use amaze in a sentence

Use amaze in a sentence

Amaze is a verb meaning “to surprise and delight with something that is unexpected, amazing, or shocking.” It may also be used as a synonym for “amazing.” It can be used as a noun or an adjective. It describes someone or something that makes you feel astonished.

Example of sentences  

These are some examples of sentences where the word “amaze” has been used:

  1. The teacher’s lecture was beyond our comprehension, but we were amazed by his presentation.
  2. I was amazed by his knowledge of the subject, so I asked him for help understanding it better.
  3. The beautiful sculpture amazed me because it was so intricate and detailed; I had never seen anything like it before!
  4. The sunset was amazing,” said the young boy as he gazed at the sky with amazement on his face.
  5. His bravery amazed them all.
  6. She was amazed by their ignorance and cruelty towards animals.
  7. The shark was so giant that it amazed me.
  8. I was amazed at how close the ships were to each other.
  9. I was amazed by the size of the fish.
  10. It amazed me that he could do such a thing in public.
  11. He amazed his friends with his new car.
  12. She was amazed at how quickly he learned to drive.
  13. I was amazed at how well she played the piano.
  14. I’m not surprised he won; he’s an outstanding player. I’m amazed that he won; he’s an excellent player.
  15. I was amazed when I found out that you had never gone to Europe before! It seems everyone goes there sometime during their lives, but not you!
  16. He was amazed by how quickly she had learned English.
  17. The hotel staff was amazed at how much luggage we had brought on our holiday.
  18. I’m amazed at how many people are buying lottery tickets hoping to win millions of pounds!
  19. We were amazed at how expensive everything was in New York City compared to London – especially the taxis!
  20. The class was amazed at how many people had come to watch them sing.
  21. She was amazed that he had managed to get through his exams without having any revision.
  22. I was amazed by her talent for singing.
  23. The children were amazed by the new toys they had been given on Christmas Day.
  24. Amaze your friends with the power of your mind!
  25. I am amazed by the way he works.
  26. I am amazed that we have been friends for so long.
  27. I am amazed at the amount of work he accomplished today.
  28. I am amazed at how much money he has earned this year.
  29. I am amazed at how quickly she responded to my email message.
  30. The child’s face was a picture of amazement.
  31. I was amazed that she could play the piano so well.
  32. I was amazed at how easily she picked up the language.
  33. He was amazed at how young I was when he first met me.
  34. I was amazed at how fast that computer could run a program.
  35. The sheer size of the crowd amazed us all.
  36. He has amazed the world with his athletic achievements.
  37. I was amazed that she had never heard of him before.
  38. He was stunned and amazed to discover that his wife had been unfaithful to him for years before he found out about it.
  39. I am amazed by the beauty of the flowers.
  40. I was amazed at how quickly he finished his homework.
  41. I was amazed at how little money I had left in my bank account after buying groceries.
  42. I was amazed at how much work he had completed by noon on Friday.
  43. I was amazed at how many people showed up for our party after the invitation said it would be “BYOB,” for “bring your own bottle.”
  44. I was amazed at how loud she could yell when angry with me.
  45. I was amazed by her new hairstyle.
  46. His honesty amazed me.
  47. Her performance was amazing.
  48. The older woman’s stories amazed the children.
  49. I am not surprised that you are amazed.
  50. We were amazed at the idea of a vacation in Mexico.
  51. I was amazed by his quick decision to leave town.
  52. She was amazed by the sight of her daughter’s new clothes.
  53. The children were amazed at the man’s ability to jump over cars.
  54. The food was amazing.
  55. She is an amazing singer.
  56. The weather was amazing! It was sunny and warm all day yesterday.
  57. I’m amazed at how much money he spends on clothes every month. 
  58. I am amazed at the number of people who watch T.V. in bed before going to sleep.
  59. I’m amazed at how quickly this building is going up!” B: “The way you eat all those hot peppers is amazing!
  60. I was amazed at how quickly the police arrived after I called 911.
  61. It seems amazing that she could have such power over him.
  62. You’re amazing. You know, I’m happy I met you.
  63. The ocean amazes me.
  64. You’ll be amazed at how much weight you lose on this diet!
  65. I was so amazed by what he said that I almost fainted.
  66. The story of her life would amaze you.
  67. I was amazed by the size of the city.
  68. The crowd was amazed by his performance.
  69. The dog’s owner was amazed at how clean the carpet was after he had been sick!
  70. I was amazed to see that this car had been abandoned on the side of the road.
  71. The team was amazed by how many people showed up for their game.
  72. Amazed by the colorful lights, we were speechless for a moment.
  73. He was amazed at what he found in the basement.
  74. I amaze myself sometimes.
  75. The scientific community is amazed at the discovery.
  76. She’s always amazed me with her ability to learn new languages quickly.
  77. The audience was genuinely amazed by the magician’s performance.
  78. I amaze myself with my ability to sleep through anything.
  79. I was amazed at how quickly he mastered the new software.
  80. The audience was amazed by his ability to juggle knives and fire.
  81. The magician’s tricks amazed us all.
  82. This museum displays items that amaze visitors from around the world.
  83. The movie was so shocking that it amazed me!
  84. I was amazed by the amount of knowledge he had about our city.
  85. The movie amazed me.
  86. I’m amazed by what you’ve done.
  87. The performance amazed the audience.
  88. The show was amazing!
  89. He amazed me with his work ethic.
  90. I amaze myself with my ability to get lost in this city.
  91. I amaze my wife with my ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  92. I amaze my kids with my ability to make pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse.
  93. I amaze myself with how quickly I can work through a stack of paperwork when I’m on deadline.
  94. I was amazed when I heard about what had happened to him.
  95. Am I going to get paid for this? Wow! That’s amazing!

Similar Words of Amazing:

astounding; astounding; breathtaking; hard to believe; incredible; mind-blowing; stupefying; bewildering; surprising; astounding; amazing; wonderful; astonishing; awing on the point of astonishment; awesome; remarkable; breathtaking; unbelievable; astound; boggle; daze; stun; amaze; awe; stun; astonish; dumbfound; dumbfound; surprise; dumbfound; stagger; shock; baffle; astound; amaze; daze; confuse; flabbergast; leave one agape; overwhelm

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