Rhyming words in English

Words that have similarities in their sounds are called rhyming words. There are many rhyme words in the English language. Although these words sound alike but their meanings are different.

Rhyming Words Syllable

In rhyme words, the sound of a syllable is the same but the meanings and spellings are different. In the English language, the rhyme words produce a good rhythmic effect on the readers.  

Following are the rhyme words.

Rhyming Words (“A” sound)

1.Bat, cat, mat, rat
2.Bag, rag, tag, wag
3.Tap, cap, gap, map
4.Dad, lad, pad, sad
5.Van, can, fan, man, pan
5.Jam, dam, ram
6.Ball, tall, hall, wall
7.Band, hand, sand
8.Sack, back, pack, rack
9.Tank, bank, sank
10.Lamp, camp, ramp

The above-mentioned words are indicating that the sound of the syllable ‘a’ has been used in all these words. Though the spellings and meanings of these words are different yet the sound is the same.

Rhyming Words (“E” sound)

1.Hen, den, men, pen, ten
2.Bed, led, red, wed
3.Net, jet, pet, wet
4.Egg, keg, leg, peg
5.Bell, fell, well
6.Tent, dent, sent
7.Nest, rest, vest
8.Neck, deck, peck

Rhyming Words(“I” sound)

1.Big, dig, fig, wig
2.Ting, bing, fin, pin
3.Kid, lid, mid
4.Nib, bib
5.Lip, pip, sip, tip, zip
6.Hit, kit, lit, pit, sit
7.Dish, wish, fish
8.Bill, hill, mill, pill
9.Kick, lick, pick, wick
10.Ring, king, sing, wing
11.Link, sink, wink shrink

Rhyming Words (“O” sound)

1.Mop, cop, top
2.Cot, dot, pot
3.Log, dog, jog, fog
4.Book, cook, hook
5.Love, dove, above
6.Ox, box, fox
7.Cock, lock, rock, sock

Rhyming Words (“U” sound)

1.Sun, bun, gun, run
2.Tub, cub, hub, rub
3.Hut, cut, nut
4.Pup, cup
5.Bud, mud
6.Mug, jug, rug
7.Jump, bump, dump, pump
8.Duck, suck, buck, luck

Despite the above-narrated rhyming words, there are few words in the English language that also sound alike.

More Rhyming Words

1.Around, sound, Found, round
2.Again, Rain, Train, Brain
3.Eight, Late, Date, Hate, Fate, Rate
4.Pen, Hen, Men, Women, Milkmen
5.Four,  Door, Floor, Flour
6.Play, Day, May, Away
7.September, October, November
8.Crime, Time, Lime, Prime
9.It, Lit, Bit, Sit
10.High, Thigh, Sigh
11.West, Best, Nest
12.Kick, Lick, Pick, Sick
13.Bent, Dent, Sent, Tent
14.Night, Might, Fight
15.Sake, Wake, Lake
16.Glow, Flow, Blow
17.All, tall, fall, small
18.Strong, wrong
19.Hymn, lime, climb
20.Wing, sing
21.Heaves, leaves
22.Book, Cook, Took, Look
23.Here, There, Care, Fair
24.Clear, year, Pear, Tear
25.By, Sky, Cry, Try
26.Fight, Light, Height, Flight
27.Mother, Father, Brother
28.Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
29.Big, Dig, Fig, Wig
30.Bill, Fill, Mill, Hill
31.Keep, Sleep, Weep
32.Light, Fight, Height
33.Flower, shower
34.Song, Long
35.Praise, Phrase, craze, chase
36.Stay, Sway
37.Face, Place, race, trace, surface
38.Change, range
39.Ball, fall, tall
40.Swing, Swing
41.Roof, loaf, proof
42.Jug, mug, rug
43.Till, ill, fill, nil, kill,
44.Cook, hook, foot
45.Theft, left, behest
46.Arm, warm, charm
47.Bag, tag
48.Rank, prank
49.House, mouse, arouse
50.Pleasant, crescent,

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