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Proper Noun

In English grammar, the noun has been categorized into nine types. Out of them, the proper noun is the one. A noun is considered as the name of any physical or abstract thing. It is an integral part of a sentence and without using it, the structure of a sentence does not complete.

In a sentence, when the happening of something by some particular person has been shown, it is known as a proper noun. The function of a common noun is to indicate the name of some common thing or object whereas a proper noun is always used to indicate some special or particular thing.

To better understand the proper noun, it is important to firstly understand the definition of noun with examples.

What is Noun?

The word ‘noun’ means name. It stands for the name of people, place, animal, thing, feeling, and emotion. In a sentence, the noun gives information about the thing, place, or a person to whom the action has been referred.

The structure of the sentence is incomplete without the inclusion of a noun. A noun is used in both singular or plural forms in a sentence and it decides that which helping verb or article is used in a sentence with it. The pointation of a noun is an easy task in a sentence but sometimes it becomes complicated when the plural form of a noun is used.

Examples of Noun & use in sentences:

Noun example of names:

The noun includes the name of a person. It usually comes in a singular form.

  • The President
  • A man
  • My mom
  • Donald Trump

Use in sentences:

  • The President of this country is a nobleman.
  • My mom cooks food.
  • A man is sitting there.
  • Donald Trump was the president of America.

Noun example of places:

The noun includes the name of a place.

  • London
  • River
  • Park
  • Ground
  • U.K.

Use in sentences:

  • My parents live in London.
  • We are sitting near the bank of the river.
  • The children are playing on the ground.
  • I will go to attend the meeting in the U.K.

Noun example of things:

In this type, the name of a thing is used as a noun.

  • Chair
  • glass
  • book

Use in sentences:

  • He is sitting on a chair.
  • John is reading a storybook.
  • He is drinking water in a glass.

Proper Noun:

Proper noun is the name of a particular person, place, or thing. For example, Columbus, Newton, Pen, Book, London, Bing are the names which do not use for any other purpose. These nouns always begin with a capital letter. The capital letters are also used for the first letter in the proper names of the days of the week, the months, special seasons, holidays, and festivals.

Proper Noun Examples:

Newton invented calculus.
(Here the Newton refers to a particular person and calculus refers to a specific idea)

I am going to Australia this week.
(Australia is a particular place and is a proper noun)

The boy over there is Jessy.
(Here Jessy is the name of a particular person about whom the presence has been shown)

Today is Sunday.
(The sentence is pointing towards a particular day in a week)

We celebrated her birthday in April.
(April is the particular month among the twelve month, therefore it is an example of proper noun).

She bought a book and a pen.
(book and pen refer to particular things)

Some more examples of proper noun are as under.

  • Ahmad goes to school through Car.
  • Anna cooks food at 02:00 p.m.
  • My parents live in London.
  • Her fiance is working at Chicago Textile Mills Ltd.
  • She has one Gold ring.
  • Let me introduce you to Mr. Jimmy.
  • My marriage will be held in December.
  • Doctors are expecting her delivery in October.
  • Mr. Francisco has an Aeroplane.
  • I went to my house by Train.
  • I sent my post through T.C.S.
  • I go to the park for a Morning Walk.
  • I eat Bread and Jam daily.
  • He always wears the shoes of Adidas.
  • This player has a bat of Boss company.
  • I am reading a poetry book.
  • She purchased pencils for the children.
  • He helps the poor with clothes.
  • He has received Gold Medal in exams.
  • My father has an old bicycle.
  • The color of this car is white.
  • I am going to attend the meeting on Monday.
  • I have to conduct interview on Saturday.
  • My joining date in this company is 6th March.
  • The mangoes will be supplied in August.
  • The rain shall start in November.
  • Julia was born in Melbourne.
  • I use to go to the U.S.
  • My sister belongs to America.
  • The boy who lost the game was Jona.
  • The cricket match will be held at Rose Park.
  • The boys will take a meal at Eden restaurant.
  • The girl sitting in the cradle was Pummy.
  • I am fond of eating Chicken.

Following is the list of some Proper Nouns.

ColumbusNewtonIssac Pitman
PresidentMy momMy sister
Donald TrumpBarack ObamaAllama Iqbal
GlassRose GardenApril
AddidasPoetry bookPencil
ChurchAmericaEden Restaurant
AeroplaneBoss CompanyDecember

Questions & Answers relating to Proper Noun.

Q: How the proper noun is different from common noun?
Ans: Common noun is used for the common name, place, and thing whereas proper noun is used for some particular person, place or thing.
Example of Common Noun: Book, Chair, Table, Clock
Example of Proper Noun: London, Saturday, Aeroplane

Q: Indicate proper noun in a sentence.

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