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Interjection is used to express feeling of the mind. It is followed by an exclamation mark. Definition of interjection, 60 examples have been discussed.


English is a widely used language in the world. The most important part of this language is speaking. The use of proper language makes it easier to understand the other persons. Sometimes, abrupt words cause inconvenience for the readers to read and understand them. That is why the native speakers while speaking use the words correctly so that the other persons will be able to get their meanings.

In English grammar, there are different parts of speech. Out of them, an interjection is one part of speech that is used to indicate the expressions of the persons on different occasions with different situations.

Interjection also shows the emotions and feelings of the persons for the situation present before them. Although this part of speech does not come while speaking and it only indicates while writing. However, the proper use of interjection in a sentence makes it easier for the readers to know the importance of the sentence.

Use of Interjection?

An interjection is used in a sentence to express some feeling of the mind. It is followed by an exclamation mark.

Common Interjections:

Some exclamations are only used to show reactions. Here is a list of some commons ones:

Aha, damn, gosh, goosh, oops,
what, Blast, good, gracious, honestly, ouch
whoops, blimey, good grief, hurrah, ow
wow, bother, good, heavens, oh, really
yippee, bravo, good, lord, oh, dear, ugh
crikey, goodness me, ooh, well I never, yuk

Types of Interjection:

  1. Dissatisfaction
  2. Panic
  3. Disagree
  4. Excitement
  5. Happiness
  6. Disapproval
  7. Annoyance
  8. Relief
  9. Surprise


The state of mind when someone does not agree with others on some point.

i. Ah ii. Damn


Feeling aggrieved from something.

i. Oops ii. Ouch


The words are utter when we differ from some other opinion.

i. Nope ii. Ooh


After hearing some good news, we say these words in excitement.

i. Wow ii. Hurrah


Feeling pleasure after seeing something.

i. Good gracious ii. Bravo


Different opinion on some point. Straight away rejection of some work.

i. Tsk ii. Tut


When we feel irritation from something or our mind does not accept.

i. Hey ii. Hump


The state of satisfaction after completion of some task. Following words also use after getting rid of some pain.

i. Phew ii. Whoa


The presentation of something for someone which others do not know.

i. Wow ii. Really

Examples in sentences:

  • What a pleasant surprise!
  • Alas! Her mother has died.
  • Hurrah! I have won the Gold Medal.
  • What a lovely match it is!
  • What a lovely decoration it is!
  • Bravo! We have earned 60 $ today.
  • Such an intelligent class!
  • Quite a show!
  • Oh! Look! How sweet!
  • How nice of you to come!
  • How nice to see you!
  • How nice you look!
  • How cleverly you expressed your feelings!
  • What an idiot I am!
  • How I hate bluffers!
  • How he talked!
  • Aha! I have received my air tickets.

Some other interjections and their usage:

For Joy:


For Grief:


For Surprise:


For Approval:

Well done!

To show hatred:

Pooh Pooh!

Exercise No.1:

Insert the interjections in the sentences:

  1. __! We have won the match.
  2. __! I am undone.
  3. __! John, how are you?
  4. __! The bell has gone.
  5. __! He is dead.
  6. __! He is such a nice fellow.
  7. __ nice of you to come!
  8. __!Her mother has died.
  9. __! She has failed again.
  10. __! We have earned 60 $ today.


  1. Hurrah 2. Alas 3. Hello 4. Oh 5. Ah
  2. Well done 7. How 8. Alas 9. goosh 10. Bravo

Common Interjections:

  1. Use the following interjections in your sentences:
  • Alas!
  • Hurrah!
  • Bravo!
  • Well done!
  • Ah!
  • Aha!
  • Pooh!
  • What!
  • Well done!
  • Really!
  • Oh!

Use of Interjections in Sentences:

  • Alas! My grandmother has died.
  • Hurrah! I have won the gold medal.
  • Oh! I have lost my cat.
  • Bravo! You have done well.
  • Well done! You have achieved the target.
  • Ah! I have received an injury.
  • Aha! We received huge profit.
  • Pooh! Your shirt is dirty.
  • What! Had you gone there?
  • Really! You have received a medal?

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