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Phrasal Verbs

250 phrasal verbs with meanings and sentences.

Phrasal VerbsMeaningSentence example
Account forResponsible for somethingHe is account for his criminal acts.
Act asPerform Locus is an intelligent boy, so he can act as my secretary.
Add toIn addition toHe lost his father last month and now the recent death of his mother has added to his grief. 
Amount toBecause ofHis extra hard work in the project will amount to his promotion. 
Appeal toAttraction His personality appealed to my mind.
Arrive atFind outAfter detailed research on the human body, the doctors arrived at the conclusion that the stomach is an integral part of the body.
Ask forSeek Locus asked for help from Julia in his exams. 
Ask aroundTo ask personsHe asked around his friends to visit his new house.
Broke downfail in strengthMy health broke down on account of hard work.
Broke intoEnterThe thieves broke into Liam’s house.
Broken outSpreadCOVID has broken out in the world.
Broke upEndedThe meeting broke up at midnight.
Brought upGrow upLucas was brought up by his grandmother.
Brought aboutTake placeOur Principal has brought about many changes in the school.
Begin withStart Our meeting session begins with the speech of our boss.
Blow outLit out At night, he blew out the flame in his house. 
Bow upReach the limitAfter serving twenty years in the company, he bowed up from his post.
Bring backCome backHis new cashier job brings him back to the memories of when he was serving as a waiter in a hotel.
Brush upTo improve the knowledgeTo start a photo gallery shop, I need to brush up while taking some pictures from the digital camera.
Burn outExhaustHe burned out the whole night to prepare for the exam.
Call atStay for a short timeI shall call at your office in the evening.
Called onVisitI called on him yesterday evening.
Called namesAbusesJohn called names to Liam yesterday.
Carried onContinueI carried on my father’s work during his absence.
Carry outAccomplish/He did not carry out my orders.
Carried awayGrippedHis only son was carried away by some thieves.
Came acrossMeet upWhile going to school yesterday, I came across Julia.
Come offTo be the result ofHis foolish talk will come off with serious effects.
Come fromBelongs toHe comes from a respectable family.
Call backIn returnI will call back you as I get free from work.
Call offCancel The college called off the music event due to the sudden accident of the signer.
Calm downRelax You can calm down your parents by seeking pardon from them.
Catch onUnderstand He catches on to every word of his teachers, therefore he remains successful in exams.
Charge withImposing The police caught the criminal and charged him with a murder offense.
Check intoEntrance time I will check into the hotel at 05:00 p.m.
Check outExitMy check-out time in this out will end at midnight
Drawing nearTo come near/closerOur annual examination is drawing near.
Check overScrutinyHe purchased the mobile after checking it over with the mobile expert.
Chop upCut outHe chopped up the vegetables for cooking chicken. 
Clean upTo make cleaningThe function has ended, now we should clean up the kitchen.
Clog upBlocked Something has clogged up in the wires of the engine. We should call the mechanic to clean it.
Combine withCollaboration To succeed in digital marketing, we should combine our experience with investment.
Come backAgain comeWe had a great time in London. Hope we will come back again next month.
Come intoReceived He came into a lot of money after the sudden death of his father.
Come upCome to conclusionHope the issue between the government and protestants will come up this Saturday. 
Come withProvide He brought a refrigerator to come with two years of guarantees.
Consist ofComprise The police party was consist of ten officials.
Cool downNormal atmosphereDon’t touch the hot pan, let the same should be cool down.
Correspond toQualify/meet upYour experience does not correspond to this job.
Count downWaiting anxiouslyEveryone in the house was counting down the remaining seconds to say “Happy birthday” to Olivia.
Cross upRemove He crossed up the names of outsiders in the list of participants of family functions.
Deal inBuy and sellHe deals in the business of shoes.
Depend onDetermine The company depends on old officials to do the important tasks.
Die outCome to end The old customs are dying out with the invention of new customs.
Dig upSomething undergroundHe dug up the road and found a dead body there.
Dispose ofConclude The case was finally disposed of after five years of its trial.
Divide upDistribute The partners divided the profit up equally with each other.
Do upWrap somethingPlease do up the bundle of clothes with rope.
Doze offFall asleep for a short periodShe was dozing off during her office time.
Draw upPrepare documentIt is the policy of our company to first draw up an agreement with the customers.
Dream ofTo make an image about some goalWhen he was a student, he dreamed of becoming a lawyer.
Drop offDrop someone at someplaceI usually drop off my kids at school while going to my workplace.
Eat onTo eat a meal at some restaurantLet’s eat on a meal at some restaurant tonight.
Egg onUrging someone His friend egged on him to commit theft or motorbike.
End withCome to endThe birthday celebration ended with a dance party.
Engage inAssociate Liana is a sympathetic woman, therefore she is engaged in different social welfare centers.
Expose toIntroduceOur company has the policy to expose the staff to every new technology. 
Entitle toRight over somethingHe is entitled to the benefits of his late father who was a government servant.
End upCome to endAll of his hard work to search for a job is ended up without any fruitful result.
Embark uponTo startHis earlier business has ended. Now he is struggling to embark upon the new business.
Eat inEat at homeCOVID has spread out. Let’s eat-in at home.
Eat intoCausing damageYour negligence in work is eating into the reputation of this company.
Fell outQuarrelHe fell out with his friend over a trifle.
Falls onTake holdThis year Christmas falls on Saturday.
Fell flatFail to get the desired resultAll my advice fell flat on him.
Fallen short ofDeficiencyI have fallen short of wheat.
Face withDifficult taskLiana was faced with a difficult situation either to stay home to wait for her child or to go out for his search. 
Fall behindFail to competeIf you fall behind on the installment of your loan, you will pay the fine for it.
Fall forCaptivate Don’t fall for the persons who promise to double the amount. 
Fall offDecreaseThe prices of wool clothes are fall off in summer but rise again in the winter season.
Fall outDisagreementBoth the brothers fall out with each other over the partition of property.
Fall overLose balanceThe child fell over, due hit by a wooden stick.
Get intoTake controlNo sooner did I get into the train than it started.
Getting onPerformance How are you getting on in the class?
Getting onProgress in somethingHow are you getting on with your studies?
Given upSomething is leftI have given up smoking.
Got ridTo abandon somethingI have got rid of bad habits.
Give awayGive something as a giftThe Chief guest will give away the prizes.
Give inAdmit defeatThe soldiers fought very gallantly but at last, they had to give in.
Given toHabitualJohn is given to gambling.
Gone throughTake a glance at somethingEmma has gone through this book once.
Gone outSpread outThe fire has gone out.
Gone upIncreaseWheat has gone up today.
Gone downDecrease Wheat has gone down today.
Go onContinue to work something Olivia goes on with your work.
Hand downTransmit He handed down all business work to his younger child.
Hand onDeliver He handed on the secret information to the police.
Hand outDistributionThe Government handed out pamphlets of public awareness among the people.
Hand overProducing something The robber handed over all the robbed amount to the police
Hang aroundWait at someplaceThe bus service management has arranged a hang around for the passengers sitting in the waiting area.
Hang outSpend time freelyJohn went with his friends for hanging out at some picnic place. 
Hang upPlace cloth on somethingPlease hang up my coat on the hanger. 
Head backReturn The protest will start soon in the market. You should head back to your home right away.
Hold downPreventThe police hold down the inflation from going towards the President’s house.
Hold onWaitPlease hold on the guest is yet to come.
Hold upStruck There was a traffic jam in the city, so we get to hold up in it.
Hook upLinkPlease hook up my computer with the printer.
Hurry upHaste or urgentHurry up, the train is yet to arrive.
Impose uponTo forcefully employ somethingThe government imposed penalties upon the people not wearing the mask.
Improved onMake something betterHe suggested that the design of our project could be improved on, before sending it to the head office.
Insist onEmphasize/I insisted on him paying the remaining amount today.
Interest inPersuade Channels advertise to get interested people in their products.
Invest inSupport financiallyThey are looking for companies to invest in their project.
Invite outInvite to go somewherePharma companies invite the doctors out for entertainment in northern areas.
Invite overCall I am inviting over my old friend to my house. Would you like to come?
Involve inIndulge During his study days, Jim was involved in political activities.
Iron outResolveIn the next meeting, we will iron out the final detail of our new project.
Join inParticipate I want you to join in our monthly meeting to present the detail of the new project.
Join upTogetherThe teacher persuaded the students to join up the computer class.
Jot downWrite downYou should jot down his address to meet him again.
Jumble upMix up withWrite down each date of vaccination, otherwise, you will be jumbled up.
Jump atAccept opportunity in hasteHe jumped at the opportunity of doing a job in the urban area.
Jump inJoin conversation You can jump into our welfare organization to help needy persons. 
Keep atPersistYou should keep at your decision of joining this company.
Keep awayMake distanceTry to keep away the children from the medicines.
Keep away fromAbundant You are suffering from multiple diseases. Try to keep away from drinks and unhygienic foods.
Keep backRemain at distanceHe always keeps himself back because of his speaking difficulty. 
Keep downLowCellular companies have kept down the rate of call packages due to competition. 
Keep offAvoid Keep off the naught friends, they will create hindrance in your studies.
Keep tohold to promiseWe have to keep to our budget, otherwise, we can face a serious problem.
Keep upContinuation of actionIf you keep up your work with zeal and zest, you will soon get a promotion.
Key inInstruct some databaseYou have to key in your code for entering into that program.
Kick offBecome angryThe conversation was going on when suddenly Jim kicked off Joe.
Knock backReject He knocked back the offer of the multinational company due to the reason that he is running his own business.
Knock offStop workingHe usually starts work early in the morning and knocks off at 3:00 p.m.
Knock outovercome the competitorThe company knocked out its competitors by launching cheap and durable products.
Look afterTake careI look after my brother.
Look downOverlookThe rich should not look down upon the poor.
Looked intoTo search or find out somethingThe police looked into the matter.
Look upFind out/Look up this word in the dictionary.
Lasy asideSave somethingIt is wise to lay aside the money for the hard days.
Lay downWork outLet’s lay down the rules of our company.
Lay offGive upThis is a last warning to you to improve your skills, otherwise, you will be laid off from this company.
Lay outSpread something for publicationThe government laid out its projects near the general elections.
Leave outLeftJim was left out of the company because he was offered a high rank in another company.
Let downFail to come up to someone expectationsJenny is an intelligent girl. I hope she will not let us down.
Let offLight punishmentThe teacher let off the students for not doing homework.
Line upTo make queueIt is better to line up in the public offices to do the work smoothly. 
Lock awayPut things in lockThe gym owner advised the members to lock away their valuables in the blocks allotted to them.
Log inThe procedure of entering into the databaseI have no idea how to log in to this Gmail account.
Log outTo leave the computer/Try to log out of all the websites while closing the computer.
Look forFinding I am looking for an experienced man for my new company.
Look overInspect somethingIt is wise to look over the vehicle to some mechanic before purchasing it. 
Lose outDisadvantageIf we overlook the minor mistake in our products, we will soon lose out on our worth.
Made up Make something ownHe has made up the story of his father’s death.
Make outUnderstandI cannot make out the meaning of this word.
Mail outPosting material at one time for promotionThis is an easy way to mail out the detail of your products to the people for getting good business.
Make intoChange the nature of somethingOur new Principal has decided to make the old building into a new one.
Make ofGive specific attention to someoneTry to make of the good opportunities to get success in life.
Make outDifficulty in understand If you can’t make out  what the boss is saying, sought him pardon and ask again.
Make upDoing planning for somethingMy friend has made up a plan for his exams.
Made upTaking decisionHe has made up his mind to visit his house.
Map outPlan for futureThe new engineer made the structure of the road after mapping out the future growth.
Meet withDisagree with someone opinionHis decision to visit London was met with disapproval by his parents.
Miss outNot avail chanceHe missed out on the chance to invest in this profitable project.
Mix upConfusion of somethingHe mixed up the original occurrence with the later one, in which his brother was injured.
Move onGoing aheadThere has become enough discussion on this topic, let’ move on to the next one.
Move outLeft the placeWe will soon move out of this building, as the new one has been constructed. 
Move overSupersededHe moved over to his juniors and obtained a high position in the company.
Nail downTaking decisionThe Election Commission has not yet nailed down the date of general elections.
Narrow downReduce the possibility5000 persons applied for the job of Hotel Manage but only 50 persons were narrowed down for the interview.
Nod offDozing/ fall asleepHe remained awakened last night, and now he is nodding off in the class.
Nose aroundSearching somethingThe revenue department is nosing around the accounts of our company.
Note downWrite downI always note down the orders of my boss at first instance.
Open upCommunicativeI like to open up the people rather make them a friend at once.
Open upa new phaseThis project of government will open up new jobs for the people.
Opt toTake decisionWe opted to visit London University instead of going to Manchester University.
Order aboutAuthoratative instructionI personally dislike the new Manage orders us about. He treats us like a sergeant in the army.
Order inRequest of somethingYou can order some food at home if you don’t like to go outside.
Put onPlace something on the bodyHe put on his clothes and went out for a walk.
Put outExtinguish something that is burning/onPut out the lamp
Put upStay for a short timeI put up in a hotel in Murree.
Pack inIndulgeThey packed in many investors in this project to increase the profit.
Pass awayDie After my uncle passed away, my aunt comes to our house for living.
Pass byGo byPlease pass by this letter to the letterbox.
Pass onTransmit Please pass on my retirement file to the head office after doing the necessary proceeding.
Pass outComplete initial training courseThe passing out parade in Army headquarters will be held on 5th March.
Patch upDeal withHe patched up the matter with his brother over the property dispute.
Pay backRepay the loanThe bank granted five years to the customer to pay the loan back.
Pay into Put money into the accountHe paid two hundred dollars each month into the account of the welfare society.
Pick outChoose out of manyHe picked out the unique monogram for his company out of the many.
Pile upenlarge in quantityThe accounts book has been piled up on his table for checking.
Plan aheadTo make planningHe developed the project and planned for its promotion.
Play upMisbehaveThe people were in protest when the police played with them up and disbursed them.
Point outTo indicate somethingThe teacher pointed out the mistakes in the questionnaire.  
Run overTo hit someone with a vehicleYesterday a child was run over by a motor car.
Reach outStretch out a hand to touchHe reached out to his foe on Christmas celebrations.
Read outReading something aloudThe church was very quiet when the pope read out the sermon.
Rely onDepend on someoneYou should not rely on the people who enjoy bad repute.
Result inCausing somethingThe football game ended resulting in no goal.
Rip offCheating someoneSome companies rip people off by charging them too high.
Rope inPersuade peopleTry to rope in as many people as you can to contribute to the charity fund.
Set inStart Autumn has set in.
Set upEstablishMy brother has set up a shop in the bazaar.
Set outProceeded towards journeyHe set out on a long journey.
Save upKeep money She is excited to save up her weekly pocket money to purchase the bicycle.
See aroundSee someone in some other placeI have never met Julia before, however, I saw her around once in a shopping mall.
See intoLook insideNo one can firmly say that what other is seeing into his mind.
See offGoodbyeWe see off our guests at the airport.
See throughPeriod of difficultyOnce I have decided to do this job, so I have to see it through no matter how difficult it is.
Seek outSearch/findI am seeking out an experienced lawyer for my case.
Sell ofSale of assetsI had to sell of my house to pay the debt obtained for the treatment of my child.
Send forAn order that something is sent toThe company sent him abroad for the treatment of his lungs.
Send offDispatch somethingHe sent off his documents by mail to the university.
Takes afterLooks likeHe takes after his father.
Take awayBuy food at a restaurantThere is only take away delivery allow in this café.
Take downTake into writingThe police stopped us on the way to the city area and wrote down our addresses.
Take offRemoving clothYou should take off the casual address while going outside the house.
Take onEngage someoneI have no room in my class to take on new students.
Take outObtain official documentDon’t forget to take out your personal belongings while leaving the hotel room.
Take overTake control of somethingThe Army took over the reign of the country after sending the existing government back home.
Take upTime-consuming workIt took up too much time to run the school.
Talk down toHumiliateDon’t talk down to the servants because of their poverty.
Talk throughresolve the matterIf you face some issues at your workplace, you should talk to your boss. 
Tear downto make a protest against demolishing the buildingMany members raised objections against the decision of the assembly to tear down the existing building of the parliament.
Tear updamage, removeThe children tore up the photographs of their parent’s marriage.
Think ofopinionWhat did you think about the seminar? Was it informative, or not?
Think overthink again carefullyYou should think about your decision, otherwise, you will suffer an irreparable loss.  
Think upUse someone mind to invent somethingJohn is thinking up about developing a new project.
Tie upmutual consentPlease tie up the matter with Jim and apprise me about your negotiation.
Wait onPresent on someone’s dutyMy boss directed me to wait on the welcome of guests. 
Walk outLeft the placeThe opposition walked out of the assembly when the government passed the bill.
Ward offDefendThe vaccine can ward off you from COVID.
Warm upHeat upBefore starting the game, you should be warm-up for it.
Wash awayCarry awayWhen the river overflowed, it washed away everything nearby.
Wash outPostponed The cricket match was washed out because of the rainstorm.
Zip aroundMoving from one place to otherIt is wise to zip around quickly on a motorbike than on a bicycle.
Zoon inCloseThe photographer zoomed the camera in and took the picture.
Zoom outAdjust lens After zooming out the document, you will get the actual size. 

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