sentences for desecrate

sentences for desecrate    

Desecrate is a word that’s derived from the Latin ‘desecrare’, which means “to pollute.” It can be used as a noun or an adjective.

In the past, desecration was often used as a legal term in England and Wales to describe actions that were considered criminal offenses against God or religion. For example, in 1844, an English law was passed that made it illegal for anyone to “desecrate” any place of worship by removing its altar rails or seats without permission from the bishop. This law remained in effect until 1967 when it was repealed by Parliament.

What Desecration Mean?     

Desecrate is a verb that means “to violate the sanctity of a place, especially through illegal or immoral acts.

What does Desecration mean in English     

Desecration refers to the act of desecrating something, such as a church, tombstone or sacred object. As an adjective, desecrated describes something that has been desecrated or ruined in some way. This can also mean filthy or disgusting.

Sentences for Desecrate:

The word Desecrate is used in sentences as “a place or object that has been made unholy by the violation of religious law or custom”, “the act of depriving something of sacred character or profaning it, especially by violating a sanctuary”, “to commit sacrilege against”, “to treat irreverently or outrageously”.

These are some examples of sentences, where the word “desecrate” has been used:

  1. The protesters desecrated the church by spray-painting obscenities on its walls.
  2. The soldiers tried to desecrate the graves of their enemies; they dug up the bodies and burned them.
  3. The soldiers desecrated the graves of the dead soldiers by urinating over them.
  4. The church was desecrated by vandals who broke in and stole all the relics.
  5. The cemetery was desecrated by the construction crew that dug up bodies without permission.
  6. The temple was desecrated by the enemy forces during the war.
  7. The temple has been desecrated for centuries and remains so today.
  8. The priest was charged with desecrating the church by holding an illegal rave party there on Sunday night.
  9. The church is being desecrated by vandals who have been spray-painting graffiti on its walls.
  10. The police have had to intervene in order to stop the protesters from desecrating the flag.
  11. The police desecrated the body before they realized it was an accident.
  12. We are fighting against an enemy who despises our way of life and seeks to desecrate everything we hold dear.
  13. The coach desecrated the Bible by throwing it on the floor.
  14. The movie desecrated the memory of our soldiers who gave their lives for this country in World War II.
  15. The protesters threw rocks at the church and then set fire to it, causing extensive damage and desecration.
  16. A desecrated church is one that has been damaged or destroyed by acts of vandalism or war.
  17. The government desecrated the flag by putting it on bumper stickers and t-shirts.
  18. The vandal desecrated the tombstones with spray paint.”
  19. The family was shocked to learn that their daughter’s remains had been desecrated.
  20. The soldiers desecrated the graves of their enemies.
  21. The terrorists desecrated the graves of their victims with graffiti.
  22. The ancient tomb was desecrated by grave robbers.
  23. The tomb is supposed to be sacred ground, but it’s been desecrated by animal bones and other garbage.
  24. A priest desecrated the church by selling the organ to a pawn shop.
  25. The vandals had desecrated the memorial with graffiti and broken glass.
  26. The priest was accused of desecrating the Eucharist by allowing it to become contaminated with dirt and insects during his travels through the jungle.
  27. He was arrested and charged with desecrating the flag.
  28. The protesters decided to desecrate a statue of our founding father.
  29. The church was desecrated during a violent protest.
  30. The church was desecrated by thieves who stole all its gold and jewels.
  31. The government has vowed to desecrate the gravesite of fallen soldiers so that it can build a new highway over it.
  32. The children desecrated the Sabbath by playing baseball on Sunday.
  33. I just desecrated my mother’s grave by digging it up and putting a flagpole in it.
  34. Here, “my mother’s grave” is an example of a direct object because it receives the action of desecrating.
  35. The soldier desecrated his fallen enemy by removing his medal from his uniform.
  36. The protesters tried to desecrate the grave of their political opponent, but they were stopped by police before they could get very far.
  37. The government desecrated the cathedral by allowing it to be used as an art gallery.
  38. He desecrated his father’s grave by digging up his body and putting it in a jar filled with formaldehyde.
  39. His family had desecrated his grave by leaving beer cans on top of it.
  40. The inscription was desecrated by a vandal who scratched out the name of the poet and replaced it with his own name.
  41. The tombstones in the cemetery were desecrated by vandals who spray-painted obscene pictures on them.
  42. I’ve never seen so many desecrated graves in my life.
  43. We need to find a way to desecrate this sacred place.
  44. The rebels want to desecrate the holy books so that people will not read them anymore.
  45. The police officer had been desecrated when his body was found in the river.
  46. I don’t want to desecrate this church; I want to restore it.
  47. The remains had been desecrated by looters.
  48. I desecrated my body with tattoos and piercings
  49. She desecrated his grave by planting tulips on it.
  50. He was charged with desecrating human remains.
  51. My brother always desecrates his room with junk and dirty clothes.
  52. I have to clean up after my dog because he’s always desecrating the lawn with his poop.

Similar Words of Desecrate:

despoil; disgrace; dishonor; devastate; devastate by removing consecration from; do violence to; violate; defile; desecration; profanity; profane; sacrilege; bane; baneful; injurious; malicious; pernicious; perilous; poisonous; venomous; corrupt; defile; desecrate; dirty; disgrace; dishonor; defiled; desecrated; unholy; dirtied; sullied; stained; tarnished; besmirched; abhorrent; degrading; detestable; loathsome; obnoxious; offensive; obscene; profane; repulsive; vile; abhorrent ;abusive ;blemished ;damaged

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