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Satire is a literary genre of the late 17th century that is both a parody and a critique of a specific person, society, or thing. Satire uses irony, sarcasm, exaggeration, and wit to increase the piece’s humor.

Use satire in Sentences

These are some examples of sentences where the word “satire” has been used:

  1. This novel is not just a satire on the upper class but also an examination of the power of evil.
  2. The author uses Satire to make fun of political corruption.
  3. It is a satire on the folly of men, who are apt to mistake the actual value of things.
  4. I am not serious; I am never more so than when I jest. Satire or sense, it is all the same to me.
  5. The musical play is a satire on Mormonism.
  6. Jonathan Swift’s essay is an example of Satire.
  7. Satire is the only weapon that can defend the freedom of our minds.
  8. The difference between Satire and sarcasm is that Satire is a parody of stupidity, and sarcasm is a parody of character.
  9. Satire is not a thing you can do in ten minutes. You have to invest yourself in it.
  10. Satire has to be instant. If it’s not, then it doesn’t work.
  11. I think Satire is a useless art form unless it has some connection with morality.
  12. The author satirizes his novel’s self-absorbed and insensitive attitudes by using an unreliable narrator.
  13. The satirical essay presents a comical view of an issue to expose its defects, attack it for its shortcomings, or both.
  14. His work is often considered a satire on American society during his period.
  15. The Satire is aimed at the rich and powerful.
  16. Satire is sarcastic and witty.
  17. He satirized the conventions of the detective story in “The Purloined Letter.”
  18. She satirized the pretentiousness of her family by wearing a clown nose to dinner.
  19. He satirized his government’s policies in his famous play “The Government Inspector.”
  20. I’ve heard that Satire can be challenging to understand if you don’t speak English.
  21. The Satire on the human condition was so subtle that I had to watch it three times.
  22. The satiric art of Juvenal is characterized by his ruthless attacks on the vices of the Roman emperor and nobles.
  23. The article was intended to satirize our society’s obsession with celebrity culture!
  24. I think this book is full of Satire,” said the judge as he sentenced the author to death.
  25. Satire is a kind of glass wherein beholders generally discover everybody’s face but their own, which is the chief reason for the reception it meets with in the world, and so very few are offended with it. (Jonathan Swift)
  26. The Satire was so funny that it made me cry with laughter.
  27. Satire is the ridicule of folly and vice employing humor, wit, irony (dissimulation), or the like.
  28. A satire is a work of literature that ridicules its subject using sarcasm, mockery, and humor.
  29. The Satire was funny but not nearly as funny as my favorite Monty Python skit.
  30. I love watching Saturday Night Live because they do such great satires about current events.
  31. The satire was so subtle that it took me years to fully appreciate it.” – Jonathan Swift.
  32. Satire is simply a way of ridiculing people as they deserve to be ridiculed.” – Mark Twain.
  33. Satire is what closes Saturday night.” – Henry Louis Mencken.
  34. Satire is an imitation of men worse than itself.” – Horace.
  35. The movie, The King’s Speech was a satire about King George VI’s struggles with speech and his relationship with his wife, Elizabeth.
  36. In his satirical novel Animal Farm, George Orwell comments on the corrupt nature of politics by portraying farm animals as humans and animals as political parties.
  37. The television show The Office is a satire about the life of office workers at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
  38. The company’s slogan, “Satire is dead,” was seen as a cynical attempt to cash in on the death of the satirical magazine.
  39. Some say Satire is “too hard” or “not for me,” but this isn’t true! You can write Satire about anything: politics, religion, film, and T.V. show – you name it!
  40. The Satire was funny and gave us a great insight into how people thought about politics back then.
  41. The author uses Satire to describe how he feels about his experiences at his job.
  42. Satire is often used to poke fun at someone who others don’t like or resp

Similar Words of Satire:

derisive; satirical; sardonic; scathing; derisive; jocular; mocking; sarcastic; teasing; absurd; biting; caustic; cutting; incisive; ironic; mocking; pointed; sarcastic; sardonic; scathing; mocking; humorous; derisive; caustic; acidic; biting; ludicrous; jocular; playful; amusing; playful; laughingstock; zany

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