Tips for writing essay in English

Essay writing has now become an easy task for the students. Here the tips for writing essay in english language has been discussed in detail.

Essay Writing:

Essay writing is not only an art but also an important task in the academic curriculum. Most of the students are worried because of getting less marks in essay. The only reason behind this draw back is the lack of technique that can be employed to achieve the requisite marks.

Mostly, it seems that students having vast vocabulary and knowledge about the topic cannot produce a good writing affect while writing an essay. As a result, thereof, they remain in perplex condition and leave this practice.

Writing of an essay does not depend upon the educational quality of the student however the students of average education quality can write a land mark scripts if they know the techniques.

Essay writing does not associate with the natural and native writers. One can easily write an essay taking trivial pain and employing a good technique. In the whole process of essay writing, it is an important aspect to note here that continuous practice of writing makes you an exceptional writer and you will be able to produce a good writing affect upon the minds of readers.

Ten tips on writing a good essay:  

Here are ten tips for writing essay in english:

Follow the instructions:

Instructions provided by the examiner to be examined is an important task for the candidate. It is called mind building step in writing. The guidelines provided for writing enable the student to collect the information and knowledge about the topic in his mind and prepare himself for writing in the specific domain which examiner wants.

The topic of the essay also gives information about the tone of writing and the tenses use for writing. This is a primary step in writing essay.

Early Writing:  

Writing soon after receiving the paper is not a good habit. Similarly, wastage of time in thinking will not produce a good result. Start writing early but you have to plenty of ideas and references which you want to produce in your writing. The more you start early the maximum time you have to review and analyze your essay.

The most common tip for early writing is to set the time in your mind. Manage your questions according to the time allotted in the paper and then start writing. This will not only improve your writing capacity but also make you enable to complete your task well before time.

Acquaintance with the topic:

Mostly students are not familiarized with the topic given in the questionnaire that’s why they feel boredom while writing essay. This is not a good habit. Always prepare yourself for the unfamiliar task. Your vocabulary can better help you in writing the topic. Firstly, try to collect the ideas in your mind along with relevant references and then start writing. No matter you have less information about the given statement or topic but your effort to produce the knowledge will surely beneficial for you.

Some students often ask questions that what they do if they have no knowledge about the topic concerned in the examinations. The answer is that examiner does not require you to write about the exact topic in a specific domain. The purpose is that to check your knowledge about the topic and the things related to it. You can associate other things with your topic along with examples but keep in mind that relevancy about the subject matter should not be ignored.

Make outlines:

The more you prepare outlines the much you will be able to enlarge your essay. One important thing is that the material you want to produce in your outlines should be qualitative and beneficial. Avoid quoting biased and banned writing collections. Preparation of outlines in essay will also help you to cover all the related points which examiner wants you to produce in your writing. It is a pre-selected writing habit.

Some students ask question that why preparing outlines in an essay is important. The answer is quite simple that when you prepare yourself to go on a tour, you draw some important resorts and points in your mind which you want to visit and collect information about it. Similar in this case, pre-selection of outlines in an essay help you to write maximum about the topic and you feel easy to give exact information about the topic.


The essay should have conclusive and precise introduction. Normally, the readers are use to read the few lines of the essay and if they find it interesting and informative, they decide to go further otherwise skip this essay.

Introduction is the soul of essay which not only grab the readers but also the examiners to read the essay consciously. It is to keep in mind that introduction must not start with long reference rather the topic should be discussed in a few lines.

Paragraphs of Essay:

It is observed that most students write long paragraphs while writing an essay. This practice should be curtailed immediately. Long paragraphs do not create good impression upon the readers or examiners and they feel boredom while reading the lengthy discussions.

Paragraphs should be concise and to the point, so that the curiosity may remain in readers to think that what will be in the next paragraph. As discussed, paragraph writing is an important piece of art and one should carefully practice this exercise.

The length of paragraphs should not be more than 7 to 8 lines, which means that you have to complete the paragraph in a precise way.

Proper conversions in writing:

The essay should have a smooth flow. The paragraphs should be related to the topic. Sudden change in a paragraph creates negative impact and bad impression upon the readers and examiner. Try to complete one relevant point first and then change towards the other.

It is important to discuss here that while writing an essay in the examination hall, students have not enough time to change the nature or fluency of the paragraphs. So, be prepare and be organized with the topic concerned and put the relevant points first and then analyze the same.

Provide references:

Inclusion of references in essay writing not only make it unique but also interesting to read. Although there is no bar to quote the references of authors or to give information already shared on social media but make sure that the same does not plagiarized. Give a genuine reference and authentic quote to support your essay.

Normally, the students put numeric date from the websites and put it in your writing. Although this practice is not bad but the website data must be verified through some other authentic source so that the ambiguous and incomplete information could not be shared.

Avoid plagiarism:

Plagiarism on one hand make your essay low quality and on the other hand spoils your worth. Some students do not bother to explore the books and they believe in copy paste work. This practice not only make them dull but also fugitive of education.

Keep in mind that the more you research the maximum you will be able to indulge the new quality in your work. Always try to adopt measures to discover the new things and not to rely upon the old one.

Grammar and Vocabulary:

Grammar is the soul of writing. If the one has skill in writing but his grammar is week than there is less chance that he will be a good writer. Grammar not only produces decent effect upon your writing and especially in essay writing. The one should be conscious that the chain of writing should not be disturbed.

The other thing which we keep in mind is the vocabulary. The more you have plethora of words in your mind the most you can produce a long-lasting effect on the reader’s mind. Try to memorize the new words and their meanings. At least ten words should be memorized per day and you will see that in a few days you will have a plenty of words to write.

Develop reading habit:

Mostly, it has been seen that after writing, students do not bother to read it again. One must not be so confident that what he wrote will be prefect. Every writing needs some improvements and additions. These inclusions in writing do not mean that you are not able to write fluently and magnificently but to repeat your writing by reading it make your writing error-less.

The benefit of reading after writing makes you confident about your work. It means that you are affirming your inner satisfaction that your writing is now complete in every aspect and there is no need to add or abstract from it.

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