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Common phrasal verbs list with useful meanings. Helpful for the students and learners of English language.

Let’s start phrasal verbs list.

Sr. No.Phrasal VerbsMeaning
1Account forResponsible for something
2Act asPerform 
3Add toIn addition to
4Amount toBecause of
5Appeal toAttraction 
6Arrive atFind out
7Ask forSeek 
8Answer backReply someone
9Appeal backReturn request
10Appeal toSeeking request
11Apply toMake a formal request
12Ask afterAsk about something
13Ask forTalk to someone
14Ask outAsk someone to go him
15Ask overInvite someone to someplace
16Allow forPermit someone to do something
17Aim atTo produce something for some specific purpose
18Ask afterAsk someone to give some information
19Attach toJoin someone
20Attend toPresence at someplace
21Act upRudely behavior
22Ask aroundTo ask persons
23Broke downfail in strength
24Broke intoEnter
25Broken outSpread
26Broke upEnded
27Brought upGrow up
28Brought aboutTake place
29Begin withStart 
30Blow outLit out 
31Bow upReach the limit
32Bring backCome back
33Brush upTo improve the knowledge
34Bank onHave confidence in someone
35Base onEdge of something
36Bear onHaving the burden of something upon someone
37Beat downTo beat someone physically
38Beat upAssault someone extremely 
39Believe inOpinion about something true
40Bet onTo agree on something
41Black outTemporary loss of consciousness
42Blow awayHaving impressed of something
43Blow outTo extinguish a flame
44Blow overGo over
45Bounce backRecovery after a difficult situation
46Bow outWithdraw 
47Brighten upBecome cheerful or bright
48Bring alongTake something while going somewhere
49Bring aboutTo take place
50Butt inCreate interruption in some activity or work
51Buy outAcquisition of something
52Bump intoMeet someone by chance
53Bring forwardTo arrange some event before the commencement date
54Brush upImprove the existing knowledge
55Burn outExhaust
56Call atStay for a short time
57Called onVisit
58Called namesAbuses
59Carried onContinue
60Carry outAccomplish/ implement 
61Carried awayGripped
62Came acrossMeet up
63Come offTo be the result of
64Come fromBelongs to
65Call backIn return
66Call offCancel 
67Calm downRelax 
68Catch onUnderstand 
69Charge withImposing 
70Check intoEntrance time
71Check outExit
72Chang intoPass into
73Clamp downSuppressing something harsh or oppressive
74Clean upTo make something clean or neat
75Clear offMake clean of something or someplace.
76Clear outRemove something or get rid of something
77Close downstop of some business of something which is in progress
78Combine withJoining of something with other
79Come acrossMeet someone by chance
80Come apartMaking separation or divide into pieces
81Check overMake scrutiny of something
82Chop upCut out
83Clean upTo make cleaning
84Clog upBlocked 
85Combine withCollaboration 
86Come backAgain come
87Come intoReceived 
88Come upCome to conclusion
89Come withProvide 
90Consist ofComprise 
91Cool downNormal atmosphere
92Correspond toQualify/meet up
93Count downWaiting anxiously
94Cross upRemove 
95Deal inBuy and sell
96Depend onDetermine 
97Die outCome to end 
98Dig upSomething underground
99Dispose ofConclude 
100Divide upDistribute 
101Do upWrap something
102Doze offFall asleep for a short period
103Draw upPrepare document
104Dream ofTo make an image about some goal
105Drop offDrop someone at someplace
106Die outNo more existence of something or someone
107Dish outDistributing of something
108Do aboutTaking action about something
109Do away withRemove something completely 
110Do upTo do something or to prepare something
111Do withTo find something useful
112Drag onThe continuation of something long-lasting.
113Dry upBecome sterile or dry completely.
114Drop outStop someone to participate in some event
115Drop byMake a casual visit to someone or someplace.
116Eat onTo eat a meal at some restaurant
117Egg onUrging someone 
118End withCome to end
119Engage inAssociate 
120Expose toIntroduce
121Entitle toRight over something
122End upCome to end
123Embark uponTo start
124Eat inEat at home
125Eat intoCausing damage
126Figure onMake planning of something likely to be held in future
127Figure outTo solve or find out a problem 
128Fill inWrite something in the spaces of a form or document
129Fill outAdd something in the document
130Finish offCompletely eat something
131Finish upCompletion of some act
132Fit inFinding room or space to adjust something
133Fix upTo settle something
134Fell outQuarrel
135Falls onTake hold
136Fell flatFail to get the desired result
137Fallen short ofDeficiency
138Face withDifficult task
139Fall behindFail to compete
140Fall forCaptivate 
141Fall offDecrease
142Fall outDisagreement
143Fall overLose balance
144Flare upSudeen outbreak of something violently
145Flood inLarge amount of overflowed water
146Focus onPay attention towards some particular thing
147Fool aroundTo spend time idly 
148Free upMake something available to be used
149Get intoTake control
150Getting onPerformance 
151Getting onProgress in something
152Given upSomething is left
153Got ridTo abandon something
154Give awayGive something as a gift
155Give inAdmit defeat
156Given toHabitual
157Gone throughTake a glance at something
158Gone outSpread out
159Gone upIncrease
160Gone downDecrease 
161Go onContinue to work something 
162Get atTake access to something
163Get awayEscape from something
164Get by administer something difficulty
165Get downdepress someone 
166Get onMaking progress in a particular way
167Get outThe direction of leaving the place
168Give backTo return to the previous going thing
169Give outDistribute something
170Go aboutTo carry out some activity
171Hand downTransmit 
172Hand onDeliver 
173Hand outDistribution
174Hand overProducing something
175Hang aroundWait at someplace
176Hang outSpend time freely
177Hang upPlace cloth on something
178Head backReturn 
179Hold downPrevent
180Hold onWait
181Hold upStruck 
182Hook upLink
183Hurry upHaste or urgent
184Hold backRestriction or obstacle in the development of something
185Hunt downSucceed in the finding of something
186Hide awayGoing to some unknown place
187Hit backTo hit someone in counterblast
188Het upAngry on something
189Heard ofPerceive the voice of something
190Hear fromMake contact with someone
191Hear aboutTold or inform something to some person
192Head forListen to something
193Impose uponTo forcefully employ something
194Improved onMake something better
195Insist onEmphasize/
196Interest inPersuade 
197Invest inSupport financially
198Invite outInvite to go somewhere
199Invite overCall 
200Involve inIndulge 
201Iron outResolve
202Join inParticipate 
203Join upTogether
204Jot downWrite down
205Jumble upMix up with
206Jump atAccept opportunity in haste
207Jump inJoin conversation 
208Jut outTo extent something
209Keep atPersist
210Keep awayMake distance
211Keep away fromAbundant 
212Keep backRemain at distance
213Keep downLow
214Keep offAvoid 
215Keep tohold to promise
216Keep upContinuation of action
217Key inInstruct some database / computer
218Kick offBecome angry
219Knock backReject 
220Knock offStop working
221Knock outovercome the competitor
222Kick backSpend time in relaxation
223Known forFamiliar to something
224Known ofRecognize 
225Kneel downGo down
226Kill offDestroy something on a large scale
227Kid aroundCause of death
228Look afterTake care
229Look downOverlook
230Looked intoTo search or find out something
231Look upFind out/
232Lasy asideSave something
233Lay downWork out
234Lay offGive up
235Lay outSpread something for publication
236Leave outLeft
237Let downFail to come up to someone expectations
238Let offLight punishment
239Line upTo make queue
240Lock awayPut things in lock
241Log inThe procedure of entering into the database
242Log outTo leave the computer/
243Look forFinding 
244Look overInspect something
245Lose outDisadvantage
246Made up Make something own
247Make outUnderstand
248Mail outPosting material at one time for promotion
249Make intoChange the nature of something
250Make ofGive specific attention to someone
251Make outDifficulty in understand 
252Make upDoing planning for something
253Made upTaking decision
254Map outPlan for future
255Meet withDisagree with someone opinion
256Miss outNot avail chance
257Mix upConfusion of something
258Move onGoing ahead
259Move outLeft the place
260Move overSuperseded
261Muddle throughManage something which was not prepared by you
262Mix upCreate confusion
263Mistake forAction which leads to some wrong action
264Measure upNecessary qualification
265Mark downReduction in price
266Map outMake planning of something
267Nail downTaking decision
268Narrow downReduce the possibility
269Nod offDozing/ fall asleep
270Nose aroundSearching something
271Note downWrite down
272Open upCommunicative
273Open upa new phase
274Opt toTake decision
275Order aboutAuthoritative instruction
276Order inRequest of something
277Put onPlace something on the body
278Put outExtinguish something that is burning/on
279Put upStay for a short time
280Pack inIndulge
281Pass awayDie 
282Pass byGo by
283Pass onTransmit 
284Pass outComplete initial training course
285Patch upDeal with
286Pay backRepay the loan
287Pay into Put money into the account
288Pick outChoose out of many
289Pile upenlarge in quantity
290Plan aheadTo make planning
291Play upMisbehave
292Point outTo indicate something
293Pat downGet attention towards something
294Pay backSomething which is done in return.
295Pay offSuffer a lot
296Phase outDiscontinue something
297Pick inTo choose something out of the numbers
298Pick upTake into grip
299Pick outSelection of something
300Pick onBehave someone badly
301Pay outPay money out the large sum
302 To hit someone with a vehicle
Run over
303Reach outStretch out a hand to touch
304Read outReading something aloud
305Rely onDepend on someone
306Result inCausing something
307Rip offCheating someone
308Rope inPersuade people
309Set inStart 
310Set upEstablish
311Set outProceeded towards journey
312Save upKeep money 
313See aroundSee someone in some other place
314See intoLook inside
315See offGoodbye
316See throughPeriod of difficulty
317Seek outSearch/find
318Sell ofSale of assets
319Send forAn order that something is sent to
320Send offDispatch something
321Set inContinuation of something unpleasant
322Set offStart a journey
323Settle downTo be quite
324Settle forAdjust something after settlement
325Shake offGetting rid of unpleasant thing
326Shop aroundLooking for a suitable thing ata low price
327Show offShowing something to someone in a pride
328Show upA visible thing
329Sign awayGiving rights to someone
330Sing offAnnounce the end of something
331Sit outStay until the end of something
332Sit upSpend more time than usual
333Size upTo evaluate something
334Sleep aroundSleep with many people
335Slip upMaking error
336Smooth overMake a disagreement
337Snap upTake something quickly
338Sort outTo resolve something
339Spark offBring something into action
340Speak forExpressing views of another person
341Start offBegin to travel
342Start outBegin to act upon something
343Step downWithdraw something
344Step outLeave the place for a short time
345Step inIndulge in some difficult situation
346Storm outGo to somewhere in depress condition
347Switch offStop giving attention to someone
348Switch onTo turn on/ to start
349Stop byAction which was happened and completed in past
350Strip offRemoving anything
351Takes afterLooks like
352Take awayBuy food at a restaurant
353Take downTake into writing
354Take offRemoving cloth
355Take onEngage someone
356Take outObtain official document
357Take overTake control of something
358Take upTime-consuming work
359Talk down toHumiliate
360Talk throughresolve the matter
361Tear downto make a protest against demolishing the building
362Tear updamage, remove
363Think ofopinion
364Think overthink again carefully
365Think upUse someone mind to invent something
366Tie upmutual consent
367Talk backReply quickly to someone
368Talk intoDoing something considering it a good reason 
369Tear apartCompletely raze
370Tidy upArrange something in a specific way
371Tone downThe soft intensity of something 
372Tone upGiving strength to the body
373Toss aroundTo give an idea in the discussion of some point
374Toy withBriefly thinking about something
375Turn aroundReverse action
376 To give something to some person while giving its authority
Turn in
377 Present on someone’s duty
Wait on
378Walk outLeft the place
379Ward offDefend
380Warm upHeat up
381Wash awayCarry away
382Wash outPostponed 
383Water downTurning down something
384Wear outSomething which has become useless due to its repeated use
385Weed outUnwanted things
386Whip up Causing of something
387Win backGetting again something
388Win overAccept and support something
389Wind downRelaxation after hectic work
390Wind upTelling something which causes annoyance
391Wipe outFinish 
392Work outSome plan in detail
393Wise upAlert to something
394Write outWriting in detail form
395Write upThe full format of something
396Write offCancellation of something as unimportant
397Yearn ofIntensive feeling about someone or something
398Zip aroundMoving from one place to other
399Zoon inClose
400Zoom outAdjust lens 

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