traverse in a sentence

traverse in a sentence

Traverse comes from Latin transversus (“turned across”). In English, it first showed up in the 14th century as transvere and later changed to traverse sometime before the 16th century.

What does traverse mean?

The word traverse is a noun, meaning a person or thing. It can also be used as a verb, which means it is an action. “Traverse” is a noun that means a journey or passage over some distance, especially across the land (as opposed to water).

Use traverse in sentences

These are some examples of sentences where the word “traverse” has been used:

  1. The children traversed the river using the raft.
  2. They spent the day traversing the mountain range.
  3. We will have to traverse the Atlantic Ocean before we reach our destination.
  4. We will have to traverse the room before exiting the door.
  5. The carpenter traversed the ceiling with his hammer.
  6. The raccoon traversed the backyard fence and entered our house.
  7. The car was traversing the mountain road with ease.
  8. The driver traversed the curves with skill and confidence.
  9. The ship sailed across the Pacific Ocean, traversing the trade winds.
  10. The two sides of the mountain ridge traverse one another at right angles.
  11. There were two traverses filed in this case, both arguing that the trial court erred in excluding specific evidence.
  12. The tour traversed the northern part of the country.
  13. He traversed the entire country in just four months.
  14. The road traverses many different terrains and climates as it leads through the forest.
  15. The river traversed several counties before it reached its mouth at sea.
  16. I will traverse these woods on my way home from work tonight, but you should stay out of them because bears are in them!
  17. The new product can traverse any terrain.
  18. The cyclist traversed the path in record time.
  19. I had to traverse a river to get to my house during the flood.
  20. The explorer was forced to traverse the jungle on foot because of his injured leg.
  21. The work was done in a day, and we set off on the traverse of the range the next morning.
  22. They had to go through two traverses before they could reach their goal.
  23. The road from Bairo Alto to Los Angeles crosses the hills by traversing a canyon.
  24. We traversed the canyon and climbed up the hills beyond it, where our guide said we would find San Antonio de Los Banos.
  25. The work was done in a day, and we set off on the traverse of the range the next morning.
  26. They had to go through two traverses before they could reach their goal.
  27. The trail traverses through a marshy area of the forest.
  28. The cat traversed the room and jumped onto the bed.
  29. The children traversed the obstacle course with ease.
  30. You traverse a narrow path to reach the summit of the mountain.
  31. The team traverses the jungle on foot, searching for the missing man.
  32. The bridge traverses the river and connects two villages on either side.
  33. A submarine can traverse underwater at high speeds using its propellers to push it through the water at great depths below the surface.
  34. The train traversed over 600 miles in less than 24 hours, transporting passengers from one city to another with ease and comfort.
  35. The hunter traversed the jungle in search of his prey.
  36. The explorer traversed the continent on foot and by boat.
  37. The doctor traversed the hallway with his patient’s chart in hand.
  38. I’m going to traverse from my house to yours.
  39. I’m going to traverse the street.
  40. We traversed the forest and came to a clearing, where we found an abandoned cabin.
  41. The car traversed the long winding road.
  42. The group of hikers traversed the mountain pass.
  43. To traverse a distance or a route means to go over it or through it.
  44. He traversed the length of the room in three steps.
  45. We traversed the countryside on foot, staying in small inns.
  46. They traversed the plains and crossed rivers on horseback.
  47. The traverse was a long, narrow room with a window at each end that looked out onto the garden.
  48. It is a good idea to use a traverse table or chart for the fieldwork to obtain the best accuracy.
  49. You could also use your compass to get an approximate bearing and then sweep in a small circle using the traversing technique until you pick up your target, taking care not to lose sight of it as you move.
  50. I will traverse the entire country on foot.
  51. We traversed the jungle for several days without food or water until we reached our destination.
  52. The army had to traverse a mountain pass to reach their target city.
  53. The mountain climbers traversed the treacherous terrain of Everest with ease, but one climber fell to his death when he slipped on an icy patch of snow and ice as he attempted to climb up the mountain face.
  54. He traversed the globe in his quest to find a cure for cancer.
  55. The team traversed the country, playing in all 50 states.
  56. I got lost while traversing the trails in the forest.
  57. The army had to traverse through mountains and valleys, which made it difficult for them to reach their destination on time.
  58. The word traverse can also describe moving over or through something.
  59. The mountain climber traversed the mountain peak with great difficulty but eventually reached the top of the mountain safely.
  60. The aircraft flew northerly when it encountered turbulence and was forced to traverse the mountains.
  61. The sphere of influence of the satellite is limited by the altitude at which it traverses the atmosphere.
  62. To avoid hitting the ground, we must traverse the air at a more incredible speed than its fall rate.
  63. The forest is traversed by many small streams which flow into larger ones, forming tributaries that flow into rivers and finally into the sea.
  64. I would have to traverse the entire city to get to my mother’s house, but it was worth it to see her smile.
  65. The river traverses most of the country before finally flowing into the ocean.
  66. If you traverse our website, you’ll find everything you need to make an informed decision about your purchase.
  67. The traverse of a mountain range is accomplished with ease with the aid of railways.
  68. The cat was able to traverse the fence easily.
  69. He walked over to the other side of the street and managed to traverse around the obstacle without any problems at all.
  70. I traversed the mountain range on foot. 
  71. The storm traversed the entire state causing widespread damage and flooding.
  72. She was traversing her way north, looking for a place she could call home.
  73. He traversed a treacherous path through the woods to get to his destination.
  74. The time had come for them to traverse the valley of death and enter the promised land of prosperity and happiness.
  75. The surveyor traversed the property line using a measuring wheel.
  76. He traversed the hallway and opened the door to his room.
  77. Traverse City is known for its beaches and water sports.
  78. Traverse through the forest before you reach your destination.
  79. You can’t traverse a route without having a map of it.
  80. The car traversed the rough terrain without much effort.
  81. There are many places where a road or path traverses a river or stream.

Similar Words of traverse:

cross; travel over; through; across; alongside; alongside; beyond; by means of; through the process of; in the form of; despite resembling; back and forth; back and forth; backward and forwards; backwards-forwards; frontwards and backward; in a circular manner; in circles; roundabout; repeated motion; hard; impossible; possible; smooth; straightforward; tough; tortuous; rushed; speedy; hasty; hurried; fast; rapid; quick; brisk; expeditious; efficient; zippy; crawl; move; slither; snake; track; blistering; bumpy; arduous; wrong; chancy; challenging; hard; hazardous; laborious; long; tortuous

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