If you are looking the use of ballistic in a sentence, then you are at right place. In this article, the complete detail about ballistic has been given.

Use ballistic in a sentence

If you are looking the use of ballistic in a sentence, then you are at right place. In this article, the complete detail about ballistic has been given.

What is meant by ballistic?

Ballistics is the science of mechanics that deals with the flight, behavior, and effects of projectiles in flight. It is a branch of applied physics and chemistry that deals with the mechanics and materials employed in pellets under various conditions. It is the study of the trajectory and effects of projectiles. For example, the ballistic coefficient determines how well ammunition performs in flight.

Use ballistic in sentences 

These are some examples of sentences where the word “ballistic” has been used:

  1. The first ballistic missile to be used in war, the V-2, was used by Nazi Germany against England in 1944.
  2. When a bullet is fired from a firearm, it moves along the barrel of the gun, then continues to travel until it strikes something or hits an obstacle. This path followed by the bullet is referred to as ballistic trajectory.
  3. Her sentences are very ballistic, and the force behind them is incredible.
  4. The system has a ballistic payload of 33,000 pounds to at least 93 nautical miles and includes associated equipment consisting of a missile tube, launcher, fire control, and logistical support elements.
  5. The ballistic technology used in bubble wrap is an example of how a simple idea can be used to solve various situations.
  6. He called the ballistics experts to examine the gun.
  7. Ballistic water bottles are designed to be thrown, kicked, and are virtually unbreakable.
  8. The ballistic motion of a free-flying body is a common theme in the physical sciences and engineering. In this case, the object is in free fall.
  9. The ballistic missile hit its target with pinpoint accuracy.
  10. A ballistic-based system is designed to help managers make data-driven decisions. A ballistic launch of a satellite may be more economical than using a rocket.
  11. The bullet is ballistic, which means that its path while in flight is independent of the forces acting on it.
  12. A ballistic rocket travels through space powered by a chemical or nuclear reaction. It is based on the principle of a toy slingshot or cannonball, which propels an object by moving it through the air or some other medium.
  13. A program update was available but would take too long to install. We would have to take a ballistic approach and roll out the new software everywhere.
  14. It is the complete example of ballistic in a sentence I have ever heard, said the teacher.
  15. The ballistic can be launched from a high position, and the soft rubber construction makes it easy to use indoors.
  16. One must predict and react quickly to avoid being harmed by ballistic missiles.
  17. Exceeding a speed of sound by about 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) per second, the ballistic missile travels in an elliptical path above and below a line drawn between its launch point and the target.
  18. In the military, using ballistic missiles is illegal mainly because they would be considered a WMD.
  19. The ballistic can describe a high-speed projectile with an explosive warhead.
  20. The car’s ballistic tires provide a smooth and safe ride.
  21. It is a ballistic trajectory.
  22. A ballistic is a projectile expelled from the firearm and travels on its power.
  23. The new rifle’s design is ballistic
  24. As a ballistic engineer, I have an inside view of how these systems work.
  25. It is a ballistic approach for the design of an active microstrip antenna.
  26. The ballistic description of the motion can be used to determine the drag force field that produces the movement and compares it with the actual drag.
  27. This particular product is ballistic because it uses explosives to propel the bullet from the gun chamber to its target.
  28. The snipers fired the ballistic and used to stun enemy soldiers.
  29. The ballistic is designed for precision accuracy, small game hunting, and plinking.
  30. The company offers ballistic design and analysis services for customers in the aerospace industry.
  31. Our ballistic project mainly focuses on developing and deploying new technologies to protect the public from terrorist attacks such as suicide bombers, plastic bombs, and kidnappings.
  32. Ballistic armor is effective in stopping soft sling and hard rubber bullets.
  33. A ballistic rocket is a missile in which the propellant is a separate cartridge.
  34. The ballistics report is ready for you to review.
  35. The ballistic skylight system, available in standard and deep curvature configurations, has an optional solar shade that provides heat and U.V. protection. 
  36. Ballistic’s mission is to provide the world with the safest, most reliable, best-performing personal protection products.
  37. The ballistic was projected by a user and landed in an urban environment.
  38. The missile was fired off its surface by a ballistic trajectory. The bullet struck the target at a ballistic arc of 30 degrees.
  39. While there are many different forms of ballistic activity, our focus is on the shock wave created by a bullet, missile, or other projectile traveling at supersonic speeds.
  40. A bullet is ballistic when it flies through the air.
  41. During a ballistic disaster, keep your seatbelt on and head down during the ride.
  42. The guy was so ballistic that he couldn’t stop punching the other guy.
  43. The ballistic missile was shot down in the desert without causing damage.
  44. The ballistic is the ballistic sentry, the robot that emits a lock-on warning to all personnel in its line of sight.
  45. The ballistic warhead will be detonated at a prescribed distance from enemy positions.
  46. The bullet was traveling at a ballistic speed of 1200 meters per second.
  47. Our ballistic protection glass is made from Ramtek, one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of ballistic glass.
  48. A military weapon that fires a bullet at ballistic speed.
  49. The ballistic fly-out is the first play of the Gatorade Challenge, which is a home run derby that young prospects participate in at the MLB level.
  50. It is very similar to the ballistic curveball, and it is often used as a changeup pitch.

Similar Words of ballistic:

jerky; out of control; ragged; roughshod; shrewd; spastic; explosive; galloping; hectic; high-energy; hyperactive; on the run; pell-mell; rocking & rolling; agile; athletic; bouncy; buoyant; elastic; energetic; lively; perky; springy; spry; automatic; outsize; powerful; prodigious; ripsnorting; stupendous; tremendous; thundering; titanic; aimless; erratic; imprecise; inaccurate; inchoate; sloppy; shapeless; bombastic; cocky; egotistic; high and mighty; overbearing; pushy; self-important; brash; arrogant; bold; impudent; insolent; pushful

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