Prepositional Phrase in a sentence

Prepositional phrase is the group of words that are formed with the combination of preposition and its object and is used to modify the object.

Prepositional Phrase:

A prepositional phrase is a combination of two words, ‘preposition’ and ‘phrase’. To better understand the prepositional phrase, firstly it is important to know about ‘preposition’ and ‘phrase’.

What is a Preposition?

A preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun to show its relation to some other word in the sentence. The common prepositions in a sentence are on, in, at, to, of, by, within, upon, etc.

What is a Phrase?

It is a group of words in which the combination of subject and verb is not present.A phrase can be formed by joining two or more words.

Prepositional Phrase

It is the group of words that are formed with the combination of preposition and its object and is used to modify the object.

Function of Prepositional Phrase

In a sentence, the prepositional phrase is either works as an adjective or as an adverb.


The boy in the yellow shirt is my fiance.

In the above sentence, the words i.e. ‘in the yellow shirt’ have been used as an adjective, which is describing the noun ‘boy’.

The cat sitting beneath the table was found me last week.

Here in the sentence, ‘beneath the table’ is a prepositional phrase which is giving information about a specific cat i.e. noun.

He will give me notes after the class.

Here ‘after the class’ is working as a prepositional phrase which is indicating the adverb ‘when’ in a sentence.

He got vaccinated in the evening.

In the sentence, the words ‘in the evening’ is acting as a prepositional phrase and is giving information about the adverb ‘when’ in a sentence.

Julia is arranging a dinner at her home.

Here ‘at her home’ is a prepositional phrase that is explaining the adverb of action ‘where’.

List of Prepositional Phrases Meanings & Examples:

Prepositional PhraseMeaningSentence
Abide byObey lawsGood people abide by the rules of the game
Absorbed inPay full attentionHe was absorbed in reading a book at that time
Abstain fromKeep oneself fromAbstain from drinking
Accede toAgreeHe will accede to my proposal.
Accord withMatchHis personality does not accord with his talk.
Account forAnswerableYou must account for your mistakes
Accuse ofAllegation The police can accuse him of theft
Accustomed toBe used toWe are accustomed to walking one hour daily
Acquit ofDo something wellShe will acquit herself in this matter
Act onFollow Now act on your promise
Adapt toMake suitableWe shall adopt this plan to our needs
Addicted toBe in the habit ofHe is addicted to smoking
Adequate toEnoughThis income is adequate for our needs
Adhere toBe faithful toAlways adhere to your religion
Admit ofAllow as possibleThis question admits of another answer
Affected byTroubled withWe were deeply affected by our friend’s failure
Affection forFondnessHe has great affection for his sister
Afraid ofFearfulI am not afraid of the danger here
Agree onDecide to do after discussionThey have agreed to start a project for the needy people
Agree withHave some opinion as someone elseI do not agree with you on this matter
Aim atIntend toI aim at becoming a doctor
Alive toFully awareWe are alive to our duties
Allude toIndirectly refer toYou allude to my mistakes, and I feel sorry.
Phrase start with “B”
Back out ofKnowing wellI am aware of his arrival
Bathe inBathingThey bath in the canal near their house
Bear awayWin the prizeWe hope that we shall bear away the prize at the debate
Bear outSupport the truth ofI can bear out his statement
Beg forAsk humbly forwe do not beg for your help
Believe inConsider being trueI cannot believe this story
Belong toBe connected withThis shop does not belong to him
Blame forConsider responsibleDo not blame her for the accident
Blame on Put the responsibilityDo not blame this loss on me
Blind inCan’t see anything physically The beggar is blind in the right eye
Blind ofUnable to seeJoker was blind of one eye
Born inBirthShe was born in poverty
Boast of Talk too proudlyDo not boast of your property so much
Bound forIntending to goThis plane is bound for London
Break awayLeave free oneself fromThe thief broke away from the policemen
Break intoForce one’s away into the stealThe thief could not break into the bank
Break offTo endThe two countries may break off their relations
Break outBegin suddenlyNo disease can break out in a clean town
Break throughForce away throughThe army will break through the enemy lines
Bring upTrainShe will bring up the children in the best ways
Buy offBribe for getting something doneThey can buy off the government officer
start with “C”
Call atPay a visitWe shall call at his house in the evening
Call forRequireOur leader made a call for an end to begging
Call inAsk to attendI shall call in the police if there is a danger
Call off Cancel or give upThe worker may call off the strike
Capacity forAbility to do somethingHe has the capacity for climbing high mountains
Capable ofHaving the ability to do somethingHe has the capacity for climbing high mountains
Care aboutThink it importantI do not care about your talk against me
Care forLikeI do not care about your talk against me
Care forLook afterMy mother will care for her friend’s child
Careful aboutTaking careBe careful about your money and property
Carry onContinueCarry out the orders of your officers
Catch atTry to hold or seizeOur cat will catch at your bird
Caution againstWarn about possible dangerWe cautioned him against copying in the examination
Certain ofSure I am certain of his success
Change in Becoming differentWe feel the change in the weather
Change ofReplacementWe want a change of the government
Clever atQuick in learningRafel is clever at cooking
Come byGet by chanceWe have come by a gold watch on the road
Come offBecome separatedThe cover of the book may come off
Come overAffect someoneA happy feeling came over him when he met his mother after a long time
Commence withStart withThey will commence the meeting with a prayer
Comment onGive an opinion aboutI do not like to comment on the dirty politics of the country
Compete for Try to win something in the competitionYou should compensate for his losses
Confide toTell secrets to somebodyDo not confide your secrets to John because he is against you
Confident ofCertain ofHe is confident of his success
Confront withBring face to face withThey will confront you with your corruption
Congenial toIn agreement with one’s tasteThe weather here is congenial to your health
Consist inHave the qualities as describedHonesty consists in speaking the truth
Phrase start
 with “D”
Deal inSell These shops deal in cloth
Deal withBehave towardsOur boss deals affectionately with the staff members
Decide onChoose to do somethingWe decided on a visit to the hill station at last
Delight inFee happyMy mother is a delight in my success
Demand forDesire to obtainThere is a lot of demand for Graphic Designers today
Depend onRely upon for supportJohn use to depend on Julia for preparation his exams
Deprive ofTake away fromThe thief deprive the lady of her personal belongings
Derive fromObtain fromWe can derive a good lesson from this story
Desire forStrong wishThey have a desire to become a doctor in future
Develop intoGrow or increaseThis plant will soon develop into a tree
Devoid ofNot havingShe is devoid of wisdom
Differ fromDifferent from another thingMy books differ from your books
Different from-do-My opinion is different from her
Differ withNot to agree with otherI differ with you in this matter
Discovery ofTo find out somethingThe discovery of new countries is impossible now
Disgusted withFeeling strong dislikeHe is disgusted with her behavior
Displeased withUnhappyHer boss is much displeased with her
Dispose ofGiving awayI want to dispose of my old bicycle
Divide intoMake distributionDivide this apple into two parts
Drive atMean to sayCan you tell what he is driving of?
Drop offFall asleepThey drop off in class together
 start with “E”
Eager forHaving a strong desire She is eager for a visit to Paris
Efficient inDoing something very ablyShe is very efficient in her work
Emphasis onGive special importance toThe place emphasis on hard work
Engaged inBe busy withHe was engaged in studies when we went to him
Enlist in Join one of the armed forcesThey have enlisted in the army
Entitled toDeserveYou are entitled to a better position in the profession
Entrust with Give the chargeWe should not entrust this difficult task to her
Envious ofShowing envySome of my friends are envious of my success
Equipped withSupplied withThe factory is equipped with modern machinery
Estimate atCalculate roughlyThey estimate the arrival of guests in function at one thousand
Excel inDo better thanYou cannot excel him in singing
Expel fromTurn outWhy was he expelled from his college?
 start with “F”
fall back onTurn to for supportYou can fall back on your friend’s help in difficulty
Fall outQuarrelThey will never fall out as they are close friends
Fall in withMeet by chanceWe become very happy when we fall in with old friends in new cities
Familiar withKnowing well He is familiar with your boss
Feel forHave sympathy withThey do not feel for their old friend who is in poor
Find outLearn with effortWe should find out the truth in the matter
Fire atShoot atThe police fired at the thieves
Fit forSuitableYou are quite fit for this job
Focus onPay special attention to somethingThe government should focus on the education of special persons
Fond ofGreat liking forLocus is very fond of red color cars
Foreign toNot natural toBusiness is foreign to his character
Frown at Show anger or worryShe frowned at me when I told her about her dark future
 start with “G”
Gaze atLook constantlyHe became angry when we gazed at her
Get atReach with effortHe tried to get at the apples on the tree
Get overOvercomeWe shall get over our problems soon
Get atReach with effortHe tried to get at the apples on the tree
Get overOvercomeWe shall get over our problems soon
Give awayDistributeWho will give away the prizes at the end of the match?
Give inAccept defeatDon’t give in to his demands
Give upStop having Do not give up your efforts
Glad atBe happy atThey all are glad at your success
Glance at Take a quick look atI glanced at the clock, I found that it was time for the departure
Go aboutHandleI do not know how to go about getting my money back from him
Go afterFollow someoneI tried to go after the running child
Grasp atHoldHe tried to grasp at my shirt
Greedy forHaving excessive desireHe is greedy for money and power
Grieve forFeel deeply sadThey grieve for their dead father
Grow out ofDevelop from somethingCrime grows out of poverty
Guess atMake a guess aboutWe can only guess at his income
Guilty ofResponsible for some wrongdoingHe is guilty of this crime
 start with “H”
Hand overGive control ofOut teacher will hand over the charge of the class to the junior teacher
Hang upHalt the progress ofThe floods will hang up the construction of the road
Hanker afterDesire to have greatlyDo not hanker after money so much
Hard onTreat Do not be so hard on the students
Hatred forIntense dislikeWe should not have any hatred for each other
Heir toLegally entitleThe son is heir to most of his property
Hindrance toStops in the wayHis inability is a great hindrance to his progress
Hint atMake gestureI hinted at his failure if he did not study
Hold outFaceOur army will hold out against the enemy until its defeat
Hold upBlock the movement ofThe road repairs hold up the traffic for a long time
Honest inTo be loyalWe should be honest in our work
Hope forFeeling of expectationHope for the best and be prepared for the worst
Hostile toAgainstThey are hostile to me for nothing
Hunt forSearch forThe hunt for the lost aircraft is continuing
 start with “I”
Ignorant ofNot knowingWe are ignorant of the result of poverty
Inform ofTell aboutI have informed him of the examination result
Impose onEstablish officiallyThe government will impose fines on the smugglers
Impress onFix deeply on the mindHe tried to impress on me that he was very able
Impute toAttribute Do not impute his mistake to him
In preference toA greater liking over one alternativeI bought a book in preference to shoes
Incite toEncourage or stir upThey tried to incite me to quarrel with Joe
Inclined toDesire to do somethingHe is inclined to do business
Included inCompromise or containYou are included in the team
Incapable ofNot able to doHe is incapable of learning this subject
Increase inGreater in sizeHe wants an increase in his salary
Indebted toVery grateful toI am indebted to you for your timely help
Independent ofFree from outside controlJulia is spending her life independent of her parents
Indifferent toNot caring aboutLocus is indifferent to your anger
Indulge inEnjoy something muchWe should not indulge in hunting so much
Infected withWith disease put into the bodyHe was infected with measles at the dirty place
Infer fromDraw the meaning fromI cannot infer any result from this talk
Inherit fromReceive from those who have diedWe inherited this house from our father
Injurious toCausing damageSmoke is injurious to health
Innocent ofNot guilty of a crimeHe is innocent of this crime
Inquire ofTo askWe injured of her what she wanted to do
Insight intoDeep understanding ofHe has insight into political matters
Insist onRequire or demand something forcefullyDo not insist on your point
Interest inWanting to know or learnI have no interest in useless films
Intimate withClose and familiar withDo not be so intimate with them
Introduce toMake known for the first timePlease introduce me to your new friend
 start with “J”
Jealous ofWanting to get what someone hasHe is jealous of Joe’s new job
 start with “K”
Keen aboutWanting to do somethingHe is very keen on starting projects for the poor people
Keep to somethingDo what one has promisedKeep to your promise
Knock atStrike a surface noisily He will knock at the door when he comes
Knock aboutLead  an irregular lifeIt is his habit to knock about in new cities
 start with “L”
Lack ofNot having enoughLack of money has forced them to work hard
Late for After the right timeYou are very late for the class
Laugh atmake the spontaneous soundDo not laugh at his foolishness 
Lay downStop using somethingOur forces will never lay down their arms before the enemy
Lay outShow to othersWe can never let out your secrets
Lecture onSerious speechHis lecture on democracy was useful
Live on Having a particular thing to spend lifeThey live on their lands
Long forDesire greatlyWe long for his friendship
Look forTry to findWe should look for a new house
Look outBe readyLook out! You may fail if you do not study
Loyal toFaithful toWe should be loyal to our country
Lack in Do not have enoughWe lack in tea
 start with “M”
Made ofMaterial use in somethingThis table is made of glass
Make away withStealHe tried to make away with my watch but was caught
Make forMove in the direction ofShe made for her house when she got tired in the market
Make outUnderstand with difficultyCan you make out this writing?
Meddle withInterfere withWe should not meddle with the affairs of others
Mediate onTry to get an agreement between two partiesYou should mediate between the two brothers
Mix with Associate withDo not mix with people of bad habits
 start with “N”
Necessary forNeeded to be doneIt is necessary for you to wear the uniform
Notorious forFamous for the bad qualityHe is notorious for dealing in narcotics
 start with “O”
Object toBe againstHe should not object to my plans
Obliged toGratefulI am obliged to him for his help
Offended withMuch displeased withHe was offended by your talk
Operate onPerform the operationThe surgeon operated on the patient successfully
Opposed toMuch displeased withHe is opposed to your political ideas
Overcome withOverpowered byWe cannot be overcome with your power
Overwhelmed withOverpowered with emotionShe was overwhelmed with anger when he abused her
 start with “P”
Part withGive awayI cannot part with these books
Part from Be separated fromWe feel very sad when we part from school friends
Partial toFavoring one side moreA teacher should not be partial to any student
Participate inTake partHe is going to London to participate in a seminar
Particular aboutGive close attention toShe is quite particular about her hair and clothes
Patience withTolerate withA teacher should have patience with weak students
Passion for Very great desire forHe has a great passion for old coins
Persist inContinue withThey were ill, but they persisted in playing game
Play atDo something without real interestShe plays at teaching
Play onTake advantage of one’s feelingsDo not try to play upon her fears
Plot againstMake secret plans againstThe worker plotted against the boss
Possessed ofHave, ownShe is possessed of beauty, wisdom, and wealth
Pray forPolite requestI pray for your success
Prefer toLike betterI prefer coffee to tea
Prepared forBe ready forWe are prepared for success as well as failure
Preside overParticipate as head The Principal presided over the meeting of the teachers
Prevail onPersuadeI shall prevail on him to sell his old books to me
Proceeded withContinue Proceeded with our work, please
Proficient inExpert inYou areproficient in English
Prominent inWidely knownHe is prominent in his profession
Pull downDestroy a buildingThey should pull down the dangerous building
Put in Spend time doing somethingHe put in two hours writing this essay
Put outExtinguish a fireThey put out the fire at the factory
Put up with TolerateI cannot put up with this insult
 start with “Q”
Quick atIntelligent at somethingHe is quick at business but poor in housework
 start with “R”
Reason forComeWhat is the reason for your good health?
Rebel againstFight against Many soldiers rebelled against the government
Recover fromGet wellHe has just recovered from a long illness
Refrain fromHold oneself backWe should refrain from telling lies
Rejoice atBe very happy ofWe rejoice at our grand success
Regard for Respect forHe has great regard for his teachers
Relevant toDirectly connected withYour answer is relevant to the question
Relieve of Remove unpleasant feelingThis tablet will relieve you of pain
Rely onTrustWe cannot rely on them as they are dishonest
Repent ofBe sorry forNow I repent of my mistake
Replete withWell suppliedThe store is replete with the best food
Rescue fromSave from He rescued her from the fire
Retreat from Move back or awayThe fighters retreated to the forest from the battle
Rule outRejectWe rule out support to dishonest rulers
 start with “S”
Search forFind outWe searched for the lost watch everywhere
See toAttend toSee to the letters that you have to write
Seek afterTry to find A good student seeks after knowledge at all places
Sell atBe sold at a priceWe sell this cloth at Rs. 50$ per meter
Set inBegin and continueThe summer season has set in
Set upGo in business asHe will set up as a doctor on his return from America
Shocked at Feel very upsetI am shocked at his strange behavior
Shoot atFire a gunThey shot at the thieves
Side with Take asideYou should not side with my enemy
Sneer at Speak hatefullyDo not sneer at your enemies
Sorry forFeel sympathy forWe are sorry for the children who go uneducated
Stand Support somebodyWe shall stand by you in every difficulty
Stare at Look fixedly in wonderDo not stare at others like this
Stink of Give a bad smellThese shops stink of dirty oil
Strive for Make great effortWe shall strive for success in all these difficulties
Sufficient forEnoughOur income is sufficient for the family
Suitable for Fit forThis house is suitable for our family
Surety for Guarantee forWho will stand surety for you at his job?
 start with “T”
Take care of somebodyLook afterTake care of your parents well
Take downWrite downAs I speak, take down my words
Take offRemove clothesHe took off his clothes and then he jumped into the river
Taken inTo be cheatedThe poor people are taken in by clever politicians
Take toBegin regularlyHe will take to acting if he fails the examination
Tally withTo agree withYour figures do not tally with ours
Tempt with Make someone do something bad in an attractive wayHe tempted his friend into busying his old camera
Tide overOvercome difficultiesWe are trying to tide over our difficulties
Tired ofBored withI have got tired of working long hours
Triumph overGain a victory overHe triumphed over his opponents in the election
Trust in Have confidence inAll of us trust in your leadership
 start with “U”
Usher intoShow the way toThe servant ushered us into the office
 start with “V”
Vote forGive opinion in favor of another personWe should vote for able leaders
 start with “W to Y”
Want ofAbsence ofThe crops failed for want of water
Wash offRemove by washingShe washed off the stains easily
Wash up Wash platesPlease wash up the plates after eating
Weary ofVery tiredHe is wary of visiting that office every day
Wind upFinish a speechLet us wind up this long discussion
Wish forHave a desire forWe cannot wish for the moon
Withdraw fromMove backWe will not withdraw our proposal in the auction proceeding
Witness toOne who can explain somethingHe is a witness to the accident
Work outFind the solution by thinking or talkingWe are trying to work out an agreement with them
Wrest with Struggle with a personHe wrestled well with the strong man
Write offCancel bad debtRich countries should write off our debts
Yield toStop opposition to surrender toWe can never yield to force

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