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Rococo in a sentence| Use rococo in a sentence

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Rococo in English

The term “rococo” comes from the French word “rocaille,” meaning “rockwork” or pebble work. This term describes anything with a rough surface resembling rocks or pebbles, such as shells or coral fragments.

Rococo is a decoration style that emerged in the mid-to-late 18th century and quickly became widely fashionable in Europe. Rococo stylistics were based on curved lines, asymmetrical shapes, light colors, and pastel tones. The French word rocaille moved from the interior to the exterior of a building, from inside to out, and thus came to mean ornamental sculpture.

Rococo was also a reaction to symmetry and standardization. The style was initially derided as frivolous compared to neoclassical architecture; however, it has since been recognized for its unique artistic merit and sophistication.

sentences with rococo

These are some examples of sentences where the word “rococo” has been used:

  1. Rococo is an early 18th-century European style characterized by lightness, asymmetry, and curves in contrast with the more formal Baroque style of the previous century.
  2. The Rococo style focuses on lightness, asymmetry, and intricate decorations. Its name derives from French for ‘small room.’
  3. The Rococo period was a reaction to the Baroque style. It emphasized grace and elegance rather than grandeur.
  4. The Rococo style was also popular in Germany, France, and England.
  5. The design is also inspired by rococo-style architecture.
  6. The museum has an extensive collection of rococo artworks on display.
  7. They’re still using a lot of rococo ornamentation in this place.
  8. The palace’s interior is decorated in rococo style with paintings, stucco work, and furniture designed by Johann Zoffany.
  9. The rococo style, with its soft lines, elaborate detail, and asymmetrical forms, was popular in France during the reign of Louis XV.
  10. Rococo artists preferred to paint scenes from nature rather than religious subjects like their Baroque predecessors.
  11. Rococo art is characterized by ornate details such as curlicues, bows, and ribbons on ornate furniture pieces such as commodes or armoires.
  12. The rococo style is a light and delicate art, very ornate and full of curlicues.
  13. The rococo period was known for its lavish use of gold leaf, veneers, and elaborate carved ornamentation.
  14. The rococo style emerged in France during the reign of Louis XV (1710-1774) as an outgrowth of the baroque style.
  15. The rococo style was characterized by lightness, elegance, grace, and frivolity.
  16. The Rococo period lasted from 1730 to 1750.
  17. The rococo movement is characterized by the use of elegant ornaments, curving lines, and gilding.
  18. Rococo art is known for its elaborate designs and ornate details.
  19. The rococo style of architecture was popular in France during the 18th century.
  20. Rococo architecture is characterized by ornate decorations and curvilinear forms such as swags, scrolls, or shells.
  21. Rococo furniture was designed to be light and delicate so as not to overpower rooms with significant decorative elements such as chandeliers or mirrors that hung from ceilings or walls.
  22. The rococo ceiling at Versailles called for multitudes of gilded cherubs and clouds full of angels carrying lilies.
  23. The rococo style was used in interior decoration in France and Germany in the eighteenth century.
  24. Rococo art is associated with the 18th century, but its beginnings can be traced back to the 16th century.
  25. The rococo design was characterized by asymmetrical compositions, elaborate ornamentation, and light colors.
  26. Rococo artists were known for their ornate designs, inspired by nature and classical antiquity.
  27. Rococo is also an architectural style that features elaborate decoration and curving lines.
  28. Rococo style often includes heavy ornamentation, such as gold, marble, or wood carvings, painted ceilings or walls, and mirrors or chandeliers hanging from the top.

Similar Words of rococo:

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