Purgative definition and examples

Purgative definition and examples

The term “purgative” arises from the Latin noun pūrāre, which means to “cleanse” or “purify.” In ancient Greek and Roman times, the word was used to refer to any substance that could cleanse the body and mind from harmful substances, be it from food or the environment.

What does purgative mean?

The word purgative means something that cleanses a person or thing. Purgatives are usually used to treat constipation or diarrhea. They may also be used as a means of treating poisoning or as an enema treatment. Some examples of purgatives include castor oil, senna, and aloe vera juice.

How to use purgative in Sentences 

These are some examples of sentences where the word “purgative” has been used:

  1. This morning, I had a cup of coffee, but I need a purgative to clear my system.”
  2. The doctor prescribed a purgative to cure my constipation.
  3. He took a purgative drink and vomited all the food he ate last night.
  4. The purgative is one of the four principal homeopathy remedies and the one that most readily produces diarrhea or discharge of bile.
  5. Purgatives are often taken to relieve constipation, hemorrhoids, or other bowel diseases.
  6. The purgative is an excellent remedy for dyspepsia and diseases arising from a sluggish liver. Still, if it is taken in too large doses or continued too long, it may produce sickness and vomiting.
  7. A wholesome diet, regular exercise, and moderate bathing are very conducive to health, but every excess in diet or activity is prejudicial: excessive abstinence produces debility, and excessive indulgence induces fevers and disorders of the bowels.
  8. The doctor gave the patient a purgative.
  9. She took a solid purgative and had diarrhea for two days.
  10. Purgative drugs are often prescribed for people with constipation, although they do not help to produce more bowel movements. These drugs can make it more difficult for your body to eliminate waste material.
  11. In nature, most animals can purge; however, humans are the only species that purposely use purgatives as part of their diet.
  12. This book is an excellent purgative.
  13. The plant is a purgative and may be used to induce vomiting in cases of poisoning by other drugs or food.
  14. The drug will be effective as a purgative but not as an emetic.
  15. It is stated that the bark is a very powerful cathartic and that it has been employed with success for this purpose. Still, it is not indicated whether it has been tried as a purgative in dropsical cases, nor is it usual to give it in large doses.
  16. The purgative act of cleaning out your closet will help you get rid of things you no longer need and make way for new items.
  17. The purgative effect of castor oil is due to ricin oleic acid.
  18. The saponin content of soapbark also makes it a helpful mullein purgative and diuretic.
  19. It is unknown whether this plant has any medicinal properties, but it has been used as a purgative and emetic by Native Americans.
  20. He was given a purgative for his stomachache.
  21. I’ve been taking some purgative herbs to cleanse my body.
  22. The drug was made from extracts of purgative plants like jalap root, Senna leaves, and cascara bark.
  23. I’m sorry I had to use the purgative last night; I hope it didn’t cause you any discomfort.
  24. He was prescribed a mild purgative to help with his constipation problem.
  25. The doctor gave me some pills for my headache, but they worked more like a purgative than anything else.
  26. The purgative effect of this drug may be due to its ability to cause diarrhea.
  27. When the bowels are constipated, a purgative should be given, and costiveness exists.
  28. A decoction of walnut leaves or bark is an excellent mild purgative.
  29. Adding a little ginger can strengthen the purgative effect of these herbs.
  30. The medicine was a powerful purgative.
  31. The doctor gave her a purgative to cleanse her system.
  32. Ginger tea is a popular natural remedy for nausea and vomiting. Its active ingredient, gingerol, is a powerful purgative.
  33. Purgatives have long been known to be effective in inducing bowel movements.
  34. The purgative properties of senna may also be beneficial in treating constipation.
  35. The purgative effect of chamomile tea can be attributed to its tannin content, which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.
  36. The skin is cleansed with a mild, non-irritating cleanser that is non-drying and non-purgative.
  37. The individual’s symptoms are evaluated using the HBI to determine whether they are predominantly inflammatory or purgative.
  38. Our bodies have a natural tendency to purge themselves of harmful substances when we go through a detoxification process.
  39. The purgative effect of alexander’s treatment is most evident in the case of the king’s daughter.
  40. This purgative will help your body cleanse itself.
  41. On the first day, take one teaspoonful of the purgative in a glass of water before breakfast.
  42. I’ll give you a mild purgative; then, we’ll see how well it works on you.
  43. The medicine was a purgative, but it did not work on her.
  44. Her diet was too rich for her, and she suffered from constipation. So her doctor prescribed some purgatives for her.
  45. The purgative effect of the medicine will help you get rid of all the harmful toxins from your body.
  46. Her constant cough purgative affects her lungs, and she often suffers from colds, bronchitis, and asthma attacks.
  47. The medicine was a powerful purgative, but it worked.
  48. I took an enema, which is a purgative that cleanses your colon.
  49. Laxatives can be taken orally or rectally as a purgative.
  50. A little fasting is good, but if it goes too far, it becomes purgative and kills.
  51. Her mother gave her a purgative to make her go to the bathroom faster.
  52. Purgatives are also used in some cases of poisoning to induce vomiting to prevent further absorption of the poison into the body.
  53. It is a purgative remedy and will tend to promote the discharge of impurities from the body.

Similar Words of purgative:

emetic; cathartic; purgative; expelling; purging cleansing; cleansing; detoxifying; purgative; cleansing; cleansing; cleansing; bracing; cathartic; cleansing; excreting; expelling; evacuating; purging; aesthetic; aesthetician; aestheticize; bland; cleansing; cleansing diet; charming; charmingness; refinement; refine; refine taste; refining substance; annoying; bothersome; distasteful; distressing; irksome; offensive; off-putting; repugnant; repulsive; revulsive; sickening

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