An office machine produces document copies by exposing an original to light. There are many sentences wherein the word 'photocopier' has been used.

Photocopier in a sentence

An office machine produces document copies by exposing an original to light. There are many sentences wherein the word ‘photocopier’ has been used.

What does photocopier mean?

An office machine produces document copies by exposing an original to light. The exposure is made through a negative so that the copy produced is reversed and therefore suitable for reproduction.

Use of photocopier in sentences: 

These are some examples of sentences where the word “photocopier” has been used:

  1. The photocopier is broken.
  2. Let me use your photocopier, please.
  3. The photocopier is not working today.
  4. You’re not allowed to use the photocopier for personal use.
  5. The photocopiers are over there, by the printer and stapler.
  6. I think the photocopier at work has a problem with the toner cartridge again!
  7. Do you want me to make copies of those documents for you? We have a photocopier here in the office.
  8. The photocopier is one of the most important inventions in the world.
  9. The photocopier has made our lives much more accessible.
  10. A photocopier is a machine that makes copies of documents, photos, and drawings by using light and heat to create an image on special powder-coated paper.
  11. A photocopier can be used for home or office use.
  12. The photocopier is broken.
  13. I photocopier my homework every night because I’m too lazy to write it down by hand.
  14. The photocopier isn’t working so I can’t make copies of this report.
  15. We need someone to repair the photocopier before we can use it again!
  16. There are several photocopiers in this office building.
  17. The photocopier broke down again yesterday, so I had to make two trips to the library to get all the copies I needed for my presentation today.
  18. The photocopier is on the top floor.
  19. My photocopier cannot copy these documents.
  20. I need to use the photocopier in this building.
  21. I need to use the copier in this building.
  22. The school has a photocopier, but it’s out of order at the moment.
  23. The company was founded in 1966 by Chester Carlson, who invented the photocopier.
  24. The photocopier can make several copies at once.
  25. The photocopier can make black and white copies but cannot print in color.
  26. The photocopier can copy documents and pictures.
  27. The photocopier is on the second floor of the building.
  28. You can’t use this photocopier to scan documents.
  29. The photocopier has been around since the 1950s.
  30. We have a new photocopier in the office, but it doesn’t work very well.
  31. My boss hates it when I use the photocopier for personal use; he says it costs too much money to run the machine all day long to make copies of my shopping lists and recipes.
  32. The company has a photocopier on each floor of its offices.
  33. He used his own money to purchase a photocopier for the office.
  34. The photocopier is in the library, not in this room.
  35. The photocopier is broken. We need to repair it as soon as possible.
  36. Our company will install new photocopiers in all its branches nationwide.
  37. We can use our office’s photocopier to make copies of this document.
  38. I’m a photocopier operator at my company.
  39. We all know that a photocopier is an electronic device that makes copies of text or images. It is useful in offices and schools where many documents are to be copied.
  40. The photocopier can make copies from almost any source, including computer disks, CDs, and ordinary paper documents.
  41. The photocopier is out of paper, so I can’t copy my report.
  42. The photocopier needs a new toner cartridge.
  43. I need to use the photocopier before class starts.
  44. It’s good to have a photocopier in the office in case there’s an emergency, and we need copies of something quickly.
  45. The photocopier is out of paper.
  46. The photocopier is out of toner.
  47. The photocopier cannot be repaired.
  48. I need to make some copies, so can I use your photocopier?
  49. The photocopier can be used to print out your copy of the document.
  50. A photocopier is a machine that makes copies of documents.
  51. The photocopier is used to make copies of papers.
  52. It was a busy day at the office, and I had to use the photocopier twice.
  53. When you photocopy a document, you make a copy of it using a photocopier.
  54. Many people use photocopiers in their offices to print documents and reports.
  55. The company has two photocopiers in the office, and everyone uses them frequently.
  56. We need to buy more photocopying paper because we are almost out of stock.
  57. I need to make copies of this document, and I can’t find the photocopier.
  58. The photocopier is used in offices, schools, and homes.
  59. A photocopier is a machine that makes copies of documents such as letters and pictures on special copier paper.
  60. The photocopier machine can be adjusted to different sizes of paper and different levels of darkness.
  61. The photocopier needs to be repaired.
  62. The photocopier is on the right side of the room.
  63. I need to photocopy some documents at the university library.
  64. I’d like to use the photocopier, please.
  65. The photocopier is over in the corner.
  66. The photocopier is provided in the office.
  67. The photocopier is out of order at the moment but they are repairing it now.
  68. I like using a photocopier because it is fast and efficient.
  69. The photocopier is available for use by all staff members.
  70. Please do not use the photocopier after hours unless it is absolutely necessary.

Similar Words of photocopier:

adhesive; coated; color; double-sided; high speed; high-capacitive; multicoated; nth time use; black-and-white; inkless; non copying; blotchy; blurry; fuzzy; grainy; pixelated; pixilated; washed out; blurred; bombarded; degraded; disguised; garish; mottled; obscured; colorful; plain; striped

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