Moldering is the act of deteriorating or the state of being disintegrated. Moldering is most commonly used for old and decaying things, like buildings that have been abandoned for years or clothing that has been left out in the rain.

moldering in a sentence

Moldering is the act of deteriorating or the state of being disintegrated. Moldering is most commonly used for old and decaying things, like buildings that have been abandoned for years or clothing that has been left out in the rain.

These are some examples of sentences where the term “moldering” has been used:

  1. The city condemned the moldering old house.
  2. The moldering clothes were discarded by their owner.
  3. Archaeologists discovered the moldering remains of an ancient civilization.
  4. The moldering ruins of a once-magnificent palace.
  5. The moldering remains of the blast furnace.
  6. The moldering remains of the castle.
  7. The moldering vestiges of a once-great civilization.
  8. I must have looked a sight, my clothes all moldering from the damp and my hair hanging down over my face.
  9. She dragged herself out of bed and went to the window, where she stood looking out at the moldering remains of what had once been a fine garden.
  10. The moldering walls of the old manor house contrasted oddly with the freshness and brightness of the morning.
  11. The moldering remains of a once-great civilization lay buried beneath the sands of time.
  12. The corpse lay moldering in its coffin, waiting for someone to come and bury it again.
  13. People or animals cannot eat moldering food; it must be thrown away immediately before it causes illness or death to those who consume it.
  14. The moldering pile of stones which marked the grave looked like the ruins of some old monastery, or some other building which had been destroyed by time and war.
  15. The moldering leaves on the trees were so dry that they crumbled as soon as I touched them.
  16. My clothes were covered in moldering dust from the attic.
  17. Their bodies were buried in a moldering field, where no one could ever find them.
  18. I couldn’t walk through the moldering forest without tripping on something.
  19. moldering
  20. The moldering remains of a forest are not as pleasing as the forest itself.
  21. After a few days, it was evident that the campers had left behind their moldering tent and gear.
  22. The only thing that survived from his house was a moldering chair with a broken leg and an old pipe.
  23. The boat had been exposed to the elements for so long that it was nothing but a moldering wreck on the shoreline.
  24. The moldering walls of the old mansion loomed above them.
  25. The moldering mansion had been abandoned for years.
  26. The moldering corpse was found in a hidden room in the basement.
  27. Moldering food was scattered across the floor.
  28. Moldering piles of dirty laundry covered the bedroom floor.
  29. The once-great city lay in moldering ruins, its buildings crumbling and overgrown with weeds and vines.
  30. A crew of men with jackhammers was tearing down the moldering remains of the old house.
  31. The moldering corpse of an old lady lay on the floor beside her bed, where she had been dead for some time.
  32. A pile of moldering leaves was blowing around in the wind on the front lawn.
  33. The moldering stone floors of the castle had become slippery and treacherous underfoot.
  34. The moldering corpses of soldiers lay unburied where they had fallen in battle, rotting in the sun.
  35. Moldering leaves covered the ground.
  36. The moldering remains of the dead lay in heaps on either side of the way.
  37. The moldering walls of the old house looked as if they could not stand out any longer against the fury of the storm.
  38. The stagnant air reeked of moldering hay and animal dung.
  39. The boys played with moldering toys in the yard.
  40. The sheep were grazing in a field of moldering hay.
  41. The house was covered in moldering leaves and other debris. 
  42. The older man sat on his front porch, staring at his moldering lawn and garden. 
  43. The house was in a state of moldering disrepair.
  44. The room had been neglected for years and was in a state of moldering disrepair.
  45. He worked at the old house, repairing and renovating it. It was in a state of moldering disrepair when he bought it, but now it looked almost like new.
  46. The moldering skeletons of a few trees were all that remained of the once beautiful forest.
  47. The old house had been sitting vacant for years and was covered in moldering leaves.
  48. As she walked past the old church, she noticed the decaying tombstones and moldering graves.
  49. Weeds and other plants were growing between the sidewalks’ cracks, making them look moldering and decaying.
  50. A moldering pile of papers sat in the corner of my desk.
  51. A moldering heap of rags, a corpse with the flesh eaten from it, or a dead body partly devoured by dogs or vultures are all equally objects of horror.
  52. The journal was moldering in his desk for years before he decided to publish it.
  53. Moldering away in a closet, out of sight, are two dozen pairs of shoes that have never been worn.
  54. Now that the man had died, they would not be able to trace back the source of the moldering smell.
  55. The dog sniffed around in the moldering garbage can, looking for something to eat.
  56. He reached into a pocket and pulled out a moldering apple. ‘Eat it,’ he said. ‘It’s all I have left.’
  57. The moldering ruins of the old house stood back in the thick evergreens that had grown up about it.
  58. The moldering walls of the old castle are all that remain today of this once-mighty fortress.
  59. The moldering corpse was buried in a shallow grave.
  60. Moldering garbage is a health hazard and should be disposed of properly.
  61. The older man’s body lay on a moldering bed; his eyes were fixed and staring, his face ghastly white.

Similar Words of ‘moldering’:

decaying; decaying; decomposing; deteriorating; fetid; festering; moldering; rancid; rotting; antique; decrepit; deteriorating; elderly; falling apart; fusty; junked; moth-eaten; musty; putrid; ruined; rusty; senile; festering; putrefying; rotting; souring; ulcerating; falling apart; fragmented; crumbling; old; ratty; crumbling; decomposing; deteriorating; decomposed; disintegrated; rotted; stalactites of mold dangling from the ceiling

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