the readers of your presence and creates a long lasting effect on their minds. For example, instead of writing, “the grocery items were very costly”, say in the first person to make the statement more persuasive. For example: “The grocery items that I, purchased, were more costly enough than the prices of last week”.  

Make a clearly defined topic: 

As early discussed, topic selection is an important task. Try to select the topic about which you can easily write and gather information. The area of interest of the people should also be taken into consideration. Do not select the ambiguous or uninterested topic. This will become the people boredom very soon. Always try to write on emerging situation.

Length of a Topic:

The newspaper article should be short and precise. It should be clear and defined. Write a straight topic and form your opinion about it. Give strong examples and reasons in support of your stance.

Complete Research:

It is necessary that before formulating any opinion through an article, it is important to search the relevant topic in toto. No ambiguous information should be supplied to the readers.

Format of Writing Newspaper Article:

The writing format of the article is different from any other writing. The punctuation marks applied to the column writing should be followed accordingly.

Articles must be in short paragraphs. Give a brief overview in the first paragraph so that the reader’s interest should be developed. Different quotes about the subject matter shall also create a good impression upon the reader’s mind.

Parts of a Newspaper

  • Front page contains the title, information about the publication, and the main stories that will create interest in the readers.
  • The folio that tells you about a specific topic.
  • Article about the news.
  • Feature articles.
  • Editorial board.
  • Cartoons for editorials.

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