The oculist is a medical professional specializing in diagnosing and treating eye diseases. Oculists are trained as either ophthalmologists or optometrists.

oculist in a sentence:What does oculist mean?

The oculist is a medical professional specializing in diagnosing and treating eye diseases. Oculists are trained as either ophthalmologists or optometrists.

The word oculist can be used as a noun or an adjective. As a noun, it refers to a doctor specializing in the medical treatment of eyes. An adjective can mean “pertaining to the eyes” or “related to the eyes.”

How to pronounce oculist?

The word oculist is pronounced /oʊˈkjuːlɪst/.

Use of Oculist in sentences

These are some examples of sentences where the word “oculist” has been used:

  1. The oculist said my eyes were fine and told me to get a new pair of glasses.
  2. My mother was an oculist who made her lenses from scratch.
  3. The oculist gave me a prescription for contact lenses, but I never got around to buying them.
  4. He is an oculist with a diploma from Oxford University.
  5. A good oculist can help you with all your eye care needs.
  6. I went to my oculist, but I didn’t see any improvement.
  7. The oculist was able to see what was wrong with my eyesight.
  8. The oculist checked my eyes and then put drops in them so that they would dilate.
  9. The oculist predicted that she would need a corneal transplant within two years.
  10. The oculist had never seen anything like it before, so he sent her to the emergency room for an immediate examination.
  11. She went to see an oculist, who prescribed some eye drops and told her to return in a week if the problem didn’t clear up.
  12. An oculist in his early 20s examined the patient’s eyes when he noticed something unusual about one of them and decided to look closer with the microscope he had at home.
  13. The oculist, a tall, thin man with gray hair and beard, was already waiting for me when I entered his office.
  14. It would help if you didn’t think I’m ungrateful for your help, but I think you should see an oculist.
  15. I’m sure your eyesight will improve with time. You should see an oculist if it doesn’t get better.
  16. The oculist will see you now.
  17. I see you have a problem with your eyesight. Let me help you with that, my dear.
  18. There is a growing demand for the services of an oculist in this area.
  19. I had to go to the hospital yesterday because my eyes were hurting so much from reading all night!
  20. Years of working as an oculist have taken their toll on my eyesight – I can barely see anything anymore!
  21. The oculist examined the patient’s eyes and told him he had a cataract.
  22. The patient should see an oculist as soon as possible.
  23. The oculist removed the cataract from the patient’s eye, but he had to wear glasses for several months afterward.
  24. The oculist told the patient that he would need a new prescription when his eyesight improved after surgery on his cataracts.
  25. The oculist said I need glasses for reading.
  26. I went to see an oculist because I was having trouble seeing.
  27. I’m an oculist.
  28. The surgeon who performed my eye surgery was an oculist.
  29. My optometrist is also an oculist.
  30. I have an appointment with my oculist this afternoon.
  31. I saw my oculist yesterday to get a new prescription for my glasses.
  32. The oculist was able to save her right eye, although she will never see out of it again.
  33. The oculist had examined her several times, but he could not find any reason for her vision loss.
  34. I took her to see an oculist, but he could not explain why she was losing her sight.
  35. The oculist prescribed eye drops for my eyes.
  36. The oculist told me to avoid exposure to sunlight and dust.
  37. I met an oculist who specializes in treating patients with cataracts.
  38. The oculist examined my eyes thoroughly and then prescribed some medication for me.
  39. The oculist said that I should take a rest from my job and avoid stress.
  40. My mother-in-law’s cataract surgery was successful; the oculist is happy with her progress.
  41. The oculist examined her eye and said she would need surgery.
  42. The oculist has to remove the cataract from my father’s eye.
  43. I have been having eye problems for the past few years; I think it would be best if you consult an oculist.
  44. I went to my family doctor yesterday for a checkup, and he referred me to an oculist.
  45. The oculist said that I could use contact lenses after my eye surgery.
  46. My optometrist sent me to see an oculist.
  47. The oculist examined my eyes and found nothing wrong with them.
  48. I have been to the oculist and had an eye exam.
  49. A good oculist will tell you if you have any vision problems or not.
  50. My mother is an oculist, so I know she’ll be able to find a solution to my problem.
  51. The doctor is an oculist who specializes in treating eye problems like dry eyes and glaucoma.
  52. The oculist examined the patient’s eyes and found that she had a high degree of myopia.
  53. The oculist prescribed contact lenses for the patient.
  54. The oculist treated the patient with laser surgery to correct his vision problems.
  55. The oculist was able to fit the patient for new glasses, which would help him see better than he had been able to do before.
  56. The oculist told me my eyes were fine, but I had an inflammation of the lachrymal gland.
  57. The oculist said she was going to prescribe some eye drops for me.
  58. The oculist said that I needed glasses because my vision was blurry.
  59. I went to a specialist in ophthalmology and asked him if he could help me with my problem with my eyesight.
  60. The oculist told me that I had a detached retina, which meant that something had happened to the retina in my right eye, causing it to become detached from its normal position at the back of my eye socket.

Similar Words of oculist:

accurate; bespectacled; corrective; dainty bifocals; designer frames; eyeglasses; glasses, spectacles/spectacle; backward; bleary; bloodshot; blurry; dim; foggy; glazed; glassy; hazy; myopic; nearsighted; peering; presbyopic; squint; bleary; glassy; glazed; bleary-eyed; blank; glassy-eyed; squinting; accurate; alert; awake; bright-eyed; blind; clear-sighted; discerning; discriminating; knowing; perceptive; bandaged; bleary; bloodshot and watery; bloodshot, watery, glassy; drawn; fatigued

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