Synonyms Words in English

Synonym is a word with the same meaning or nearly the same meaning in the same language. It has often different implications and associations. Here the list of 350 words & their synonyms is given below.

English language is being used in the world on a large scale. Mostly people remain confuse when they are unable to find out the meaning of the words speaking before them. Here in this article, major portion of common words in English and their synonyms have been discussed which will be helpful for the reader.

The meanings of synonymous words are not exactly the same. Take for example, smell and stink, steal and rob. A smell can be good or bad but a stink is always a bad or fou smell: as

How sweet is the smell of the roses!

I can’t stand the stink of burning rubber.

          One steals things but robs people (of things); as

  •                    He has stolen my watch.
  •                    He has robbed me of all my belongings.

The English language abounds in synonymous words, delicately differentiated to make possible the expression of all shades of human thought. You will be tickled to know that there are fifteen synonyms for beautiful, twenty for friendly, twenty-one for beginning, and thirty seven for pure.

Here is the list of 350 Words & their Synonyms:-

AbandonLeave forsake, resign, relinquish
AbashConfound, confuse, shame
AbaseHumiliate, disgrace
AbateSubside, lessen, diminish, decline, reduce
AbbreviateShorten, condense, reduce
AbetAssist, encourage, help
AbhorDetest, hate, loathe
AbjectMean, degraded, servile
AbjureRepudiate, disclaim, disavow
AboriginalIndigenous, native
AbortiveFruitless, futile, unsuccessful
AbscoundBolt, decamp, run off
AbstruseObscure, hidden, deep, profound
AccelerateHasten, quicken, expedite
AcclivityIncline, ascent
Accoutrement (s)Dress, outfit
AccreditedAuthorized, entrusted
AcerbityAcrimony, bitterness, harshness
AcutateImpel, instigate
AddictedAccustomed to
AdjacentNear, contiguous, close to
AdjournDefer, delay, postpone
AdmonishChide, rebuke, warn
AdroitClever, skillful, expert
AdversityMisfortune, hardship, calamity
AffablePolite, courteous, civil
AffictionTrouble, distress, grief, sorrow
AffluenceOpulence, wealth, riches
AffrightAlarm, terrify, intimidate
AggravateIntensify, heighten
AlacrityAltertness, readiness, promptitude activity
AllaySoothe, calm, alleviate, assuage
AllureAttract, entice
AltercationWrangle, quarrel, dispute
AmbiguousDoubtful, uncertain
AmeliorateImprove, amend
AmenableResponsive,responsible, accountable
AmiableCharming, lovable, winning
AmicableFriendly, sociable, cordial
AnguishAgony, pain, suffering
AnnexAdd, join, append
AnnihilateEstroy, ruin
AnnulAbrogate, cancel, rescind
AppeasePacify, quiet, assuage, soothe
AppraiseEstimate, price
AppriseAcquaint, inform
ApprobationAuthority, praise, approval, sanction
ArduousLaborious, difficult
ArrogantHaughty, imperious, over-bearing
AspirationLonging, ambition, yeaming
AssailAssault, attack, invade
AstuteCrafty, cunning
AttireDress, garment
AudaciousBold, daring, brave
AugmentExtend, enlarge, increase
AugustDignified, stately, imposing, majestic
AuspiciousFortunate, lucky, propitious
AustereSevere, rigorous, stern
AuthenticTrustworthy, true, genuine
BatefulHurtful, injurious, noxious
BarbarousSavage, wild, rude
BeguileCheat, deceive
BehestOrder, command
BeseechBeg, pray, entreat
BitterSharp, severe, acrid, harsh
BlasphemyImpiety, profanity
BlackCold, chilly
BlissRapture, felicity, delight
BlitheHappy, merry, joyous
BoisterousClamorous, noisy, rowdy
BondageServitude, subjection
BoorishRude, rustic, uncivilized
BrawlAltercation, fight, squabble
BurlesqueFarcical, comical
CabalFaction, clique, coterie, party, plot
CadaverousPale, ghastly, pailed, wan
CajoleCoax, entice, flatter
CalumnySlander, aspersion
CandidJust, frank, fair
CapriceWhim, freak, vagary
CardinalPrimary, principal, main, chief
CaressPet, fondle, cuddle, kiss
CarnalSensuous, lascivious
CastigatePunish, chastise
CatholicWhoel, universal
CavilCensure, criticize, carp
CharginDisappointment, dissatisifaction
ChildishJuvenile, purelle, silly, weak
ChivalrousHeroic, brave, gallant
CholericAngry, irascible
ChurlishUncivil, sullen, rude
CircumspectPrudent, careful, cautions
CircumventOutwit, ensnare
ClandestineSly, underhand, secret
CoalesceJoin, blen, mingle
CoalitionAlliance, comination, league
ColossalHuge, enormous, gigantic
ComelyFair, good-looking, pretty
CompatibleSuitable, consistent, consonant
CompunctionRemorse, regret
ConcordAccord, agreement, harmony
CongruousFit, consistent, appropriate
ConjectureGuess, surmise
ConniveOverlook, conspire, intrigue
ConscientiousExact, scrupulous
ConsecrateSanctify, devote
ConspicuousManifest, remarkable, noticeable
ConsuumatePerfect, complete, finished
ContaiminatePollute, infect, defile, taint
ContemptuousDisdainful, scornful, haughty
ContraveneOppose, interfere, contradict
ConvivialPhysical, bodly
CorpulentFleshy, fat, portly
CorroborateConfirm, strengthen
CounterfeitFalse, forged
ConvertSecret,hidden, clandestine, disguised
CoyBashful, shy
CraftyCunning, wily, artful
CredulousSimple, gullible
CulpableFaulty, blameworthy, guilty
CursorySuperficial, transient, rapid
DaintyPalatable, delicious
DearthWant, scarcity, lack
DebilityWeakness, infirmity
DecayDecompose, putrefy, rot, spoil
DeceptionGuile, deceit, delusion
DecorumDecency, propriety
DeferPostpone, suspend, adjourn
DeferenceReverence, honour, respect
DefileCorrupt,stain,spoil,contaminate, pollute
DeliciousDainty, luscious, savoury
DemeanourConduct, behavior
DemolishDestroy, raze, ruin
DesecratePollute, profane
DesignOutline, sketch, plan, purpose, intention
DesignateNominate, appoint, name
DesolateLonely, deserted
DespicableMean, worthless, contemptible
DespotOppressor, tyrant, autocrate
DestitutePoor, indigent, needy
DesultoryCasual, rambling
DeviateDigress, wander, diverge
DiffidentHesitating, doubtful, bashful
DiligenceIndustry, perservance, care
DiscernBehold, observe, perceive, judge
DisparageDiscredit, undervalue, decry, belittle
DocilePliant, amendable, submissive
DubiousDoubtful, uncertain
EagerEarnest, keen, enthusiastic
EcstasyRapture, trance, transport
EffeteExhausted, barren, efferminate
EgotismVanity, conceit, self-esteem
ElegantRefined, graceful
ElucidateExplain, interpret, illuminate
EmbellishAdorn, beautify, grace
EmolumentPay, remuneration, reward
EncomiumPraise, eulogy
EncroachTrespass, intrude, invade
EnervatedDebiliatated, enfeebled
EnlightenEdify, illuminate, instruct
EquanimityCoolness, calmness, composure
EquivocateEvade, prevaricate
EradicateExtriprate, root out
EruptionExplosion, outburst, outbreak
EtherealAirty, celestial
EvanescentTransitory, fleeting, vanishing
ExacerbateVex, emitter, exasperate
ExcerptExtract, quotation
ExcruciateTorment, tortue, agonize
ExculpateAcquit, pardon, absolve
ExpatriateExiled, banish, expel
ExquisiteDelicate, refined, perfect
ExtenuateReduce, lessen, qualify
ExtravagantLevish, wild, excessive
FabricateForge, invent, coin, produce
FabulousFictitious, marvelous, mythical
FacetiousFunny, humorous, jesting
FactionClique, cabal
FastidiousDainty, meticulous, over-nice
FatigueTiredness, exhaustion, weariness
FatuousSilly, imbecile, idiotic
FervorWarmth, ardour
FilibusterPirate, buccaneer, free-booter
FlaccidWeak, loose, soft
FlavorRelish, taste, seavour
FleeceRob, despoil
FlexiblePliable,  yielding
FlinchWince, recoil
FlippantSaucy, irreverent, pert
FlockPack, group, herd
FloridOrnate, flowery
FluctuateVacillate, waver, hesitate
ForayRaid, inroad, incursion, invasion
FortitudeCourage, strength, grit
FrigidUnfeeling, cool, chilling
FrugalEconomical, thrifty
FurbishBurnish, brighten, polish
GarrulousChattering, loquacious, talktative
GauntLean, emaciated, thin
GlutSurfeit, satiate, cloy, gorge
GrotesqueOdd, bizarre, whimsical
HackneyedState, trite, common
HallucinationIllusion, delusion
HaplessUnfortunate, unlucky
HeadstrongStubborn, obstinate, strong-willed
HomogeneousAkin, uniform, similar
HubbubUproar, turmult, din, noise
IgnominiousShameful, humiliating, disgraceful
ImmunityException, freedom, protection
ImperiousAuthorative, dictatorial
ImpostorRogue, cheat, knave, chartatan
IncisiveTrenchant, sharp, biting
IndefatigableUntring, unwearied
InditeWrite, dictate, compose
IndustriousLaborious, active hard-working
InexorableRelentless, unyielding
InfernalHellish, flendish, diabolical
InfringeTransgress, violate, break, encroach
IngenuousSincere, frank, candid
IniquituousUnjust, vicious, wicked
IrascibleIrritable, touchy
JaundicedBiased, prejudiced
JocoseHumorous, playful
KnackArt, feat, dexterity
LabyrinthineIntricate, mazy, confused
LaconicTerse, brief, short
LaggardSluggish, tardy, loitering
LanguidListless, weak, faint
LasciviousLewd, wanton, lustful
LethalDeadly, fatal, mortal
LucrativePaying, profitable
LucreGain, profit
LudicrousRidiculous, absurd, comic
LugubriousSad, doteful, mournful
LuridGruesome, dismal, murky
MagnanimousGenerous, dismal, murky
MagniloquentInflated, bombastic
MandateCommand, authorization
MaudlinEmotional, sentimental
MaximProverb, adage, precept
MeddlesomeOfficious, interfering, intrusive
MendaciousFalse, untruthful, lying
MercenaryAvaricious, mean, venal
MeticulousPrecise, scrupulous
MollifySoften, pacify, assuage, appease
MundaneWorldly, earthly
NebulousConfused, hazy, cloudy
NiggardlyStingy, miserly
NoxiousHarmful, poisonous, dangerous
ObdurateStubborn, unyielding, obstinate
ObviatePrevent, preculade
OffalGarbage, refuge
OpulentWealthy, rich, affluent
OstentationPomp, parade, display, boasting
PaltryLittle, mean, despicable, beggarly
PallidPale, colourless
PandemoniumUproar, racket
ParamountSupreme, eminent, important
PellucidClear, limpid, transparent
PicturesqueVivid, graphic, picture like
PillagePlunder, loot, rob
PaltroonCoward, dastard
PonderousHeavy, weighty, bulky
PrecipitateHurry, hasten, expedite
PrecludeStop, hinder, prevent
PredicamentPlight, dilemma, state
PredilectionFoundness, preference
PreposteriousUnbelievable, nonsensical
ProclivityAptitutde, leaning, disposition
ProgenyOffspringg, descended
PropitiousPleasing, favourable
PueriteChildish, silly
PunctitiousPrecise, careful, scrupulous
QuellInactive, latent, resting
QuixoticImaginary, impractical
RancorHatred, malice, spite
RapaciousGreedy, covetous, avaricious
RaucosusHarsh, hoarse, loud
RelamState, kingdom, sphere
RecapitulateRepeat, summarize, enumerate
RecompenseReward, compensation
RectitutdeIntegrity, honesty
RedundantExcessive, superfluous, exuberant
RefulgentShining, glittering, splendid
RepleteStuffed, full
ReplicaCopy, reproduction
ReprimandRebuke, censure, blame
RepudiateReject, disown, renounce
RepugnantHostile, distasteful
ResplendentBright, shining, glittering
RifeCommon, widespread, prevalent, abundant
RubicundReddish, ruddy, florid
RuefulSorrowful, unhappy
SaucyRude, impudent, impertinent
SavouryNice, tasty, palatable
ScurrilousAbusive, vulgar
SedulousBusy, industrious, diligent
ServitudeSlavery, bondage
SimulateImitate, pretend, resemble
SlovenlyUntidy, disorderly
SomberDark, gloom, dismal, dull
SomnolentDrowsy, sleepy
SorceryWitchcraft, magic, necromancy
SpuriousCounterfeit, fake, ilegitimate
SqualidFilthy, dirty
StolidImpassive, unemotional
StratagemTrick, ruse, artifice
SubjugateOverthrow, conquer, subdue
SuccinctTerse, consise
SurmiseConjecture, guess
SwarthyBlack, dark, dusky
SycophantFlatter, hanger-on, parsite
TaciturnSilent, uncommunicative, reserved
TangibleSolid, real material
TarnishTain, taint, blemish
TemerityRecklessness, rashness, audacity
ThriftyPrudent, economical, saving
ThwartDefeat, frustrate, oppose
ToportSluggishness, inertness, dullness
TorridScorching, hot passionate
TortuousWinding, circuitous
TranquilCalm, serene, quiet
TransgressViolate, exceed, trespass
TransientFleeting, brief, temporary
Tremuloustrembling, shievering, quaking
TruculentSavage, ferocious, bellingerent
TumidTurgid, distended, swollen
UmbrageDispleasure, offence, resentment
UnkemptNeglect, untidy
UrbaneSuave, refined
VerdantGreen, unripe, growing
VestigeTrace, sign, remnant
VictualsFood, bread, meat, provisions
VivaciousLively, gay, merry
Volublegarrulous, glib, loquacious
WantonReckless, unruly
WastrelProfligate, vagabond
WhetStimulate, sharpen
WontedUsual, customary, accustomed
YankPull, drag, tug

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